Black bar delivery menu june13


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Black bar delivery menu june13

  1. 1. | Delivery phone number | Dial from any phoneWe’re on our way to you…Hot and tasty bread / whole wheat breadCrunchy potato dumplingswatch out: hot, sizzling and extremely tasty!Sausage on Mexican corn superb grilled veal sausages,with a semi-spicy glazing, on a bed of warm and tasty corn seeds’ salad!Wings on fire sizzling hot, juicy chicken wings in spicy / barbeque coatingEdamame green soybeans with walnuts and coarse saltMean beef and red beans chili served over a focaccia.Nachos with Guacamole and SalsaGrilled eggplants in chili sauce and orange tahiniFirst courseSaladsTasty healthy vegetable salad with tahini and olive oilChicken & almond salad with green leavesChicken and apple salad for weight watchersNight Owl there’s nothing like a fresh, crispy chicken schnitzel in a hamburger bunWings on fire juicy chicken wings in spicy / barbeque coatingGiant schnitzel chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoesChicken liver with fried onions, served on mashed potatoesChicken wok chicken breast sauteed with spinach, carrot, tomatoesand spring onions, with tehini and hot sauceSlim Chicken Breast a wonderful, low-fat dish. Chicken breast in finemarinade seared on the plancha with cherry tomatoesStyle grilled pullet with rich mushroom sauceMain course59The restaurant offers a healthy menuKosherStyleBlack DeliverySundays - Thursdays 12:00 - 17:00A choice of main course,side dish and soft drinkSchwarzenegger 220 gramFresh chicken schnitzel with mashed potatoesChicken wingsBrigitte Bardot59nis*We accept Cibus cards
  2. 2. Ask our call center representativeDessertsCarlsbergTuborgStellaBeersTwiggy 160 gramSchwarzenegger 220 gramYokozuna 330gramNorma Jean made of ground entrecote onlyBuenos Aires an especially juicy and tasty hamburger from an excellent thinshoulder filet. Seasoned with a bit of garlic confit and loads of flavor!Slimburger low calorie hamburger from fat-free sirloin on a whole wheat bunMeh-Burger juicy burger from lamb meat on a hamburger bun with tahiniPopeye-Burger A hamburger composed of the perfect combination betweenwalnuts, spinach and beef - unmissable!Brigitte Bardot juicy veggie burger from sprouted lentils, with onionsand mushrooms on top, served with whole wheat bunThe Three Tenors a taste of three of our hamburgers:Our famous hamburger, Popeye-Burger and Meh-BurgerThe hamburger is available in a whole wheat bun.HamburgerDelivery deal! 50% discount for a hamburger topping when orderingone of our hamburgers on the menu *Prices may vary from time to timeCold BeveragesKinley SodaNeviot Mineral waterCoca Cola / Fanta / SpriteCoca Cola Zero / Diet Coca Cola / Diet SpritePeach Fuze teaFlavored Neviot mineral water: peach, grapes,apricot-pineappleClear apple juice / Prigat grape / orange juiceSlimburgerHome FriesThe perfect side dishFrench friesSpicy friesGreen saladFine mashed potatoesWhite rice – seared with omelet stripes and spring onionFinely chopped vegetable saladBrown rice with a drop of olive oil, lemon and spring onionsOven grilled sweet potato dicesHome fries with our special sauceFine green beans stir fried with a bit of nutsIn the case of a discrepancy, the determining price shall be the one listed in the menu |Service available Sundays through Thursdays between 12:00-23:30,Fridays 11:30-15:30, Saturday Eve – 24:00 | Minimum order depending on area | Delivery rate –10 Nis. Delivery time – maximum one hour | Waiting time may be prolonged depending onBestkidsSnake shaped chicken slices with French fries and cornKidburger Hamburger for kids with French friesTasty toppings on TopSunny-side up eggMound of fried onionsSautéed mushroomsGuacamoleGarlic baked in olive oilHot chili slices, garlic and almonds with a bit of coarse saltHot eggplant in pickled lemon New!Smoke‘n’fire - goose breast with hot pepper & chopped tomatoesBeef and Beans ChiliCrispy goose breast18 Shlomzion Hamalka St. | Tel. 02-6246767