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Project Proposal "Fence"

  1. 1.                 Project Proposal Presented to James Morgan on behalf of Art 107 : Advanced Projects in Digital Media by Nichole Rosa Weirich Digital Media Art Concentration March 6, 2011                  
  2. 2. --------------------“FENCE”--------------------PROJECT PROPOSAL I. BACKGROUND II. CONCEPT III. MATERIALS & PROCESS IV. SPECS V. CONSTRUCTION VI. PLACEMENT--------------------Begin.I. BACKGROUNDIn the process of discovering the meaning of my upcoming BFA Show (can be found, I have done a lot of reflecting on the work I have created in the past. I haverealized that it is one thing to create a work, and then it is the other to actual think about why. The reasonsfor creating work can be premeditated, but also spontaneous- spontaneity dictates my work. I begin with asimple concept, and then it is in the field, and in the process to a finished piece where it’s life occurs.As I mentioned, I had been looking back on my work- more at the simple photography that has served asmy sketchbook for ideas. A camera is so instantaneous, and with the realm of work I am interested increating these days, being video and installation pieces, I find a camera a quick, yet intriguing way, todocument inspiration. My tool of choice is a Lomography Fisheye camera. This camera uses film, so it isnot as instantaneous as the convenient digital camera, but the way in which an image is spontaneouslyconstructed within the camera excites me, and makes me become more involved in the content within theviewfinder.Subject matter has a wide range for the most part, but at the same time I find myself photographingsubjects with certain commonalities. For instance, portraits are reoccurring in my photography, as well asintimate views of fences. This fence fascination is one I had never picked up on before, but realized it is aninterest of mine. This fascination has fueled an idea for my proposed project.Below you will find images of fence fascination – intimate, obstructive, perceptual views.       
  3. 3.      --------------------II. CONCEPTThe concept of this project roots from the ideas contributing to my BFA show. These ideas revolvearound nostalgia, and the ability to be confronted with imagery that may take you to a mental state youmay have yet to experience. The fence is something that many of us can make associations with. It may bea purely domestic ideology, or even represent a barrier to the outside world- possibly even a “safetyblanket” guarding you from what is beyond. As humans we put up fences and other barricades in attemptto segment land, or keep trespassers out. Is it really about property? Is it about comfort? Does a fencereally make you feel safe? Content? The presence of a fence begs us to ask ourselves what is on the otherside. It triggers curiosity and ambiguity.The fences humans have created tell a story. This story is unintentional, but naturally occurring. Yoursurroundings are embedded into your brain, whether you like it or not. It is our way of rememberingwhere we live, or where things go, or where to go. One we may not be aware of, especially whenconcerning fences you are not aware of (which is a multitude), but on a personal level, you may be fairlyacquainted with the fences in your immediate life.--------------------III. MATERIALS & PROCESSTo take advantage of my membership at TechShop, I will be using the laser and the plasma cutter to createthis piece. The fence I will create is made of wood, just like many fences are, and contain metal appliqués,which will be applied later in the process of finishing the work. The fence may contain appliqués as well,engraved into the wood, relating to the imagery being used for my BFA show (please refer to blog). I haveconsidered using words on the fence as well, to be etched into the wood, so when constructed can be read,though there may be separations where the wood joins together. These words will be ones ofcharacterization of nostalgia from a subjective view. Keep in mind, that even though I have stated thatthis piece is subjective, the imagery is broad enough, to lend to the likes of the viewers. The intent is tostrike an idea in the viewer, as they are confronted with the imagery to their own likeness.The fence will be created with CNC tools, as well as tactile processes such a nailing and drilling, etc. Thefence will not stand too tall, imagining it to be no taller than three feet tall. I may have to restrict the sizeof the fence height to the maximum size the laser can hold, being 32 inches, nearing just less than threefeet.--------------------IV. SPECSThe fence will reside inside the installation, serving as a barricade between the hanging cyanotypemonograms, and the viewer. Thinking about the feel of the monograms, as they will hang from the top of
  4. 4. the ceiling to the bottom, and being blue in color, give a sense of an animated sky. The cliché ideology ofseeing shapes and images in the clouds will be transferred to the space through the hanging monograms.The space will have certain elements of reality, such as the fence, honing a domestic sense, yet infused witha sense of fantasy. Comparative to a life-size diorama, elements will be used together to create a mood,theme, etc. The life-size aspect is important to the piece, in that the viewers must feel part of the space andbecome a part of it themselves.--------------------V. CONSTRUCTIONThe construction process will involve the creation of an actual fence. I have debated on whether I will buypre-cut stakes, or cut the stakes myself. I feel that I will likely create my own stakes for the fence. Knowingthat the black gallery is approximately 8 feet wide, I will base my pieces on that.Width of the stakes :19 feet = 156 inches, if the stakes are approximately 4 inches each then I will need 39 stakes.At 4 inches each, and with a bed laser at 32 x 18, I will be able to fit only 4 pieces in the bed at a time. Ican either etch a 32 x 16 piece of wood, and then cut it down into 4 pieces, or do the opposite, which iscut it down first, and then etch it. We will see what will become better for the finalized image. The imagewill have to be segmented for different jobs. I will have to create a 156 x 32 piece in Illustrator, and thencut it down into segments according to the bed size of the laser.   I need to find wood that is at lease 32” on one side, and the bigger the better on the other.Height of the stakes :In accordance to the laser size, I will have to restrict the height to 32 inches. Depending on the wood I canfind, I may have to go slightly smaller, but not by much or the fence will be too short.--------------------VI. PLACEMENTThe fence will be placed running across the width of the gallery as you peer into it. it will be constructed tostand on its own.--------------------
  5. 5. NICHOLE ROSA WEIRICHWEIRICHNR@YAHOO.COMWWW.NICHOLEROSA.BLOGSPOT.COMADDRESS: 601 S. 5TH ST. APT. 8, SAN JOSE, CA 95112 – PHONE: 805 268 0534EDUCATION2009- San Jose State University, BFA Digital Media Arts (in progress), San Jose, CA.2005-2009 Allan Hancock College, AA Transfer Studies in Art & Design, Santa Maria, CA.EXHIBITIONS / PROJECTS2011/TBA Bachelor in Fine Arts - Digital Media, Show at SJSU,CA.2011/Mar7-10 “Lola & Mom”, laser etched multimedia diptych, SxM (Sculpture & Experimental Media) Guild Show, Black Gallery at SJSU,CA.2010/Dec BLISSFINITY PHARMATOPIA for South First Fridays, SEM [Sculpture Experimental Media] collaborative “mobile” interactive installation, San Jose, CA.2010/May “mini-molecule” LED/multimedia sculpture, Herbert Sanders Gallery at SJSU, CA.2009/Dec “Glasshead” experimental video/digital, Herbert Sanders Gallery at SJSU, CA.2009/Feb “s/p” ink on painters paper, Anne Foxworthy Gallery, Santa Maria,CA.2008/Sept “Edges” ceramic slab sculpture, Anne Foxworthy Gallery, Santa Maria, CA.2008/Aug “Merrrh” and “The Olden Days” Cyanotype & Vandyke prints on multicolored paper/multimedia, Sheppard Hall Gallery, Santa Maria, CA.2008/April My Colors a collection of Cyanotype and Vandyke prints on multicolored paper, Allan Hancock College Fine Arts Lobby Gallery, Santa Maria, CA.CURRICULAR IN ART/AWARDS2010- Krowswork Gallery Intern, advised by Jasmine Moorhead, Oakland,CA.2010- Sculpture & Experimental Media Guild member, SJSU,CA.2010- ICA [Institute of Contemporary Art] Volunteer, San Jose, CA.2010/Dec Research work for Shona Kitchen [], San Jose,CA.2010/Sept 01SJ, Zero1 Art and Technology Festival, Volunteer, San Jose, CA.2010/May Lightning in a Bottle (art & music festival), Volunteer for Lightning in a Paintcan,Orange County, CA.2009- Deans List at San Jose State University, CA.2008/Nov Guest Lecturer for Art Decal course, Cyanotype Sun Printing Experimentation leading an intro. class through the possibilities of Cyanotype, UC Berkeley, CA.MEDIA AFFILIATIONS/ – weirichnr / – Nichole Rosa