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Can Transmedia Storytelling Save the World?

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Presentation at DIY Days, Los Angeles, CA, October 28, 2011

Nedra Kline Weinreich
Weinreich Communications

Can Transmedia Storytelling Save the World?

  1. Can Transmedia Save the World? Nedra Weinreich Twitter: @Nedra Photo: John Corvera
  2. Photo: Karla K.
  3. Those who tell the stories rule the world. - Hopi Proverb (or Plato)
  4. Stories are powerful.
  5. This doesn’t work.
  6. Where is their attention?
  7. How do stories create change?
  8. Stories grab people’s attention.
  9. Stories make abstract concepts concrete and relevant.
  10. Stories shape our understanding & interpretation of issues/events. Photo: Adrian Kinloch
  11. Stories provide vicarious experiences. Photo: Bryan Rosengrant
  12. Stories create empathy for others.
  13. Stories persuade people of the importance of taking action.
  14. Stories create or reinforce social norms. Photo: Sistak
  15. “While all the patients who received the storytelling DVD had better blood pressure control on average, those who started out with uncontrolled hypertension were able to achieve and maintain a drop as significant as it had been for patients in previous trials testing drug regimens.” Houston, et. al, Culturally Appropriate Storytelling to Improve Blood Pressure: A Randomized Trial, Ann Intern Med, January 18, 2011 154:77-84 Photo: David Salafia
  16. Entertainment Education
  17. Entertainment Education Principles • Characters the audience can relate to • Ongoing relationship with characters - emotional bonding • Modeling of desirable behaviors/attitudes • Depicting the positive and negative consequences of behaviors • Teaching knowledge & skills as part of the story
  18. Transmedia Stories
  19. Moving the “Fourth Wall”
  20. Transmedia for Change Story Sources Original Documentary Fiction Action Storyworld Crowdsourced Extension Stories
  21. Immersive Engagement for Change = Behavior Change Model + Good Storytelling + Ubiquitous Media + Participatory Experience + Real World
  22. • Documentary film • Interactive website with interviews, additional video, advocacy tools • Indian teen-created videos • Audio podcasts • Graphic novel • Traditional song to teach at powwows/gatherings • Audience-generated videos – “What’s in Your Heart?” • Audience-generated photos • Facebook page – online community • Twitter feed – behind the scenes as film is made • Educational guide
  23. T2X Club Expert Chat [ExpertRachelG] The answer is - No, chewing tobacco is NOT a safe alternative to cigarettes. [clubMrCaruthers] No, I think that can cause cancer of the jaw, right? [gospelgirl16] yes [ExpertRachelG] Right -- Smokeless tobacco particularly increases the risk of oral or mouth cancers. [clubGregg] alternative to cigarettes? how about video games.....more fun, less dangerous.......just as addicting ]:} [HostMichael] ok here is a question that came up in CLUB: [HostMichael] aren't there studies that show that teens can get addicted to nicotine more quickly than adults? [ExpertRachelG] And, thought i might add: Pipes, cigars or "light" or "low-tar" cigarettes are also NOT safe alternatives. Their effects are not exactly the same but none of them are safe. [rockhound] umm...i am guessing yes [ExpertRachelG] This is true, HostMichael [clubAllison] Mr. Caruthers was no help, Michael. As you saw... [ExpertRachelG] Several major research studies have demonstrated that teens get hooked on tobacco much faster than we previously thought often after only a few cigarettes. [ExpertRachelG] Get this -- One study showed that among teenage girls who get hooked, it took only an average of about three weeks from when they started smoking occasionally. [clubTheDean] Ah, Mr. Caruthers! As sponsor of the health club, I'm sure you know ALL the answers. But like a good teacher, you ask in the form of a question -- inspiring the students to do the learning! [lovelylel] only three weeks [gospelgirl16] i heard that some people get addicted after their first time... [HostMichael] ok -- let's broaden this a bit: [HostMichael] Is there any relationship between smoking and the use other substances -- like alcohol or other drugs? [ExpertRachelG] This is also related to the fact why teens get "addicted faster"... [clubGregg] so cigarettes and alcohol brainwash you? this is more serious than i thought Expert [rockhound] word Host [childofGod] gg: crazy CLUB Member [ExpertRachelG] One way to look at it clubGreg! General Teen Member
  24. Transmedia for Good Network Facebook Group
  25. EIC provides FREE research-based technical assistance for accurate depiction of health and social issues for your scripts/productions 818-840-2016
  26. Let’s save the world together! Nedra Kline Weinreich Twitter @Nedra
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Presentation at DIY Days, Los Angeles, CA, October 28, 2011 Nedra Kline Weinreich Weinreich Communications @Nedra


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