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What makes a video educational?

We are running a competition for the best video uploaded on the net to share. These are some of the guidelines we agreed to.

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What makes a video educational?

  1. 1. @weirdsister_annVideos for education
  2. 2. Fit for purpose videos Criteria for good educational
  3. 3. HTTP://FARM1.STATICFLICKR.COM/23/41551066_6F7A23F09B.JPG Must be useful
  4. 4. Http://www.Levelrevel.Com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/computer.Jpg
  5. 5. Http://media.Merchantcircle.Com/17652217/istock_000006967274large_full.Jpeg Must be free from bias
  6. 6. HTTP://IMAGES.COMPUTERWOCHE.DE/IMAGES/COMPUTERWOCHE/BDB/493773/890.JPG attribution to author/owner Must be correctly referenced with
  7. 7. HTTP://PIRATEMEDIA.RU/MEDIA/K2/ITEMS/CACHE/AFB87FBD434B232DF328A201B7AFE670_XL.JPG Must be current(no outdated content)
  9. 9. HTTP://SAMSHAW.FILES.WORDPRESS.COM/2012/05/BE-RELEVANT.JPGShould be relevant to material covered
  10. 10. Http://farm4.Staticflickr.Com/3541/3512441158_86670a0b5e_z.Jpg Should speak to an outcome
  11. 11. Http://www.Palletplates.Com/gfx/reinforce.Jpg Content covered in the lecture
  13. 13. Http://b.Vimeocdn.Com/ts/513/091/51309125_640.Jpg Should stimulate the learner to act on the content
  14. 14. Http://www.Utaharc.Org/utah_atv/vw_300k.Jpg Should be of a good quality
  15. 15. Other advantages to good • A good education video can also –Replace content –Provide additional information –Demonstrate the finer points associated with the content –Serve as an example to further illustrate the content
  16. 16. Where to start?
  17. 17.
  18. 18. Online aggregator of educational videos.
  19. 19. Free lectures from more than one hundred colleges and universities. see: Talks@Google
  20. 20. www.ted.orgFascinating presentations by the worlds leading thinkers and doers.
  21. 21. Instructional videos providing answers to common questions.
  22. 22. Upload, share, and explore user-generated videos.
  23. 23. Thousands of video lectures from theworlds top scholars .
  24. 24. Aggregator of free, online video lessons and documentaries.
  25. 25. Free lectures, languagelessons, audiobooks, and more accessible via Apple iTunes.
  26. 26. Lectures and course materials forstudents, teachers, and self-learners. Also see: OpenCourseWare Finder
  27. 27. Free access to a selection of introductory Yale courses.
  28. 28. All that is left to do is to invite video content into your classroom ~ the END