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Five quick tips on selecting the right ma solution


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Five quick tips on selecting the right ma solution

  1. 1. Stand in the toothpaste aisle of anygrocery store today, and the optionsseem limitless. In addition to the arrayof brands, your varietal choices areabundant as well including all-­natural,breath freshening, sensitive, whitening,tarter control and the list goes on. Whyis it, however, that most contain only onemain ingredient like whitening or tartarcontrol vs. a combination of all of theabove? It seems impossible at times toWhile selecting the right marketing automationsolution is a bit more stressful than selectingtoothpaste and not to mention a little moreconfusing, the number of choices available also feelslimitless. In her review of marketing automationproviders, MAI Executive Council member, LarissaFive Quick Tips on Selecting theRight Marketing Automation Solutionbegin to describe it.vendor webinars.softwarethatwillbestmeettheirneedsandallowthemmethodical approach to selection, organizations will befromtheirautomationsolutionandvendorofchoice.Included in this paper are several tips that organizationscan adopt to help navigate the selection process 1
  2. 2. MarketingIQOne of the areas that most organizations fail to addresswhenapproachinganautomationpurchaseistheirownmarketing automation investment.organizations box themselves into a particular solutioncertain number of sales people. While this can be aspoke to several vendors that service the mid-­marketand enterprise space thinking that was the natural“customized” emails executed from Outlook. Whilewas a candidate for a more mature solution, theirfunctions a more robust solution could offer.A few areas that should be considered to helpone-­off static emails or newsletters? Or do youdevelop campaigns based on developing buyerpersonas and offers mapped to their needs?other software?or send email communications from Outlook oranother personal email tool?TheRightPeopleAttheRightTimeGreg is the Vice President of Marketing for a large mid-­a marketing automation solution. “Had I known wesolution,” stated Greg. “As much as I want to blameright people with the right skills to take advantage ofall it can do.”above – limited use or even worse, shelfware.dedicated personnel to own execution and ensure it ismarketingautomationinstitute.com2
  3. 3. are much simpler to use and understand (do not makeNot having the right people in place who have the timeand in addition will provide strategic vision to helpresources before purchasing.KnowWhatYouAreTryingtoAccomplishthat was being used in a limited fashion to communicatescoringandbuildsomewebformsforafewisolatedemailrightmetricsinplacetoshowsuccess. Infact,shedidnotevenknowwhatsuccesslookedlike.purchasingautomation.make their numbercertain product line, geo or business unit will help guidethe right enabling solution.How Complex Are You?to the implementation of marketing automation ashave no idea how complicated it can get. And whileWhen selecting an automation solution, be sure towill you need to support multiple languages?like? Will you have multiple data sources thatfeed into your automation system or will it onlylike? Will you have a demand center, ops 3
  4. 4. marketing?demand multiple scoring models?at automation solutions. Just because the solutionthen select the solution that matches best.ProveIteach vendor provides a custom demo that applies todemos will not offer an accurate view of the solutionscorecard is complete, select the top two vendorsand conduct a bakeoff. Have each set-­up a proof ofDuring the pilot stage, run several various use-­casesnegotiations with the vendor.Conclusionexperiencebebetterpreparedtoselecttherightsolution.bemuchsmoother..About the Marketing Automation Instituteof marketing automation professionals across the globe. For more information