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Jive World 12 ~ Apps 102: The best of both worlds- powerful apps - easy development-final


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The Best of Both Worlds: Powerful Apps - Easy Development Brian Shoemaker will talk about his team's first hand experience building a Jive App. With color commentary from Mark Weitzel, he'll walk you through how Thomson Reuters decided to integrate via an app, their design considerations, how they got started, and how, using agile methodologies, they build a full featured social business app in a matter of weeks! You'll leave with an understanding of you can get started building Jive Apps--TODAY!

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Jive World 12 ~ Apps 102: The best of both worlds- powerful apps - easy development-final

  1. 1. Jive Apps Development 102The Best of Both Worlds:Powerful Apps - EasyDevelopmentBrian ShoemakerDevelopment Manager, Enabling TechnologiesThomson ReutersMark WeitzelDirector, Platform & Ecosystem, Jive SoftwarePresident, OpenSocial Foundation © Jive confidential
  2. 2. Introductions: Mark Weitzel•• Twitter: weitzelm• Did you know… I lived through a Hurricane AND an Earthquake in the SAME week? © Jive confidential
  3. 3. Introductions: Brian Shoemaker•• Twitter: shoemaker• Did you know… I began racing triathlons in 2010. © Jive confidential
  4. 4. Objectives• Recognize how apps can solve real business problems• Best practices on exposing your business logic• Understanding the changes between 5 & 6/Cloud and how to manage them © Jive confidential
  5. 5. Agenda• Our “real world” apps• Building and using a proper API: The example app• How Apps will evolve from 5 to 6/Cloud © Jive confidential
  6. 6. Our “real world” apps“Be your own dentist!” Rube Goldberg © Jive confidential
  7. 7. Our approachAdopting Jive apps at Thomson Reuters• Needed to move tools from legacy portal to Jive• Involved in the Jive Developer community.• “Hello World” example basis for learning.• Developer community great resource to answer questions.• “Developer Challenge” to learn and use Jive. © Jive confidential
  8. 8. Phonebook AppOur first app at Thomson Reuters• The problem: create a new “Colleague Finder” tool as an app within Jive.• Paired an API and UI developer.• Using Jive Connects.• Developer Console. © Jive confidential
  9. 9. Email Signature App• The problem: provide employees the ability to generate a brand-compliant email signature.• Simple app pulls attributes of the current user from Jive.• Call external API to email the signature.• Developer Console. © Jive confidential
  10. 10. Building a social business appA more complete example © Jive confidential
  11. 11. Building a proper API: The example app• How to aggregate content from Jive & elsewhere• What is a RESTful API & why is JSON important?• Best-practices and attributes (CORS, JSONP, GET/POST/PUT/DELETE, content-types)• Demonstrate the API well be using for our sample application, including methods to call API. © Jive confidential
  12. 12. Using the API within our app• Demonstrate calling the API from within the app.• What do we do with the data once we get it? © Jive confidential
  13. 13. Illustrating the Social Business ApplicationPatterns• Posting to the Activity Stream• App Mentions.• Sending content to home server• Aggregate external content © Jive confidential
  14. 14. How Apps will evolve from 5to 6/Cloud © Jive confidential
  15. 15. How Apps will evolve from 5 to 6/Cloud• Reuse what you build today• From Dashboard to Quick Launcher• Repurposing “Home View”• Moving from V2 to V3 © Jive confidential
  16. 16. Phonebook App• Describe change to take advantage of App Mention.• New stuff with V3? © Jive confidential
  17. 17. Demonstration Materials• Find us on the Jive Developer Community• Brian and Mark’s Most Excellent Jive World Adventure © Jive confidential
  18. 18. © Jive confidential