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Get periodical particulars About Personalised Zippo Lighters


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Do you want to know about personalised zippo lighters? At We Get Personal, you can get periodical particulars and popularity of zippo lighters in the world. View this presentation or visit: to get periodical updates about zippo lighters

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Get periodical particulars About Personalised Zippo Lighters

  1. 1. Indeed, Zippo Lighter is an iconic American brand that has been around the world since 1933. Such lighter is known from its rich history which was originally inspired by a clunkier Austria version of lighter.
  2. 2. The idea was originated from in Bradford Pen by George Bliasdell. During that time he was smoking a piece of cigarette on the porch when he noticed a certain businessman who is using a strange lighter which was created from Austria.
  3. 3. The company struggled during the World War 1 because of the collapse of metal production. During those days, Zippos where made from bras. The zippo lighter began to emerge its popularity because the company started selling them to military during the war.
  4. 4. The lighter was then is not intended only to lit a smoke but also to be used whenever soldiers need a light at night. It was recorded that the zippo lighter is the most coveted thing in the battlefield.
  5. 5. There was also an amazing story whereas a zippo lighter was found from the belly of a fish. The news spread quickly during 1960 print ad from a retired fisherman who caught an 18 pound pike fish in New York Lake. The lighter lit amazingly. Another amazing fact about zippo lighter is that, the late Frank Sinatra was buried together with his zippo.
  6. 6. You can get it repaired regardless when you purchased the lighter. You’ll find various types of materials and designs available from offline and online market. Engraved zippo is the most elegant and trendy. You’ll find lots of personalised zippo lighters engraved with simple message.
  7. 7. You can check out the American flag made from 3000 zippo lighters at the Zippo/Case Museum. You can discover and learn the first lighter back then as even today it looks fairly similar to the new ones. Zippo museum is located at Northern Pennsylvania.
  8. 8. There are also zippo clubs who are extremely fanatics of such fantastic lighter. According to researchers, there are 14 zippo collecting clubs around the world. Zippo fandom spreads to Asia Including Japan and China. In fact, China is the largest international market of zippo lighters today. The company operates 14 stored spread around the republic of China.
  9. 9. In Italy and other European part, Zippo is known as a premium lifestyle brand. There are zippo lighters which are made from pure sterling silver and 24k gold. These lighter may cost a lot of money, but it is an awesome satisfaction for most people who love to collect such item.
  10. 10. Check out some zippo lighters at We Get Personal
  11. 11. Brand Zippo Size 38 x 57 x 13 mm Material Brushed brass
  12. 12. Brand Zippo
  13. 13.  Website  Email  Address We Get Personal C/O Prishuset Wiel AB Propellervägen 12 183 62 Täby SWEDEN