Trevor Single - Telecare & Telehealth in the UK


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as presented at TMAB eHealth Congress 2010

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Trevor Single - Telecare & Telehealth in the UK

  1. 1. e-Health congress 2010Telecare and Telehealth in the UK Trevor Single Chief Executive Telecare Services Association
  2. 2. Telecare Services Association Mission: “to unlock the potential of Telecare and Telehealth”Formed 1995 – not-for-profit trade associationGrowing membership – over 350  Telecare Service Providers  Telehealth Service Providers  Technology Suppliers  NHS & Universities  Mainly UK, but international membership: Europe, North America, New ZealandMembers provide telecare and telehealth services to over 1.7 million users
  3. 3. Telecare Services AssociationThe TSA business vision is: position the TSA as the UK’s lead policy influencer on telecare and telehealth set and champion quality and standards engage with key policymakers and stakeholders deliver value added services to our membersand maximise the benefits provided to service users, patients and carers
  4. 4. Snapshot of Telecare & Telehealth in the UK 1.7 million telecare service users approx. 1.4m predominantly pendant alarm  approx. 300k with personal and environmental sensors  increasingly mainstreamed service 6,000 telehealth users  3 WSD sites and a number of smaller pilots  awaiting outcomes of WSDs – Spring 2011  needs significant new resources to move beyond pilots to 1,000 unit+ operations UK spend on telecare / telehealth equipment – approx €55m per annum via Government procurement framework
  5. 5. Telecare Code of Practice Sets standards for service providers  Offers confidence to Commissioners  Gives reassurance to service users, their family & friends Governance by Management Board  Senior Health & Care professionals from across UK Independently audited by UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) approved body Full 3 yearly audit - annual on site inspection Training & support available from TSA
  6. 6. ©TSA Referral to Response (R2R ) Model
  7. 7. Quality Standards In Telecare Encourages choice and empowerment for consumers Service meets robust performance Standards Reassurance and confidence to carers, health, social care agencies and commissioners Minimises risk and ensures safe service delivery Encourages innovation and competitiveness A means of consistently raising quality Image kindly supplied by Milton Keynes Council
  8. 8. Telehealth - Whole System Demonstrators Established in 2007 by Dept. Of Health to pilot new models of telecare and telehealth World’s largest randomised control trial – 6,000 participants in three pilot sites Aim to provide evidence of ‘proof of concept’ Results of the trial are expected from Spring 2011 Photo: Trent and Dove Housing Ltd.
  9. 9. Other trials  Some PCTs have also carried out small trials  For example to see if the use of technology reduces the frequency of hospital admissions for people with chronic heart failure  Generally 30 to 50 user pilots  Challenge to turn pilots into business case for much largerPhoto: Affinity Sutton Group scale – 1,000 or more users
  10. 10. Telehealth activity by TSA Established a Telehealth forum of key opinion makers Recruited a Telehealth Development Manager Launching a UK Telehealth Code of Practice framework in 2011
  11. 11. Telecare & Telehealth – thebenefits of early intervention!