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Restobar english breakfast menu


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Restobar english breakfast menu

  1. 1. a fresh start ENGLISH for a great day...Breakfasts are available all days until 12:30All breakfasts are served with fresh sourdough bread and butter e CoffeSandwiches and desserts are served throughout the dayThe classic Israeli breakfast 48 andtry a pas9 -2 eggs of your choice, fresh arabic salad, 3 kinds of cheese, 3 dips,olives, jam and grain bread, served with coffee and orange juiceThe classic Israeli breakfast for twoThe classic Israeli breakfast improved for two - 4 eggs of your choice with 94 -1special extras, fresh arabic salad, 5 kinds of cheese, tuna salad, olives, jam,smoked salmon, small muesli and grain bread, served with coffee,freshly squeezed juice and lambrusco DrinksCroissant 16 Coke / Diet Coke / Zero 13Plain / Chocolate / Cinnamon / Almonds / Cheese Sprite / Diet Sprite 13Cheese Burek 26 Fanta / Diet Grapefruit Fanta 13A cheese filled pastry made from flaky dough, served with treats Mineral Water 10(hardboiled egg, tahini, tomatoes and pickles) Sparkling Water 10Healthy breakfast 35 Perrier 200ml / Eau de Perrier 12/262 poached eggs on toasted grain bread, holandes sauce and asparagus, San Pellegrino Limonata 12served with a mixed greens salad Nestea Peach 13 Tomato Juice 14Spanish breakfast 52 Apple Cider 13Potato frittata with mushrooms and herbs, served with grilled chorizos Smirnoff Ice 26sausages, emmental cheese and a mixed green salad and roasted peppers Energy Drink 163 Egg Shakshuka 38 Tonic Water 12Grilled tomatoes and roasted peppers, slightly spicy and with a lot of extras Bitter Lemon 12Served with arabic salad Ginger Ale 12Optional Marguez addition +7 Ice Coffee 19Croque Madame 48 Cold Coffee 19Toasted bread with Emmental cheese, smoked goose breast and a sunny Blended mint lemonade 19side-up egg with a mixed greens salad on the sideJewish salmon bagel 38 Fresh JuiceCream cheese, tomato and green onion, served with a mixed greens salad Freshly squeezed Apple / Carrot 19Muesli 32 Orange / Red Grapefruit / Lemonade 15Ya’akobs sheep’s yogurt, fresh seasonal fruits, dates syrup and granolafrom the market, served with coffee and orange juice Hot Drinks Espresso short / long 12French toast 37 Macchiato short / long 12Made from pain de mie bread, served with a fresh fruit salad Double Espresso / Double Macchiato 15and yogurt with berries Cappuchicko / Cappuccino / Large 12/13/15Hazelnut brownies 11 Americano small / large 12/13Homemade Alfajores 6 Hot Chocolate 173 American pancakes 38 Mocha 17Served with berry jam, date syrup and chocolate syrup Chocolate 17 Turkish Coffee 12Arabic salad 38 Tea / Mint Tea 12Finely sliced tomatoes, onion and cucumbers in olive oil and herbs Special Herbal Tea Bag 13Mahne Yehuda salad 48 Hot Tea Pot (for two) 18Market vegetables sliced coarsely - tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, Hot Cider with a cinnamon stick / with alcohol 18/26carrots and kohlrabi with tahini and grated feta cheeseRoquefort salad 52 Soy milk addition 2Lettuce, cucumbers, mixed greens, walnuts, croutons, apple Espresso addition 2slices and roquefort cheese in dates vinaigrette Alcohol addition (Wine / Calvados / Rum) 7
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