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Get a "social" life: Breathing collaboration into legacy apps Is your legacy system a "wall flower"? Are you tired of it staying home, alone on Friday night while all the cool apps are out collaborating with each other? No more! Attend this session and discover how you can give your legacy app a social life! You'll learn how to break it out of its silo with Jive Connects. See how information that's been trapped inside these systems blossoms when shared in the Jive Social Business Platform using the Jive Apps.

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  • Talk through the origins of Jive Apps -- From OpenSocial
  • Jive World 12 - Apps 202

    1. 1. Get a "social" life: Breathingcollaboration into legacy appsCraig McClanahanPrincipal Software Engineer, Jive SoftwareMark WeitzelDirector, Platform & Ecosystem, Jive SoftwarePresident, OpenSocial Foundation © Jive confidential
    2. 2. Introductions• http://www.linkedin.com/in/weitzelm• Twitter: weitzelm• Did you know… I once ate Jellyfish? © Jive confidential
    3. 3. Introductions• http://www.linkedin.com/pub/craig-mcclanahan/8/390/837• Did you know… When not coding, I play at golf © Jive confidential
    4. 4. Objectives• Understand the problems Jive Connects solves• How to use Jive Connects © Jive confidential
    5. 5. Agenda• Integrating Legacy Systems• Architecture of Jive Connects• Demo Apps using Jive Connects © Jive confidential
    6. 6. Integrating Heterogeneous SystemsNo man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a pieceof the continent, a part of the main. “ --John Donne © Jive confidential
    7. 7. Where does your information live?• Lots of “systems of record” HR Systems CRMs Content Management “Roll your own” CRM CMS HRIS Custom IT App Backend © Jive confidential
    8. 8. But what about security• Different auth schemes Basic Auth OAurth2 API keys CRM CMS HRIS Custom IT App Backend © Jive confidential
    9. 9. How do I know which system?• Not just “one” of these systems Several “instances” of the same system in your enterprise Dev, QA, Production Multiple production “instances”, e.g. EMEA, APAC, NA CRM CMS HRIS Custom IT App Backend CRM CMS HRIS Custom IT App Backend CRM CMS HRIS Custom IT App Backend © Jive confidential
    10. 10. Section Summary• API enable your enterprise• Aggregate your content with other cloud systems• Add social context to back-end systems © Jive confidential
    11. 11. Integrating Heterogeneous SystemsWe become not a melting pot but a beautiful mosaic.Different people, different beliefs, different yearnings,different hopes, different dreams.U.S. President Jimmy Carter © Jive confidential
    12. 12. Jive Connects: The answer to soooo manyquestions! Jive Connects Credential Auth Service Vault Bridge Registry © Jive confidential
    13. 13. How’s it work?• Admin defines a service• Admin can optionally control what group can access Tied to LDAP/AD, not social groups• App declares a use of that service• Makes a remote call• Connects traps the 401 and reissues with creds © Jive confidential
    14. 14. What about Security, part deux? Credential Vault• Credentials vault• App never sees uid/pw © Jive confidential
    15. 15. How do I know which system? Service Registry• Service Tag• When multiple matches, user prompted to choose the service Can switch when using app CRM CMS HRIS• Alias Custom IT App Backend CRM CMS HRIS Custom IT Uses partial URL App Backend CRM CMS HRIS Same app multiple environments Custom IT App Backend © Jive confidential
    16. 16. Architecture of Jive Connects Auth Bridge Key Take Aways • Easily work with other enterprise systems • Secure: App never sees credentials • Registry of internal systems Jive Edge App "Home Server" Legacy Where the business logic lives! Jive Content What Matters Data Custom Business Logic App Framework Jive Core V3 & Other Features Legacy Jive Connects Data Credential Auth Service Vault Bridge RegistryCRM Custom IT App Backend CMS HRIS © Jive confidential
    17. 17. Section SummaryWe learned• The architecture of Jive Connects• Three major components © Jive confidential
    18. 18. Tying it all together © Jive confidential
    19. 19. Step 1: Admin Defines the Service © Jive confidential
    20. 20. Step 1: Admin Defines the Service © Jive confidential
    21. 21. Step 3: Developer Adds Feature © Jive confidential
    22. 22. Step 3: Developer Makes Request for Data © Jive confidential
    23. 23. Practical Uses & Demonstration © Jive confidential
    24. 24. Practical Examples• SalesForce• Jira• Zendesk• Other fun stuff… © Jive confidential
    25. 25. © Jive confidential