Dss instructor orientation aug13


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Jennifer Pryor presents at VCU Department of Gerontology's orientation of August 27, 2013.

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Dss instructor orientation aug13

  1. 1. DSS Instructor Orientation August 2013 PANEL:  Jennifer Pryor, Training Coordinator  Jay White, CEU Contact  Annette Kelley, DSS, Division of Licensing Programs  Dr. E. Ayn Welleford, Department of Gerontology Chair
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Introductions 2. Spring-Summer 2013 Recap 3. Information Refresher 4. Looking Forward: Fall 2013 5. Tips for Teaching Adults
  3. 3. Spring-Sumer 2013 Recap • ISP • New Trainers • Referrals • Nutrition – Med Safety = Success • Person-Centered Activities • Dementia: It’s Not Just Alzheimer's
  4. 4. Discussion • If you trained in March for Nutritional Needs/Med Safety, what feedback or insights can you give us about how this format worked for you as a trainer? • Is there anything else you would like to discuss about the Spring and Summer training semesters?
  5. 5. Information Refresher Continuing Education Units (CEUs) • Registration forms must be filled out COMPLETELY and LEGIBLY • Registration forms must be accompanied by a CHECK or MONEY ORDER for $10 • CEU Transcript is ONLINE • Processing can take up to THREE (3) WEEKS Return Box & Training Summary • Both are DUE 2-3 DAYS following a training • CEUs are time-sensitive • You must complete a summary even if someone from VCU/DSS is present • Lost Boxes: good idea to keep a copy of roster/sign in sheet Always review your Policy and Procedure Manual prior to a training!
  6. 6. Information Refresher Promotion of our Programs/Continuing Education Opportunities • Please reference all educational opportunities we offer at the DoG: Master’s Degree; Certificate in Aging Studies; general Continuing Education courses • If you are interested in learning more about how to advance your professional identity in working with the aging population, please email agingstudies@vcu.edu Always review your Policy and Procedure Manual prior to a training!
  7. 7. Questions? • What questions can we address related to how CEUs are handled? • What questions can we address related to returning materials to the Department of Gerontology? • Are there any other logistical items you need us to explain or discuss?
  8. 8. Looking Forward: Fall 2013 • ISP – New and Improved! • New Topics! • October: A Practical Approach to Team Building and Person-Centered Care: Best Practices • November: Navigating Loss and Aging: Getting Back to Baseline • Changes • Memos from Jen • CEU Forms
  9. 9. Discussion • What are you most looking forward to with the start of this new semester? • Is there anything we can do to help support your efforts as an instructor?
  10. 10. Tips for Teaching Adult Learners • Encourage participants to reflect on or share their own experiences at work to personalize problem solving. • Use the activities, discussion questions, and case studies we have provided. • Encourage participation by making everyone feel comfortable with sharing their experiences.
  11. 11. Discussion • What do you do with a participant who spends the whole training on their phone/ipad/etc? • What are some ways you can liven up the group after their post-lunch sleepy hits them? • What do you do about a situation where only one person is dominating the floor when it comes to sharing/discussion?
  12. 12. Wrap Up Questions and Comments Jennifer Pryor – pryorjm@vcu.edu Jay White – whitejt2@vcu.edu Department of Gerontology 804-828-9060 http://www.sahp.vcu.edu/gerontology/ Department of Social Services http://www.dss.virginia.gov/