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  1. 1. Transitions
  2. 2. TransitionsTransitional Words and Phrases helpestablish clear connections between ideasand ensure that sentences and paragraphsflow together smoothly, making themeasier to read. Using transitions will not only make your writing more logical, but they will help you connect ideas that you may not have been able to previously.
  3. 3. To indicate more•Besides information:•Moreover•Also•Again•Similarly•Likewise•In addition•Furthermore Example•Samantha’s car was stolen last night.•Her iPod was in the car. How can we connect these sentences?•Samantha’s car was stolen last night. In addition, her iPod was in thecar.
  4. 4. To indicate a result or an effect: •Accordingly •Finally •Consequently •As a result •Thus •Furthermore •Likewise •Hence •Moreover •Therefore •Similarly •Besides Examples:obal warming is putting a great amount of stress on the earth. a result, we can expect to see consequences in our environment.% of children in California will not finish high school. Consequenthools must be given larger budgets in order to solve this problem.Statistic taken from The Literacy Company
  5. 5. To compare or contrast:•In contrast •Conversely•Rather •Yet•On the contrary •However•On one hand •Still•Instead •Nevertheless Examples: Rather than spend all night studying at the last minute, I try to prepare for my tests a week ahead. All thumbs are fingers; however, not all fingers are thumbs.
  6. 6. To conclude:•In conclusion•All in all•Finally•Conclusively•Lastly•To sum up•In brief ExampleFor the first day of school, I need to buy anotebook, a backpack, and a calculator. Lastly,I need to buy my textbooks.
  7. 7. To indicate exception:• Aside from• Beside• Except• Excluding• Other than• Outside of• Save Examples: Other than his lack of attention, there is nothing affecting James’ performance in school. That music sounds beautiful, save for that screeching clarinet solo.
  8. 8. The End