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Getting pregnant ovulation, sperm count, frequency of sex


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The best time to get pregnant is during the ovulation period. Ovulation occurs when a woman's egg is released from the ovary and is ready to be fertilized. If no conception occurs, the lining of the uterine will be shed, and that is when menstruation occurs. A woman's cycle is measured from Day One of the menstrual period until Day One of the next period. Ovulation can be estimated by calculating 12-16 days from the next expected period. You could also buy a Clearblue Fertility Monitor which helps you to identify up to 6 fertile days in each cycle.

Getting pregnant ovulation, sperm count, frequency of sex

  1. 1. Getting PregnantOvulation, Sperm Count And Frequency Of Sex
  2. 2. Ovulation The period of ovulation is the ideal time for a woman to conceive a baby. Very roughly, yourovulation is 14 days before the start of your nextperiod. Your fertility period starts 2 days before this day and ends 3 after after.
  3. 3. A more specific method to estimate the ovulation period is based on the Basal Body Temperature method. In thismethod, the temperature of thevagina is recorded by a specially- made BBT thermometer. During the period of ovulation, this temperature rises considerably.For higher chances of conceivinga baby, sexual intercourse should take place at these times.
  4. 4. Sperm CountFresh sperm is required to be present in thebody of the female immediately beforeovulating. However, if the male has a lowsperm count, he should not be releasingsperms, for a minimum of 3 days before thescheduled day of sexual union.
  5. 5. Low sperm count can becaused by age, stress, using the wrong kinds of lubricant/condoms, relationship problems,exposure to heat/radiation,substance abuse, smoking, malnutrition, cycling and obesity. Most of these causes can be easily eliminated.
  6. 6. Frequency Of SexSome experts say that sperm count goesdown, with a resultant weakening of the malesperm, if intercourse is held everyday.Conversely, others tend to think that the malesperm becomes ineffective, old and stale if itremains within the testicles, due to prolongedperiods of abstinence.
  7. 7. Therefore, try not to abstain formore than 7 days in a row. It is generally recommended that, sexual union, during the period of female ovulation, should be heldabout once in every 2 days. It is important to relax and enjoyyour love-making. Don’t forget romance!
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