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Resume 2.0

  1. 1. MeetMax Weiss Indiana University Kelley School of Business: Majors: Supply Chain ManagementInformation & Process Management
  2. 2.  30 Second Pitch The Past The Purpose:  Lifelong Learner To show you who  Lifelong Leader I am and what I  Personal Assets am up to so that The Present we can explore  My Purpose the possibility of  My Greatest Achievement working together The Future in the near future  My Ultimate Goals  Contact Max
  3. 3. Hi, my name is Max Weiss. I am from Crown Point, Indiana and a student in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. My niche is supply chain management and information & process management. I seek out inefficiencies and leverage technology to reduce cost while improving quality and delivery. I am very involved on campus: I am the president of Corporate Strategy Club, a technical team consultant for IU’s information technology department, and a case study pioneer. I seek a company where I can: create value, be valued, and make a difference in peoples’ lives.
  4. 4. Where I’ve been…
  5. 5.  Undergraduate- Indiana University  Kelley School of Business: SCM and IPM  Expected graduation: 2013 Graduate School- Indiana University  Accepted in Kelley School of Business Masters of Science in Information Systems program  Expected graduation: Spring 2014 Experiential Education  Web Site Design Fundamentals  Adobe Creative Suite
  6. 6.  Corporate Strategy Club- President, VP Marketing, Marketing Director Delta Upsilon Fraternity- Risk Director UITS- Technology Center Consultant SITA- Student IT Ambassador Kelley School of Business- Computers and Business Peer Tutor 1st Place- Civic Leadership Development Case Study 2nd Place- IU-Krannert MIS Case Study
  7. 7.  Passions  Turning ideas to plans to change to results by competing in case competitions  Using the things we already have to solve our everyday problems Skills  Compassionate Listener  Ability to hear beyond words  Technology ambassador  Funnel and facilitate the knowledge of recent technology improvements  Leader in change management  Motivate others to contribute to success Strengths  Arranging- Take all resources and arrange for maximum productivity  Futuristic- Envision the future of win-win success  Learning- Acquire new skills for competitive advantage  Analytical- Research and explain the questions “How?" and “Why?”  Focused- Prioritize goals then take action
  8. 8.  Wonderlab Case Competition  Problem: Slow Sales for Gift Shop  Task: Prepare a presentation in 36 hours  Suggestions:  Increase Search Engine Optimization  Implement Site Map for website  Reorganize product display to attract adults  In-store gift-store references  Results: 1st place & $500 cash prize IU-Krannert MIS Case Competition  Problem: Introduction of new software technology  Task: Develop a business strategy for the introduction  Suggestions:  Develop for Android, not IoS, to stay flexible and on-budget  Develop software using Agile programming methodology  Promotional Pricing with ability to upgrade  Back-end data analysis to more quickly support customer preferences  Result: 2nd Place
  9. 9.  Where I am
  10. 10.  Origin  Principles  How much I give back to those who help me  How time and money is saved per problem solved  How current I am with behavioral and technological trends  Problems  Too much information, not enough knowledge  Companies can save money by converting their operations to cloud services  How do we support current processes with BYO mobile devices  Security threats hinder our ability to keep customer’s data safe  People and Technology  Innovators and innovations Destiny  Positioning  Be the best at fitting technology to best meet the demands of a business  Pioneers  Jeff Bezos, Dave Grohl, Steven Covey, Steve Jobs
  11. 11.  IUDM Marketing Committee Individually raised $2,100 over two years for Riley Children’s Hospital Recruited a team of 13 individuals to represent Delta Upsilon International Fraternity and the Riley children Year long effort creating awareness of the marathon and several of its offspring
  12. 12.  Where am I going…
  13. 13.  Personal  Professional I will learn something I will form a team of new everyday and highly motivated share it with the consultants that solve world through the blogging, and help operational/manage others find the ment problems of resources to design and create great small businesses and things large corporations.
  14. 14.  Email  Phone  219.308.7054 Mail Max Weiss 1731 Beacview Ct. Crown Point, IN 46307