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Electric hoist and single girder overhead crane


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Weihua crane has a lot of honor for overhead crane certification for different overhead crane types
If you want to know more information about overhead crane, please find the overhead crane attachments, overhead crane pdf, overhead crane catalogue to get mover overhead crane specification and overhead crane regulations from the download center.

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Electric hoist and single girder overhead crane

  1. 1. A—A Exterior structure diagram 1. End carriage 2. Name plate 3. main beam 4. tonnage brand 5. electric hoist 6. electric power transmission device ≥200H3 H1 (620) W B 130 ≥100 120 841.5 300 740 1310 S± [2+0.1(S-10)] 2 3 6 74 5 H2 A A 1 75 1. JB/T10219-2001 2. 3. GB3836.2-2000 "d" GB3836.1-2000 EX