The current state of social, mobile & email integration.


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The current state of social, mobile & email integration.

  1. 1. EMAIL SURVEY RESULTS: The currenT sTaTe of social, mobile & email inTegraTion.
  2. 2. THE CURRENT STATE OF SOCIAL, MOBILE & EMAIL INTEGRATION Email, social networks and mobile devices have all become a staple in most of our lives. Here are a few quick facts about the three landscapes here the US. • 97% of US households use email (e-Dialog, 2010) • 75% of internet connected homes use social networks (61.5% of all US Households) (Nielsen, 2010) • 91% of the US population uses a mobile device (CTIA, 2010) • 23% use a smart phone (Frank N. Magid Associates, 2010) Observation makes it apparent that not only are all three media being widely used, but many are using a combination of all three –email on mobile devices, email within social networks and social networks on mobile devices. Knowing that the opportunity to provide a truly, integrated customer experience exists using these media, eROI wondered if the general marketing community was taking advantage of it. And if they weren’t, were there any simple changes that could be made to their marketing plans so that they could do so? THE STUDY In April of 2010 we conducted a study of more than 500 marketers. An online survey was distributed via the eROI in-house e-mail list, Twitter, Facebook and all associated reposts, retweets and forwards. The respondent profile was nearly equal parts B2B marketers (39%), B2C marketers (31%), and those who are both B2B and B2C marketers (30%). In the first portion of the survey, we asked marketers to look at the impact of mobile mar- keting on their overall marketing strategy and specifically how it influences their email and web marketing programs. In the second portion, we asked those same marketers to identify the importance and impact of social networks in relation to their email and web marketing efforts. Once we had the results of the survey, and a good understanding of how marketers were using email, mobile and social, we were able to identify some options that marketers can incorporate into their planning to make the most of these integrated opportunities. © 2010 eROI, Inc. THE CURRENT STATE OF SOCIAL, MOBILE AND EMAIL INTEGRATION 2
  3. 3. THE FINDINGS MOBILE MARkETING Mobile marketing is often a forgotten media by online marketers. We found that overall, mobile marketing integration into email and online programs is relatively low, with less than one-third putting much value and importance on the channel. But with the ever-increasing adoption rates of mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Kin, Droid, etc.) how long can this channel be ignored? Now that the corporate road warrior is not the only person with a mobile device and they are widely in the hands of the general consumer, marketers must be prepared to adopt mobile or lose mindshare. THE ImporTaNcE oF INTEGraTING mobIlE (To markETErS) There are more than 285 million mobile devices in the United States and there are just over 70 million smart phones (e.g., Blackberry, iPhone, Android, Windows). When marketers were asked about the importance of digital marketing experiences and the importance of an optimized mobile experience, only 31.6% said that mobile-optimized experiences matter for their audiences. Another one-quarter said that they are currently testing to determine the answer; 29% said that they are not sure; and 14.9% said that an optimized mobile experience doesn’t matter. Breakdown: Based on audience, the importance of optimizing digital marketing for mobile. IMPORTANT 31.6% NOT SURE 29.0% STILL TESTING 24.6% NOT IMPORTANT 14.8% © 2010 eROI, Inc. When asked if their companies were measuring the use or prevalence of mobile devices for their email subscribers, nearly two-thirds (63%) of marketers said no and another 11.5% were not sure. © 2010 eROI, Inc. THE CURRENT STATE OF SOCIAL, MOBILE AND EMAIL INTEGRATION 3
  4. 4. How markETErS arE cUrrENTlY INTEGraTING mobIlE markETING With approximately two-thirds of marketers unaware of their customer/subscriber audience usage patterns, as it related to mobile, it is no wonder that 77% of marketers are not offering, or are unaware of, mobile versions of their websites and/or landing pages. Of those that are offering mobile-optimized websites, we found that 68% are providing limited versions of their websites and 32% are offering their entire website in a web-optimized format. Slightly more marketers (25% as opposed to 23%) are however offering mobile optimized versions of their email marketing messages. Breakdown: Companies using mobile versions of websites/landing pages. NOT USING 67.6% NOTUSING USING 23.0% 67.6% NOT USING SURE 9.4% 23.0% © 2010 eROI, Inc. NOT SURE 9.4% Breakdown: Mobile sites that mirror a full site vs. those that only include content most relevant to a mobile audience. ONLY HAS CONTENT FOR MOBILE AUDIENCE MIRRORS FULL SITE 32.0% 68.0% ONLY HAS CONTENT FOR MOBILE AUDIENCE MIRRORS FULL SITE 32.0% 68.0% © 2010 eROI, Inc. © 2010 eROI, Inc. THE CURRENT STATE OF SOCIAL, MOBILE AND EMAIL INTEGRATION 4
  5. 5. Although nearly two-thirds responded that they don’t currently know if their customers/ subscribers are using mobile devices, when asked about geo-location data more than 50% said that, if made available to them, they would take advantage of the information. SOCIAL MEdIA There are two interesting facts when it comes to social networks and marketing initiatives: (1) Social media has been adopted by nearly two-thirds of the United States population and (2) nearly three-quarters (73.7%) of marketers feel that social media is having a positive impact on their marketing efforts. How ImporTaNT To markETErS IS INTEGraTING SocIal mEDIa? With consumers’ high adoption of social networking, it is not surprising that marketers see an importance in connecting with them through those channels. What is surprising, however, is our finding that 59.5% of organizations assign less than five hours per week to social-media-management-related tasks. This puts social media as one of the least involved marketing programs from an organization standpoint. When we asked marketers what metrics pertaining to social media they measure, 65.5% said increase/decrease of friends and followers; 59.5% said traffic from social networks to their site; 39% said mentions. Lower on the list of what is tracked and measured were new leads (35.7% ) and sales (28.5%). Breakdown: Social media metrics tracked. INCREASE/DECREASE IN FRIENDS/FOLLOWERS/FANS 65.5% SITE TRAFFIC DRIVEN BY SOCIAL 59.5% MENTIONS 39.0% NEW LEADS GENERATED 35.7% SALES 28.5% KEY INFLUENCERS AND REACH OF MESSAGING 25.7% DURATION OF ENGAGEMENT OF PERIOD OF TIME 21.6% © 2010 eROI, Inc. © 2010 eROI, Inc. THE CURRENT STATE OF SOCIAL, MOBILE AND EMAIL INTEGRATION 5
  6. 6. Below you can see how companies are gauging the success of their social media marketing programs. Breakdown: Primary goal for social media efforts this year. IMPROVE CRM DATA 1.8 % LEARN MORE ABOUT BEHAVIOR 7.2% BRAND AWARENESS 40.6% TIE MULTIPLE MEDIA CHANNELS TO ENGAGEMENT 10.3% CONTENT DISTRIBUTION 11.3% INCREASE LEADS © 2010 eROI, Inc. 15.0 % DRIVE AN INCREASE IN SALES 13.8 % How arE markETErS cUrrENTlY INTEGraTING SocIal mEDIa? Implementing social media with email marketing is much more prevalent than that of mobile. Nearly two-thirds of marketers responded that they are integrating social media with their email marketing efforts and 59.1% are integrating “Share With Your Network” links. When respondents who weren’t integrating social media into their email campaigns were asked why, they cited lack of resources and knowledge ( 35.2% and 21.4%, respectively)— the same reasons given for not using mobile. © 2010 eROI, Inc. THE CURRENT STATE OF SOCIAL, MOBILE AND EMAIL INTEGRATION 6
  7. 7. Of those who are implementing social network links and tools into their email marketing programs, there are four major networks that are part of their programs with a handful of second-tier networks being represented. Breakdown: Social networks/tools integrated into email marketing efforts. 91.0% 83.9% 48.0% 34.1% 14.6% 12.7% 11.5% 3.7% 3.4% OTHER 9.9% © 2010 eROI, Inc. © 2010 eROI, Inc. THE CURRENT STATE OF SOCIAL, MOBILE AND EMAIL INTEGRATION 7
  8. 8. wHaT arE THE opporTUNITIES To bETTEr INTEGraTE mobIlE aND SocIal? Adoption of any marketing channel is a bit of a chicken and egg scenario. It is hard to justify applying resources to a channel before there is a high adoption rate, but without applying the resources, the adoption rate won’t increase. Consumers do not adopt new technology without a positive user experience and relevant content offerings (think BetaMAX, LaserDisc, the beginning of the internet, mp3 before iPod, etc.), but it takes time and budget to provide those things. Once a good user experience and relevant content are present, consumer adoption is accelerated and, as history has shown, companies that are first to offer these things in untapped mediums typically benefit the most from them (think, Apple, AOL, Yahoo). The best way to begin understanding the mobile web and the type of resources your company should invest in it is to look at website analytics. The most popular web analytics solutions report mobile usage statistics. Once you understand your audience’s usage patterns, you can begin to develop a program that matters specifically to them. It is important to tailor a mobile strategy to your users, and not just a set of general recommendations. Providing the right content in the appropriate context is the crux of marketing. For example, those that provide a limited function mobile website often do so taking into consideration what people are doing on their site with mobile devices and make those experiences as optimal as possible. The opportunities for mobile marketing are continuously expanding. For instance, marketers have been trained to think that to do mobile right, you need an application. With the acceleration of web standards however, we are now seeing a big rise in the use of mobile web over applications. Geo-location is another element that is bringing forth an entirely new set of opportunities for mobile marketing and the extent of those opportuni- ties are still being discovered. When it comes to social media, marketers have adopted its use much faster than that of mobile. This could be because they are trying to create a brand relationship with a younger audience or just because it is more familiar territory. Although social media has been embraced, many marketers and organizations still have some learning to do before they can be truly successful with it. Currently, many organizations are not willing to put forth the resources to fully develop social media marketing programs. In fact, one-fifth of the marketers we surveyed said that they are unable make a business case for additional resources. In these cases, marketers should start small and do what they can, but do it well. © 2010 eROI, Inc. THE CURRENT STATE OF SOCIAL, MOBILE AND EMAIL INTEGRATION 8
  9. 9. No matter how small they start, marketers should start tracking and measuring their social media efforts (currently one-fifth of respondents said they don’t track anything). We encourage marketers to work with their organizations to determine what metrics their campaigns should be judged on and ask that resources be allocated to support its growth, similar to what is often done for research and development. Now is the time, if they haven’t already, for marketers to start experimenting with mobile and social to find what works best for their organizations. They must remember however, that whatever they do to experiment should be a relevant, positive user experience; because if they can’t provide that then it’s better to provide no experience at all. ABOUT EROI, INC. eROI is a digital relationship marketing company, focused on helping our clients establish and enhance their online presence. Through strategy, integrated campaigns, compelling interactive websites and innovative email marketing, we find fresh ways for brands to connect, communicate and achieve continued success. Clients include Banfield Pet Hospital, CBS, Icebreaker, OHSU Healthcare, Papa Murphy’s, Travel Oregon, Travelocity Business, Wacom Technologies, and Zinio. Website: | Phone: 503.221.6200 | Email: DoN’T mISS THIS rElaTED rESoUrcE: Leveraging the Mobile Web © 2010 eROI, Inc. THE CURRENT STATE OF SOCIAL, MOBILE AND EMAIL INTEGRATION 9