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Weever Media App Marketing


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App Marketing form the a leading agency from London and Munich: Weever Media Limited.
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Weever Media App Marketing

  1. 1. App Marketing 2014 Strategies for Mobile Apps from the leading UK / German App Marketing Agency
  2. 2. The Flood of Apps and the Monetisation of Users - 2013: 22 billion apps downloaded - 2014: projected 40% increase in downloads - 2 million+ apps in the app stores with 800 new apps released daily There is fierce competition for the attention and acquisition of users. To be successful in the app business you need to make sure to answer these questions: Is the app ranking in search results and top lists high enough to get attention? Are enough downloads generated according to the business model? Are your users profitable and loyal? Weever Media can help you answer ‘yes’ these questions.
  3. 3. Weever Media Ltd Successful in App Marketing since 2009 with hundreds of campaigns Experience & Expertise Full Service - Great Service All necessary services to make the app successful Performance-based and PR We run CPC, CPA, CPL, CPS etc. campaigns globally All ad formats and pricing models Based on your particular project we choose the best approach with highest ROI Centralised media buying & optimisation We buy and optimize traffic from ad networks, RTB exchanges and media partners We can work with all systems on the market and go for the best of breed Tracking & Reporting Mobile Marketing Your One-Stop-Shop to reach mobile app users around the globe. Weever Media gives your app exposure to high-quality users using advanced solutions to reach, engage with and optimise your desired audiences. Our app marketing experts are focused on helping apps and brands to get the best quality users for their app marketing budget.
  4. 4. Weever Media Ltd We’re mentioned in the following reports: Top 10 Best App Marketing Agencies & The World’s Best App Marketing Agencies We operate a global service  App Store Optimisation  User generation (incentivised / non-incentivised) and retargeting  Guaranteed app store rankings  App reviews & PR  Cost per install & cost per in-app-engagement (CPA, CPE, etc.)  Facebook-, Twitter & Google user generation  User quality optimisation, reporting & analysis Our clients include:
  5. 5. Rankings & Organic Installs Strategy • Boost the app high into app store rankings • Gain exposure that drives high quality organic installs Implementation Use burst campaigns to deliver a high volume of installs quickly = 40,000 installs (first day) Campaign results Overall: #4 | Games: #2 | Games category family: #1 | Games category action: #1 40,000+ organic installs as a direct result of rankings = 80,000 total installs achieved Case Study
  6. 6. Contact Weever Media Limited ☎ Germany +49 89 306 420 39 ☎ UK +44 20 3287 3597 Germany Landwehrstr. 37, 80336 München UK 6-8 Cole Street, London, UK SE1 4YH