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Imagination Unleashed ~ Building a social business app Think apps are just a black box on a page? Think they're confined to a dashboard? Think again!! This session will expand your mind and show you how to unleash your imagination and the power of your enterprise social graph by using apps to innovate on the Jive platform. You'll see how to make your app available in the stream, at the user's fingertips when creating content, and virtually anywhere in the Jive platform. We'll also explore the high level architecture of the Jive Apps Market and discuss the best practices for developing a social business application.

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  • Talk through the origins of Jive Apps -- From OpenSocial
  • Talk through the origins of Jive Apps -- From OpenSocial
  • Talk through the origins of Jive Apps -- From OpenSocial
  • Talk through the origins of Jive Apps -- From OpenSocial
  • Talk through the origins of Jive Apps -- From OpenSocial
  • Talk through the origins of Jive Apps -- From OpenSocial
  • Talk through the origins of Jive Apps -- From OpenSocial
  • Talk through the origins of Jive Apps -- From OpenSocial
  • Talk through the origins of Jive Apps -- From OpenSocial
  • Jive World 12 ~ Apps 101

    1. 1. Jive Apps Development 101:Unlock ImaginationMark WeitzelDirector, Platform & Ecosystem, Jive SoftwarePresident, OpenSocial Foundation © Jive confidential
    2. 2. Introductions• http://www.linkedin.com/in/weitzelm• Twitter: weitzelm• Did you know… I spent 20 hours hacking at Jive World? © Jive confidential
    3. 3. Objectives• Understand what an app is & how it differs from other integration strategies• Understand how the Jive Apps Market works• Unleash your imagination! © Jive confidential
    4. 4. Agenda• What is a Jive App?• Where does your business logic live?• How do I solve business problems with Apps? © Jive confidential
    5. 5. What is a Jive App?“It‟s a dessert topping AND a floor wax!” © Jive confidential
    6. 6. What is a Jive App? A Jive App is the fastest, easiest, most simple, and recommended way to extend the Jive UI © Jive confidential
    7. 7. Quick Launcher Accessed through quick launcher in one click © Jive confidential
    8. 8. Full page “Canvas View” Open app’s full page, or “canvas” view © Jive confidential
    9. 9. Action Contributions Contribute a “action” to a “path” © Jive confidential
    10. 10. Action Contributions !App Mentioning brings up app menu items © Jive confidential
    11. 11. Action Contributions !App Mentioning brings up app menu items © Jive confidential
    12. 12. Action Artifact !App Artifact brings up an “embedded” view © Jive confidential
    13. 13. Why build a Jive AppSolve problems not part of Jive’s OOTB experience Graphical editing – Lucidchart Recognizing co-workers – Props Quick reference and lookups – Wikipedia, phone search © Jive confidential
    14. 14. Defining an app ~ app.xml• Information about the app• What “features” i.e. additional javascript to include• How the app will be rendered, i.e. the views• What’s necessary for a nice market listing, screenshots, et. © Jive confidential
    15. 15. Explore an app.xml• Let’s take a look at an example app.xml• Here are some interesting features… Dynamic Height/Width MiniMessage OAuth Popup Action Contribution / Selections• Most features are defined by OpenSocial Jive has extended for core api & the connects api © Jive confidential
    16. 16. Section SummaryWe learned:• What a Jive app is & how extends the UI• The structure of an definition, the app.xml © Jive confidential
    17. 17. How„s it all work?“Be your own dentist!” Rube Goldberg © Jive confidential
    18. 18. How Apps Work• It’s as easy as A, B, C A. Request is made to render a page containing an app B. Jive looks up the app definition C. Processes the definition to render HTML Web Server(s) Jive Edge Jive Content What Matters App.xml App Framework Jive Core V3 Other Features © Jive confidential
    19. 19. How Apps Work• … and D, E, F App "Home Server" Where the business logic lives! CRM CMS HRIS Custom Business Logic D. App makes a request Jive Edge E. Jive “proxies” the request Jive Content What Matters to home server App Framework Jive Core V3 Other Features F. Home server process request and returns © Jive confidential
    20. 20. What about security?• Use osapi.http.get(…) to avoid cross domain issues• OAuth 2-Legged Three Legged• Jive Connects Other auth schemes © Jive confidential
    21. 21. Section SummaryWe learned:• How an app is rendered inside a Jive page• How JavaScript is injected to support features• The proper technique for making AJAX calls• How security works for apps © Jive confidential
    22. 22. Jive Apps Market“You know, magic markets dont appear all the time,so you take advantage of them.” Marc Andreessen © Jive confidential
    23. 23. Overview of Jive Apps Market• Only one Jive Apps Market• Unique “view” of the listings• Admin control• Local publishing of apps• “In situ” installation © Jive confidential
    24. 24. Patterns of a social business app“There is one timeless way of building. It is a thousand years old,and the same today as it has ever been. The great traditionalbuildings of the past, the villages and tents and temples in whichman feels at home, have always been made by people who werevery close to the center of this way.” Christopher Alexander © Jive confidential
    25. 25. How do you leverage social context?• One click pattern• Send social data to your home server via Action Contributions• Pull information from your home server: !App Mentioning• Deliver information to the user via the Activity Stream “What’s the matter man?” Mick Jagger, Miss You © Jive confidential
    26. 26. Action ContributionsPattern: Pull information from Jive into your home server• App “contributes” an “action” to Jive• Well defined extension points, i.e. “paths”• Passed the social context when rendered © Jive confidential
    27. 27. !App MentioningPattern: Embed information from your home server into Jive content• Focused, single purpose, interaction with the application• App contributes to the RTE• Leave behind “artifacts” in Jive content• Flows into What Matters © Jive confidential
    28. 28. ActivitiesPattern: Use the Activity Stream a.k.a. “What’s the man?”Mick Jagger, “Miss you” (one of the greatest rock & roll songs ever)• Posting a basic activity• Notifications• Actions © Jive confidential
    29. 29. Big Finish!• Show how it all comes together! © Jive confidential
    30. 30. Section SummaryWe learned:• The importance of social context• The basic patterns solved by using apps © Jive confidential
    31. 31. © Jive confidential