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English 101 SP 14 Syllabus


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English 101 SP 14 Syllabus

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English 101 SP 14 Syllabus

  1. 1. English  101             All  readings,  assignments,  and  resources  are   at                                   Section:  3163     What’s  Inside:       Student  Learning   2. Demonstrate critical reading, thinking, and Outcomes:   research skills through analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of important ideas As  a  result  of  completing   this  course,  students will be encompassing multiple points of view. able to do the following: 1. Write focused, coherently organized, well-developed texts, appropriate to the transfer level, that effectively integrate, synthesize, and document sources. Contact Information: Instructor: Scott Weigand Email: Office Hours: T: 4:00-6:00 LARC 229 Phone: 919-947-2811                   Grading  Policies…………  Pg  2     Getting  Help………………    Pg  3       Major  Assignments……..Pg  3                  Required  texts  and  materials:   1. Assigned Readings (In-class handouts and downloads from Internet). Reading assignments are posted on the class website   2. Drive by Daniel Pink. This book is available for $10.98 on and available via pdf if you search online!   1  
  2. 2. There  is  no  failure  except  in  no  longer  trying.  –Elbert  Hubbard   Course Requirements and Grading   Prerequisite-Appropriate skill level demonstrated through the English placement process or satisfactory completion of English 28 or English 363 with a grade of C or better. Cannot be taken for Pass/No Pass. Grading is based on the following assignments and activities: 1. Four multi-draft, thesis driven essays of 4-6 pages in length Plagiarism: • • • • From page 164 of LAVC Schedule of Classes: Student Conduct and Disciplinary Actions: Plagiarism is the representation of expression of ideas from either published or unpublished work(s) as students own. LAVC encourages students to always cite sources to avoid the appearance of plagiarism. Using text from internet sources without proper citation is considered to be plagiarism. Consequences of Cheating At the time of the violation, penalties for academic dishonesty determined by the instructor can result in a zero score for the exam or item in question. In addition, the Vice President of Student Services, or designee, may impose other penalties for violations of the Student Code of Conduct. There is no need to plagiarize! I am here to help you. Lets work together to pursue knowledge, not chase grades. Essay one: Essay two: Essay three: Essay four: 8 points 21 points 21 points 21 points 2. Mid Term (In-Class Essay) 15 points 3. Final Project Presentation: 7 points 4. Participation /Homework 7 points                                                                           Your overall grade for the course is based on the following scale: 100-90 = A | 89-80 = B | 79-70 = C | 69-60 = D | Below 60 = F   At  anytime  in  the  semester  you  can  check  on  the  status  of   your  grade  at     I will grade using a plus/minus system and check marks for completion of homework assignments and participation. Completing assignments in a timely manner and participating in required class activities is important to your grade. DO NOT THROW AWAY ANY ASSIGNMENTS OR DRAFTS! Maintain clean, un-graded copies of your essays, drafts, and process work. Save all essays and drafts on both your flash drive and through your e-mail. Be sure to setup and check your LAVC email for all communication!   2  
  3. 3. Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence. -Robert Frost --Robert Frost Homework and Major Assignments Homework assignments (readings and writing activities) will be assigned throughout the course of the semester. Details regarding the assignments will be provided along the way. Due dates for major assignments: This schedule is subject to change ASSIGNMENTS 1. Final Draft of Essay # 1 2. First Draft of Essay # 2 3. Final Draft of Essay # 2 4. Midterm Exam 5. First draft of Essay # 3 6. Final Draft of Essay # 3 7. First Draft of Essay # 4 8. Final Draft of Essay # 4 9. Final Project Presentations 10. Continuation of Final Project Presentations   DUE DATE 3/4/14 3/18/14 3/25/14 4/1/14 4/22/14 4/29/14 5/13/14 5/20/14 5/27/14 6/3/14 Guidelines for Class Discussion Board Postings Class Discussion Board Postings When your homework assignment indicates a discussion board posting, you will post your own response to the question. Class Discussion Board: l l l l These postings count towards the participation component of your grade These postings to the class discussion board may be informal but still academic in nature You are encouraged to ask questions, explore ambiguities, and wrestle with difficult aspects of the readings; avoid merely summarizing Should be at least five sentences long Conduct: You are expected to be courteous and respectful to your instructor and your fellow students. Some topics will be controversial and may involve personal feelings. The nature of this class is to adopt an academic attitude and refrain from derogatory or inflammatory dialogue. Please be respectful of your fellow classmates and your instructor when using cell phones.   Special Circumstance: If you require special course adaptation or accommodations because of a disability, or if you have emergency medical information that I should be aware of, or if you need special arrangements in case of a building evacuation, please let me know as soon as possible.   Strategies for Success Attendance: It is important that you attend every class and that you be on time. If you do miss class, check the website for any handouts or activities. Getting Help: We all experience difficulties with our writing; however, there are plenty of resources available. I am here to help. Please see me during my office hours, or schedule an appointment to meet with me. I will try to respond to email within 24 hours. For any writing questions for any courses, visit the Writing Center for one-to-one assistance. The phone number is 818-947-2810, and it’s located in LARC 229. For online tutoring and other helpful resources, visit the website at 3