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My Life


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Published in: Education, Business
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My Life

  1. 1. PRESENTATION My first presentation was about Internet Addiction. I did notwell but I knew my weakness like no eye contact, nervous andlow voice. I would solve those problems one by one in nextpresentation.
  2. 2. EDUCATION My Canadian educational trip started at CentennialCollege. I studied hard to get high mark like GPA 3.8+ lastsemester.
  3. 3. TEST I went through three IELTS test before I came toCanada. The cost was expensive so I had to try my bestevery time but I still failed 2 times. I knew my weaknessamong Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking afterthat short but versatile test. I fixed mistake I found fromlast test and I passed it and improved my English.
  4. 4. ZOOThis is my first time to visit the zoo in Canada. I not only had funbut expended my horizon of the worldwide animal include theirhabits that was expressed in English.
  5. 5. TEAM WORK We searched information for Gend500 assignment. The process washard but the result that we satisfied with the way we found to search fastand accurately from this activity was good. The guy sat next to me is my friend. I explained the reason why Ineed this photo is for my assignment and this photo would be publicbefore I took this photo. He allowed my requirement because ourrelationship.