Effective selling techniques


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Effective selling techniques

  2. 2. Agenda 1. Introduction 2. DuPont CORIAN® Market Research 3. Seven Steps to Successful Selling 4. Questions and Wrap-Up
  3. 3. Market Research In our latest survey, we talked to consumers, both prospects and owners of CORIAN®: •Females between the age of 25 and 64 •Incomes over $35,000 •Homeowners who have remodeled in the past five years or plan to remodel in the next two years Here’s what we found...
  4. 4. Awareness is high and rising! 68% of consumers are aware of CORIAN® and they have a favorable impression of the product .
  5. 5. Consumer preference has doubled! Today, 28%of consumers say CORIAN® is their first and only choice! (Compared to 13% in 1995) Yet, amazingly, only 4%currently own CORIAN®.
  6. 6. Consider this: If we can close even half the gap between preference and purchases, your CORIAN® business would more than triple in sales!
  7. 7. The Great Opportunity Gap! Higher awareness and stronger preference make your opportunities better than ever… BUT, YOU HAVE TO CLOSE THE GAP!
  8. 8. Selling is a skill and like any skill, you can learn it! Good salespeople are made, not born. Top salespeople have a very positive perception of themselves; they see themselves as a consultant, an expert resolving their customer’s problems. They see themselves as completely professional people in a highly respected profession and they have high ethical standards.
  9. 9. . The more enthusiastic and knowledgeable you are about your product, the more effectively you can communicate. 80% OF SELLING IS PSYCHOLOGICAL AND 20% IS TECHNICAL Selling is the transfer of enthusiasm!
  10. 10. Seven Steps of Successful Selling  Consumers rate these issues as “important” when purchasing a “large ticket” item.  Quality of the product  Brand recognition  Follow-up support (trouble-free ownership, e.g. Lexus and Infiniti)  Reputation of the product and the company that makes it  Terms  Delivery and installation: dependable  Price
  11. 11. Seven Steps of Successful Selling Consultative Selling is the process of asking the consumer questions throughout the sale to reach agreement on each aspect of the purchase. When you learn to do that effectively, closing is a natural progression in the sale. In essence you are acting as a ‘consultant’ rather than a salesperson.
  12. 12. Seven Steps of Successful Selling Prospecting and Getting Customers Build Rapport and Trust Identifying Customer Needs Presenting Solutions Answering Objections Get A Commitment Follow Through/Follow Up
  13. 13. Seven Steps of Successful Selling Prospecting and Getting Customers » Identify your target market and structure your offering to the consumer accordingly.
  14. 14. Seven Steps of Successful Selling Build Rapport and Trust » Listen to the customer. » Build a bridge to the customer and personalize your relationship. » Establish your credentials and integrity.
  15. 15. “Old” Model of Selling 10% Establishing Rapport 20% Qualifying 30% “Selling” (Presenting) 40% Closing
  16. 16. “New” Model of Selling 40% Developing Trust and Rapport 30% Defining Needs & Problems 20% Describing Features & Benefits 10% Closing
  17. 17. Seven Steps of Successful Selling Identifying Customer Needs » Get to know your customer by asking questions. Remember the person asking the questions is the one in charge of the conversation. » Establish an “investment” figure. » Establish a customer timetable.
  18. 18. Fact Finding Questions Are you planning to build or remodel? What are you looking for ? (What is it you want/need?) When are you planning to start the project? Where is the project located? What overall “investment figure” did you have in mind?
  19. 19. Types of Questions  Closed End Question » “May I help you?”  Open End Question » “What are you looking for today?”  High Value Question » “What are the three things you like least about your kitchen today?”  Need Payoff Question » “Would it be useful to you to cut the amount of time you spend cleaning your bathroom?”
  20. 20. Seven Steps of Successful Selling Presenting Solutions » Present the complete package listing the features and benefits of Corian®.
  21. 21. Seven Steps of Successful Selling “What is Corian®” “Why Should I Buy Corian®?” “How Can I Afford Corian®”
  22. 22. Seven Steps of Successful Selling “What is Corian®?” Blend of natural minerals with pure acrylic – Acrylic provides strength, durability, UV resistance. – Natural minerals add visual texture and color 100% solid – Consistent color throughout Non-porous surface – Stains sit on surface – Doesn’t support growth of mold & mildew
  23. 23. Seven Steps of Successful Selling “Why Should I Buy Corian®?”  Easy to Clean  Liquids can’t penetrate  Resists stains  It’s beautiful  Warm to the touch  Lasts a long time  Handles impact  Repairable  10-year transferable installed warranty
  24. 24. Seven Steps of Successful Selling “How Can I Afford Corian®?” The classic value fits most budgets Increases the value of your home Costs less over the long run One-time investment—virtually lasts forever.
  25. 25. Seven Steps of Successful Selling Addressing Price Objections » Determine what is really stopping the customer from making the purchase.
  26. 26. Seven Steps of Successful Selling Address the cost of CORIAN® before it becomes an objection » Discuss the customer’s preconceived perceptions about the cost for CORIAN® in the beginning of your sales presentation. » Eliminate the objection and alter their thinking to concentrate on the long-term benefits. » For example - ‘CORIAN® is the most user friendly work surface ever made. Let me show you why it’s worth a little extra investment.”
  27. 27. Seven Steps of Successful Selling  Disarm the objection, ask questions, clarify, showcase benefits and confirm. » Agree that CORIAN® is an additional investment. » Ask a direct question to determine needs/wants. “What are the three most important features to you for using and living with your countertop?” » Clarify their response and summarize their needs. » Describe key features/benefits to address needs » “Based on everything you mentioned, do you feel that the extra benefits of CORIAN® are worth the extra investment.”
  28. 28. Seven Steps of Successful Selling  Disarm the objection, discuss alternatives, compare benefits, offer a personal recommendation. » Agree that CORIAN® is a little more expensive than some alternatives » Discuss the alternatives (laminate, granite, tile,etc.)and review the benefits/value of each » Summarize the benefits of CORIAN® and offer your personal recommendation (based on your experience or those of other satisfied customers)
  29. 29. Seven Steps of Successful Selling  Disarm the objection, show empathy and describe how others have justified the investment for CORIAN®. » Agree with the customer, “That’s a reasonable concern.” » Describe how other customers have felt. “You know, Mrs.. XYZ was thinking the same way when we discussed using CORIAN® in her kitchen. » Describe the experience of the other customer and why they chose CORIAN®. “It’s interesting Mrs.. XYZ decided to use CORIAN® because …….In the end, she believed the long-term benefits, and the beauty of CORIAN® was worth the added investment”.
  30. 30. Seven Steps of Successful Selling  Additional Responses to Help Overcome Price Objections » CORIAN® doesn’t cost more. It lasts longer. » CORIAN® delivers more value for every dollar spent. » CORIAN® is the only choice that provides a 10-year installed warranty. “It’s the last countertop you’ll ever need to buy”. » Your countertop is the most used and abused surface in your home. The durability and easy maintenance of CORIAN® is easily worth the added investment.
  31. 31. Financing »Offer financing. »Most consumers have a preconceived notion that CORIAN® is expensive and they are unable to afford it. »Most consumers have a good idea what their monthly budgets allow…so offer CORIAN® as part of their monthly spending package: »“Did you know that you can own this CORIAN® countertop for as little as $xx.xx per month?” »“Did you know that for only $xx.xx a month more, you can upgrade to CORIAN® from Laminate?”
  32. 32. Seven Steps of Successful Selling Get A Commitment » After you have answered the customer’s objections, ask for the order.
  33. 33. Seven Steps of Successful Selling Closing the Sale » Direct Close » Hot Button Close » Power of Suggestion Close » Testimonials
  34. 34. Seven Steps of Successful Selling Closing the Sale » Direct Close » “Well, Mrs.. XYZ, I think we’ve determined that CORIAN® is the ideal material for you in your kitchen/bath. When is it convenient for us to get the measurements?
  35. 35. Seven Steps of Successful Selling Closing the Sale » Hot Button Close » “If a CORIAN® and Laminate countertop were free, which would choose?” » “Why” (Assuming answer is Corian®) » “Let’s find a way to get you the Corian® countertop you really want.”
  36. 36. Seven Steps of Successful Selling Closing the Sale » Power of Suggestion Close » “You are going to love taking care of this CORIAN® countertop, you are going to love cleaning this CORIAN® sink.”
  37. 37. Seven Steps of Successful Selling Closing the Sale » Testimonials » Tell a story!
  38. 38. Seven Steps of Successful Selling Follow Through/Follow Up » Once Sold . . . » If Not Sold . . .
  39. 39. Process Model to Address Questions/Concerns  Question (Receive objection, ask a question)  Listen to Answer  Restate (Repeat what you think you heard for clarification)  Answer  Confirm Satisfaction (Does that answer your question/objection?) If the answer is no, start process again.
  40. 40. New Ideas and Tools Practice one at a time » Get it right! Try New Behavior at least three times. » Comfort = Effectiveness » Don’t be Impatient. Learning Experience: Review Results » Ask Yourself Questions: “What Worked, What Didn’t?” (Top Salespeople dissect what they’ve learned and think about improvement.)
  41. 41. CORIAN® SURFACES Created For Life.™