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Published in: Technology, Education
    Titanium Mobile 中文开发社区 欢迎大家光临
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  1. 1. Titanium
  2. 2. javascript, HTML, CSS, Python,Ruby PHP web mobile,tablet desktop Mobile Desktop Tablet
  3. 3. Keywordopen source - Apache 2 licenseno java and no objective-cbut... native - performance, UI & capabilitiesand cross-platform ➡Desktop: windows/mac/linux ➡Mobile: android/iOS
  4. 4. Mobile APITitanium Titanium.App.And Titanium.Geoloca Titanium.UI.Andr roid tion oidTitanium.API Titanium.App.Pro Titanium.Gesture Titanium.UI.Clipb perties oardTitanium.Accelerometer Titanium.Locale Titanium.App.iOS Titanium.UI.iOSTitanium.Analytic Titanium.Maps Titanium.Contacts Titanium.UI.iPad Titanium.MediaTitanium.Android Titanium.Databas Titanium.UI.iPhon e e Titanium.NetworkTitanium.Android.Calendar Titanium.Faceboo Titanium.Utils Titanium.Platfor k mTitanium.Android. Titanium.XMLNotificationMana Titanium.Filesyst Titanium.UIger em Titanium.YahooTitanium.App
  5. 5. ...... MacXCode and iOS SDKandroid SDK for Mac and JDK : vi , TextMate SQLite
  6. 6. id
  7. 7. Hello world
  8. 8. ...... ./Resources/app.jsTitanium.UI.setBackgroundColor(#000);var win1 = Titanium.UI.createWindow({ title:My First Mobile App, backgroundColor:#fff});var helloLabel = Titanium.UI.createLabel({! color:red,! text:Hello World!,! font:{fontSize:30,fontFamily:Helvetica Neue},! textAlign:center,! width:auto});win1.add(helloLabel);
  9. 9. var button = Titanium.UI.createButton({! title: say hi,! width: 200px,! height: 40px,! top: 20});win1.add(button);
  10. 10. button.addEventListener(click, function(e){! helloLabel.text = Hello TechParty;});
  11. 11. javascript API
  12. 12. ui.jsevent.jsdatabase.jsapp.js
  13. 13. API Q&AiOS Android FF IE IDE UI KitchenSink
  14. 14. 这 时 发现 getting_started.html
  15. 15. JavaScriptUtility Libraries • Helium - A Titanium utility library and framework for building component- oriented, event-driven Titanium Mobile applications. Provides visual and non- visual unit testing support, utility functions, and a JavaScript-based framework for building and styling UI components. • Titanium Redux - utility library for Titanium, aimed at reducing the amount of needed for common tasks in Titanium. • TiFramework - A chainable framework for Appcelerator Titanium • Titanium Tools - a sweet collection of tools for Appcelerators Titanium Mobile.Persistence • TiStore - ActiveRecord for Titanium • Joli - Small ORM for TitaniumSpecial Purpose • Twitter oAuth Adapter - utility for making authenticated Twitter API calls
  16. 16. Thank you twitter: @roy_wei sina: @roymax