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Gilbane 2010 -- Building a Global View of Your Data


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More than ever content is important to the success of businesses. Businesses face many challenges in managing data. CMIS, a new standard for accessing data across multiple repositories, offers help in coming to grips with the multiple repository problem.

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Gilbane 2010 -- Building a Global View of Your Data

  1. 1. Building a Global View of Your Data Dick Weisinger Twitter: @DickAtFormtek May 20, 2010 Gilbane SF 2010
  2. 2. Agenda A d  Introduction  Why Content is Important for Businesses  Challenges of Managing Content  Content as a Service (CaaS)  CMIS: a new standard to access content – History – Use Cases
  3. 3. Who Wh am I?  Dick Weisinger  Vice President and Chief Technologist, Formtek, Inc g , ,  20+ years of experience in Content, Document, Image, and Records Management g , g  Regular blogger at
  4. 4. Formtek? F t k?  An ECM software and services company  Experts in general ECM and CM space  Expertise in engineering data management  Formtek Orion ECM Software  Alfresco Gold Integration Partner g – Largest privately-owned Open Source Company – Sharepoint-like Collaboration Features – First Implementation of CMIS 1.0 Standard
  5. 5. High Q lit I f Hi h Quality Information ti  Can help Businesses: – Make Better Decisions – Serve Customers Better – Gain Competitive Advantage Business Intelligence is the #1 priority of 1500 CEOs Gartner, 2009 From
  6. 6. 85% of organizations say Information is a strategic Business Asset. 95% of organizations say Information is essential to Business Success. Forbes survey: Managing Information in the Enterprise, April 2010
  7. 7. Ackoff’s A k ff’ DIKW Hi Hierarchy h 1989 Strategy Content grounds the Intelligence Wisdom Business Intelligence g Content Pyramid CIS Pyramid Knowledge Information Content Data
  8. 8. Content i Ki C t t is King Source: Wikimedia Commons
  9. 9. The Problem Th P bl  Content is a Vital Asset to Businesses But…  Problem: Content is too hard – Too Hard to Find – Too Hard to Access – And.. Much much too much of it
  10. 10. Barriers to Unifying Content B i t U if i C t t  Findability – 62% say findability is “imperative or significant” to their business success – AIIM – Half say they can’t find the data they need – Forrester Research – 72% of business users say they can find content easier on the internet than within their enterprise – AIIM – 80% of a BI projects revolves around content integration – finding, identifying and profiling – Forrester Research
  11. 11. Barriers to Unifying Content B i t U if i C t t  Accessibility – Content is often siloed across multiple systems, repositories, and spreadsheets
  12. 12. Barriers to Unifying Content B i t U if i C t t  Content Growth – Enterprise data volume doubles every 18 months – Gartner Research / IDC
  13. 13. If HP knew what HP knows we knows, would be three times as profitable. fit bl -- Lew Platt Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard
  14. 14. The Network is the Computer -- Sun Microsystems The Network is the Content
  15. 15. Content R id C t t Resides in Repositories i R it i Storage Capture Full-Text Indexes Metadata Storage Security y Volume Services
  16. 16. Multiple R M lti l Repositories it i >6 DM WCM
  17. 17. Application Repositories A li ti R it i  Often the application is inseparable from the data repository
  18. 18. Social Media R S i l M di Repositories it i Wiki k Blog Bl Collaboration C ll b ti Social Networks Microblogging
  19. 19. The Cloud Th Cl d & H b id S t Hybrid Systems
  20. 20. Siloed Content Sil d C t t  Structured Data (Database)  Unstructured Data  Communication Streams  Social Media Streams  Enterprise Applications  Cloud Applications Photo by ZoomZoom (Flickr)
  21. 21. Data F D t Fragmentation t ti  Multiple Repositories  Inconsistencies  Duplication Photo by horiavarlan (Flickr)
  22. 22. Master D t M M t Data Management t  Data Dictionary – Common Vocabulary – Single Version of Truth g  Data Centralized in a Hub – MDM Registry Repository Source: flickr: torisan3500  Needs to be On-going – Once and Done == Failure Average G5000 company spend on an MDM project is $5.2 million over 12-24 months -- The MDM Institute
  23. 23. Data Vi t li ti D t Virtualization  Content as a Service (CaaS)  Logical, Single Virtual View of Content  Map of Trusted Data Sources – Like a GPS Locater for the Enterprise  Success depends on Governance Source: fli k aburt S flickr: b t
  24. 24. OASIS Standard as of April 30, 2010 Content Management Interoperability Services “SQL for Document Management”
  25. 25. What i Wh t is CMIS?  Content Management Interoperability Services – Defines a lowest-denominator CM capability set • Objects Supported – Documents – Folders – Relationships [Source -> Target Object] – Policies [eg ACL or retention management policies] [eg., – A single application works identically with content from any CMIS vendor – Uses SOAP or (AtomPub) REST web services
  26. 26. CMIS Timeline Ti li iECM sees need CMIS announced and CMIS 1.0 ratified. for new standard released to OASIS Work on 1.0+ begins 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 EMC, IBM, Microsoft CMIS 1.0 released begin development for public comment p
  27. 27. Use Cases: Mash-Up / Aggregation  Examples – Data Virtualization – Business Intelligence g – Mashups / Portals – Dashboards – Federated Search – eDiscovery – Workflow W kfl
  28. 28. Thomas Pole and Laurence Hart
  29. 29. Use Cases: Inter-Repository  Federated Records Management  Publish to Web  Master Data Mgmt  Migration Tool
  30. 30. Use Cases: Write Once, Run Anywhere  A single software app / extension – Portable to work with any CMIS repository – No need to learn proprietary CMS API p p y  Examples – Content-enabled Enterprise Applications • ERP, BPM, CRM – Vertical Applications • Case Management • Collaboration • Electronic Health Records • Plugin to Office Suite
  31. 31. CMIS Si hti Sightings  Microsoft SharePoint Connector (June 2010)  Alfresco Share Connector (Available Now) – Alfresco + (Lotus/Quickr | Drupal | Joomla)  Nuxeo CMIS-enabled Digital Asset Mgmt  Clients: Android, Firefox Flex/AIR, … Android Firefox, Flex/AIR  Also Exo, Day, Jahia, WeWebU, …
  32. 32. Post P t CMIS 1.0: Uncharted 10 U h t d  Business Process Management, Workflow  Web Content Management  Digital Asset Management – Streaming  Records Management Compliance Management,  Metadata: Aspects  Browser Binding – JSON  …
  33. 33. CMIS R Resources  OASIS CMIS documentation  G ba e G oup eaco s epo t Gilbane Group Beacons Report – CMIS – Addressing Contemporary Requirements for Content Integration htt // ilb /b ht l  CMIS Chemistry Project – http://wiki apache org/incubator/ChemistryProposal
  34. 34. Summary  The Network is the Content  Business Information is Siloed  Develop a Common Vocabulary  Expose Content as Services (CaaS)  Use a Standard Interface for Content Services-- CMIS! – It will help make it easier to unite separated Content repositories
  35. 35. Thank You! Th k Y !