7 digital marketing_strategies_made_better_through_an_integrated_marketing_platform


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7 digital marketing_strategies_made_better_through_an_integrated_marketing_platform

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Strategies Made Better Through an Integrated Marketing Platform 7
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Make Your Website as Dynamic and Personalized as Your Emails .............................................4 Video: “Personalizing the Web Experience for Every Customer Through a CMS Integration” .....5 Send Personalized, Timely Cart Recovery Messages ....................... 6 Success story: DEMCO ......................................................7 Employ Both Marketing And Sales Data To Enhance Lead Management .................................... 8 Success Story: InsideOut...................................................9 Incorporate Product Recommendations And Ratings Into Emails....................................................10 Success Story: SmartPak...................................................11 Video: “Integrating Ratings and Recommendations into Your Content” ......................11 1 2 3 5 4 Use Sophisticated Real-Time Multivariate Testing to Drive Engagement and Success .........................12 Success Story: Peter Glenn Sports...............................13 Find New Ways To Improve Sales and Marketing Alignment .......................14 Video: “Enhancing Marketing-Sales Alignment and Lead Nurturing via a CRM Integration” ...........15 Use Predictive Analytics To Boost Campaign Performance ..........................16 Video: “Using Predictive Analytics & Data Management Tools” ............................................17 Conclusion....................................................18 Footnotes.........................................................................................18 Additional Resources...............................18 Silverpop Partners....................................19 6 7 Contents
  3. 3. PAGE 3 7 Digital Marketing Strategies Made Better Through an Integrated Marketing Platform “Nooneknowseverything.Buttogether, we knowawholelot,”saidbusiness authorSimonSinek.And giventoday’s sophisticated,social-savvybuyers,today’s marketers needtoknowawholelotabout theircustomersandprospectstodeliverthe contenttheywant,whentheywant. In manycases,reachingthislevelof sophisticationrequiresmorethangoing italone.Andthatmeansintegratingyour variousmarketingsolutions. Dependingonyourbusinessneeds,extending yourdigitalmarketingtoolboxbyintegrating withrelatedmarketingtechnologiescanhelp solvethetwocriticalchallengesfacingevery companytoday:theneedtocollectdata,and theabilitytoactonit. Every day, customers and prospects are interacting with businesses in different ways. Some are reading your email on their tablets and clicking through to surf your website. Others are perusing your Facebook,Twitter and LinkedIn pages on their desktop computers. Still others are standing in your store or at your booth with smartphones in hand, checking in, scanning a QR code or sending your company a text message. And so on. Amidst this deluge of data, integrating marketing systems can help you gain seamless access to information ranging fromWeb behaviors to buying patterns to product recommendations and ratings — and much more. Ofcourse,whileit’sfantastictohaveallthis data,itwon’tdoyoumuchgoodifyoucan’tdo anythingwithit–orifincorporatingitintoyour campaignsisanarduous,time-consumingtask. Integrationsenableyoutotakethatdataand dosomethingwithit,whetherit’spersonalizing anemail,customizingaWebpageoralerting saleswhenaleadstatuschanges. Hereareseven digital marketing strategies madebetter throughan integratedmarketing platform,includinghowtheycanenhanceyour marketing programs, tips for implementing them,andsuccess stories from the field. TWEET THIS! ReadingSilverpop’s“7DigitalMarketing StrategiesMadeBetterThroughan IntegratedMarketingPlatform”
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Make Your Website as Dynamic and Personalized as Your Emails Savvymarketersarealwayslookingforways tomaketheiremailsmorerelevanttoeach recipient,sendingcontactsdowndifferent messagingtracksorservingupdynamic contentbasedonthatperson’sprevious behaviors,interestsordemographics. In an ideal world, that level of customization would extend to as many touch points as possible. But creating and managing content across multiple channels and devices often involves inefficient silos of data and technology. Consider the average company website. Typically, every person who visits sees the same articles, offers and images, regardless of who they are or how they’ve interacted with that company in other channels.The result can be a less relevant, less satisfying customer experience. HowAn Integrated PlatformCan Help Integrating your digital marketing platform with certain content management systems enables you to deliver more personalizedWeb content at a specific point in time — but also allows that content to evolve based on visitor interactions and activity across any channel and marketing program. The result is content that is alive, adaptive and always representative of the visitor’s current interests. To create such a website, you’d build dynamic content blocks within your site, then set up business rules that determine which content different types of visitors will see.When someone visits your site, the content management system pulls in data from your unified marketing 11 database, then displays images, offers, text, etc. based on the visitor’s previous behaviors and interests. Best of all, every touch point builds on the last, with your digital marketing platform andCMS feeding information back and forth to make your data smarter.The result is a seamless customer experience that mirrors the type of individual interactions people expect offline — but rarely experience online. QuickTips • Employ progressive profiling to gather actionable data.Bothon your websiteandlanding pages, tryusing a progressiveWebforms builder to pose new questions eachtime a contact visits, steadilygaining deeper insight
  5. 5. PAGE 5 intotheirinterests.Justsetupafew basicrules,andyoucanaskcontacts foroneortwoadditionalpiecesof informationateveryinteraction, gatheringinformationwithoutscaring themoffwithlongforms. • Make it easy for customers and prospects to provide data across platforms. Intoday’smultichannel world,youcan’tcountoncontacts enteringinformationviayourwebsite, somakesureyouhaveanautomated processinplaceforcollectingdata acrosschannels.Let’ssayafemale customervisitsyourchocolateshop.Via anSMSpromotiondisplay,ascannable QRcodeoraniPad,youcouldcollect thecustomer’semailaddressand favoritetypeofchocolate,then automaticallyfeedthisinformationinto your master database.Thenexttime thatcustomer opensyour emailand clicksthroughtoyour site,youcould customizeher experiencebyincludinga backgroundimageandrecipereflecting her favoritechocolatetype. • Experiment with customizing different pieces of content.So, whereshouldyoubuildinyour dynamic content rules?Tryproviding personalizedtext, graphics, offers, videos andmore, andsee what most stronglyengages your contacts. Remember to sprinklein content that’sfun andeducational as well as promotional. Personalizing the Web Experience for Every Customer Through a CMS Integration View the video >>>
  6. 6. PAGE 6 Send Personalized, Timely Cart Recovery Messages Peopleabandontheircartsformanyreasons –toomanydistractions,displeasurewith shippingcosts,dauntedbyalongform, uncertainaboutthenextstep,usingthecart asawishlist…yougetthepicture. Many companies give up at this point. But in some cases, a follow-up message or series of messages delivered with the right tone, content and offers can recover these lost opportunities and translate them into gains for your company. One study, for example, showed that three out of four cart abandoners will respond to cart recovery emails, whether to purchase or just to browse1 . And while cart abandonment messages typically make up a small percentage of company These include incorporating product reviews and ratings (see p. 10), as well as segmenting based on the order size. For example, you might only offer free shipping to those whose abandoned carts total more than $75. QuickTips • Send multiple emails. Although one cart recovery message is certainly better than none, our experience with clients indicates that a multistage series is the best way to boost results. For example, you might implement a three-part campaign in which the first reminder is sent with a few hours of abandonment (in general, the sooner the better), the second approximately 24 hours after abandonment, and the third about a week later. 2 communications, they often garner a disproportionately large amount of gains. How An Integrated Platform Can Help TheWeb analytics, e-commerce platform or specialized cart/targeting solution of your choice captures the action of a customer abandoning a cart on your site, and the integration with your digital marketing platform enables you to send a triggered message at the designated times of your choosing, reminding customers that they have an item(s) in their cart. While best practice is to include the item name, description and image (pulled in from whatever third-party system you’re using), there are a few other techniques you might employ depending on the variety of integrations you’re using.
  7. 7. PAGE 7 • Convey a strong-service oriented tone. This might include asking if the customer had any problems or if you can answer any questions, offering alternate channels for completing the purchase, and reminding the recipient of your unique value proposition (e.g. free returns). • Put rules into place to stop a campaign when a customer comes back and buys. In an age in which humanization is critical to boosting engagement and loyalty, it can come across as impersonal and annoying if a customer receives a promotion for an item he or she just purchased. SuccessStory: DEMCO To better reach the 30 percent of customers who were abandoning their shopping carts, education supplier DEMCO initiated a cart recovery program.To enable this campaign, DEMCO integrated Adobe and Silverpop through Adobe Analytics, a marketing platform that integrates complementary third-party applications with Adobe products, giving customers a single view into their marketing data. DEMCO utilizes Adobe Analytics online data to identify customers that have abandoned their shopping cart on DEMCO’s website. DEMCO then uses Silverpop Engage to send a series of three cart abandonment emails at one-, three- and five-day intervals encouraging abandoners to return to their cart to finalize their purchase.There are no incentives offered in the first two emails, but in the final message, DEMCO offers abandoners a tote bag when they finalize their purchase. “Integrating our Adobe data with Silverpop Engage allowed us to target those customers that had left an item in a cart and encourage them to return,” says Lisa Moling, eMarketing Planner, DEMCO. “Our results show that our series of cart abandonment emails delivers 97 times the revenue (per thousand) than our promotional emails.” TWEET THIS! ReadingSilverpop’s“7DigitalMarketing StrategiesMadeBetterThroughan IntegratedMarketingPlatform”
  8. 8. PAGE 8 Employ Both Marketing and Sales Data to Enhance Lead Management Nurture programs enable you to educate prospects who aren’t yet ready to engage a sales resource and gently guide these buyers through the purchase process by delivering relevant content such as white papers, articles and event invitations. To effectively nurture prospects through the sales funnel, it’s essential to have a strong understanding of who they are and where they are in the buying cycle.Yet many businesses’ nurturing efforts are hampered by siloed data that prevents the level of customization needed to engage prospects most strongly. As a result, leads stall or drop out of the funnel. Ask sales for help in identifying which prospect behaviors are indicative of strong interest or purchase intent, and remember that your scoring model should not only take into account the actions a prospect took, but also the frequency and recency of these actions. • Nurture based on position in the buying cycle. Match the content to the prospect lifecycle. “Interested” prospects might get welcome messages along with educational and best practices content. “Engaged” leads could receive messaging such as reminders of upcoming events, targeted content based on website visits or product comparisons. 3 How An Integrated Platform Can Help If your teams are communicating with prospects based on solely marketing or sales data, they’re only seeing half the picture, and their interactions will likely be half as effective. Synchronizing your digital marketing platform with your CRM enables a bidirectional, real-time flow of data between the two and helps eliminate duplication of records. Youcanthenleveragethiscontactdata for segmentation,targetingandreportingin your campaigns,aswellasusingittoscore leadsmoreaccurately. QuickTips • Work with sales to develop a behavior-driven scoring model.
  9. 9. PAGE 9 “Lapsed” prospects might be sent surveys, incentives to revisit the website, or an invitation to engage you via another channel. • Get serious about tracking revenue from lead acquisition to account close. Build customized reports and dashboards that combine email,Web and social activity with your Salesforce data, enabling you to track exactly what sources (e.g., Google ads,Twitter, trade show) and offers (e.g., white paper,Webinar, demo) resulted in or influenced a sale.Then, use this information to inform future campaigns. SuccessStory: InsideOut InsideOut knew it wasn’t sending the most targeted messages to its audience of executive leaders, HR managers, corporate directors and previous clients because it didn’t have the capability to segment its data and easily target its message accordingly. In addition, the data that came from each email was difficult to translate to the inside sales team, making the leads generated from each email less valuable. AftermovingtoSalesforce.comasitsCRM provider,InsideOutchoseSilverpopasits digitalmarketingplatform.Duringthe onboardingprocess,InsideOutcompleted itsSalesforce.comdataintegration andstartedusingSilverpopEngagefor marketingcampaignsfocusedonpromoting itseducationalworkshops.Inaddition,by implementingaleadscoringmodelthat integrateswithSalesforce.com,InsideOut’s insidesalesteamnowhasasimplewaytosee whichleadshaveahigherscore. The integration and related efforts were a massive success, with InsideOut boosting prospect engagement, delivering more high-quality leads to sales, and notching a 6X increase in click-to-open rate. “Through our Engage integration withSalesforce.com, we’re getting to know our customers better and are spending more time with the right people,” saysJacques Bazinet, InsideOut’sVP of corporate development and marketing. “We’ve seen a huge boost in new client partnerships and revenue.”
  10. 10. 4 PAGE 10 Incorporate Product Recommendations and Ratings Into Emails Intoday’sbuyer-empoweredworld,people aredemandinglessgeneric,corporate- drivenmessaging,andmorepersonal, humanizedcontent.Providingproduct, serviceandresourcerecommendations alignedwiththeinterestsyourcontacts haveshared,bothexplicitly(viaformsand preferencecenters)andimplicitly(viatheir behaviors)isasmartwaytoboostrelevance. Inaddition,customersareincreasinglyusing peerreviewsandratingswhenevaluating possiblepurchases.Byincorporatingproduct ratingsinyourcontent,youprovidebuyers withaperspectiveonyourproductorservice thatgoesbeyondcorporatemessaging, givingyourmessagingamore“social”feel andboostingcredibilityintheprocess. HowAn Integrated PlatformCan Help Integrationbetweenyourdigitalmarketing platformandarecommendation,rating For example, this section might feature earrings that match a necklace recently bought, an extended warranty for an item purchased, or a white paper related to theWebinar a prospect just attended. Depending on your integrations, you couldalso include product ratings and/or reviews for anyofthesuggested items you highlighted, building trust withyour audience andpositioning your companyas a helpful resource. QuickTips: • Test the number of recommended products. Shouldyou include one recommendedproduct, three, or some other number?Test to determine what drives themost revenue without overcluttering your messageand overwhelming your recipients. andreviews,orpersonalizationplatform enablesyoutoincludecustomized recommendationsandproductratingsin pre-purchase,promotionalandtransactional emails.Becausetherecommendationsare basedonrecipientactionsandinterests, relevanceisinstantlyincreased,which typicallyleadstoaboostinrevenue. For example,youcouldcreateapost- purchaseupsell/cross-sellemailwitha sectionalertingtherecipientthat“people thatboughtItemAthatyourecently bought,frequentlyalsoboughtitem B.” Your productreview softwareaggregates andanalyzescustomer behaviorstoidentify whatcontentcustomerswhoboughtItemA findinterestingandengaging. Then, via the integration with your digital marketing platform, that content can be served up in your post-purchase email.
  11. 11. PAGE 11 • Ask for product reviews. Set up an automated trigger that sends a message requesting a product review one or two weeks after a purchase (test timing and use of incentives).You’ll accumulate more user-generated content and gain an extra touch point. Once the review goes live, send a “your rating/review has been posted” email along with a related discount (if applicable) and a call to action for the recipient to share with his or her social network. • Reward top content contributors. Give those who review and share your content special status, such as providing them sneak peeks at new products or offering them special discounts.You’ll build loyalty and likely increase message reach even more. SuccessStory:SmartPak SmartPak,anonlineprovider of horse suppliesandequinesupplements,was lookingtomakeitscartabandonment emailsevenmoreeffectiveandrelevant. Throughanintegrationwithpersonalization softwareproviderCertona,itbegin pullinginfour productrecommendations anddisplayingthem atthebottom of itscartrecoveryemails.Theproduct recommendationsincludeaphoto,product name,priceandcustomer rating. Theresultshavebeenfantastic,withtheseemails garneringa10.2percentclick-throughrateand 50percentconversionratewhiletallying$4.80 inrevenueperemail.“Silverpophasenabled SmartPaktomakeourvisionofmarketing automationareality,”saysCareyMarstonKegel, emailmarketingmanager,SmartPakEquine. “Asaresult,SmartPakissendingmillionsof behaviorallytriggeredemailspermonth,and emailisgeneratingaverysignificantportionofall onlinemarketingrevenue.” Integrating Ratings and Recommendations into Your Content View the video >>>
  12. 12. 5 PAGE 12 Use Sophisticated Real-Time Multivariate Testing to Drive Engagement and Success Whatcreativeelementswillresonatemost stronglywithyourcustomersandprospects? Sometimes,theanswerscansurpriseeven thesavviestofmarketers.Studyingprevious reportscanhelpinsomecases,butlesssoin others.Inmanyinstances,testingistheonly waytoknowforsure. Despitethebenefitsoftesting,some marketersskipthisstepbecauseof time constraints.Othersfeellimitedbywhat theycantestorhowquicklytheycanacton thefindings. HowAn Integrated PlatformCan Help Typically once an email is sent, its content can no longer be altered. Integrating with a testing and optimization partner can shift that paradigm.With certain integrations, you Thewinning content is then automatically servedto the remainder ofthe database, ensuring the best content gets to thelargest portion ofthelist. QuickTips: • Go beyond subject lines. While testing subject lines is an excellent way to improve results, don’t stop there. Other elements you may want to test include offers, buttons, images, copy blocks and design elements. Possible comparisons include aggressive CTA versus subtle, action image versus lifestyle, use of symbols versus copy only,Web fonts versus design fonts, and much more. • Colors matter. Does it matter if a graphical element is red or green?You can test different visual elements in an email against each other, then have your system choose the winning option in real time and send the rest of your recipients that content. Here’s how it works: Once an integration is set up, users create special sections within their mailings that dynamically render different content to each recipients. For example, you might choose two images of a product – one static, and one action.When the mailing is sent, the first few percent who open the mailing are served the different image options. Performance of these content variables is monitored in real time, and when one content element is clearly outperforming the rest, a “winner” is selected.
  13. 13. PAGE 13 might be surprised — Silverpop clients have found that sometimes simply swapping colors on a CTA button can boost clicks 20 percent to 30 percent. • Test multiple combinations at once. Different combinations of content elements may yield different winners. Using partners that enable multivariate testing, you can exponentially increase the number of elements you test, boosting the chance of finding the perfect revenue-generating combination.The numbers add up quick: testing four images with three options each would yield 81 unique combinations. SuccessStory: PeterGlennSports onlyneeded2,767 readers to determine the winningimagewitha 100 percent statistical validity.All theremaining recipients saw the best-converting header image. Theresultswereimpactful,withthe lifestyle-focusedemailscoringawhopping 63percent increaseinclickrate.“Weall thoughtthatthefirstimage,showingthe productsthatareforsale,wouldworkbest, butitwasthelifestyleimagethatresulted inasignificantliftinclickrate,”saidDavid Mahoney,directorofmarketing,PeterGlenn Ski&Sports.“We’reveryimpressedwiththe 8Secondstechnology.Setuptakesnolonger than fiveminutes,andourpromotional emailsareimprovedonthefly!” Peter Glenn Ski & Sports, an outdoor gear retailer, had a successful email program in place, but wanted to see if it could optimize its messages even more. Using Silverpop partner 8Seconds, it decided to do a comparison of two different header graphical images for one of its promotional emails on water sports.The first email was product-focused (above left), showing all the items on sale that week.The second email was lifestyle- focused and pictured people performing fast-paced watersports. Using8Seconds,bothof theheader images wereexposedtothetestcontrolgroupto measurewhichworkedbest.8Seconds
  14. 14. 6 PAGE 14 Find New Ways To Improve Sales And Marketing Alignment Marketingandsalesalignmentiscriticalto companygrowth,butit’snotuncommon forrelationsbetweentheteamstobe strained.Whetherit’sanabsenceof communication,alackofprocess,or just achallengingmarketplace,tensionscan build,withfinger-pointingaboutoneside notproducingenoughleadsandtheother sidenotclosingenoughdeals. Butwhilemarketingandsalesmaylookat theworldthroughdifferentlenses,there’s noreasonthetwocan’tworkharmoniously andleverageoneanother’sstrengths, especiallygiventheemergenceof new technologiesthatmakeiteasier thanever tobreakdownthesilos.Withtheright strategyandafewsimpleadjustments, marketingandsalescanmovecloser together–andcompaniescanreap significantprofitsasaresult. salespeople are typically familiar and comfortable with. And for those times when a salesperson calls a prospect and discovers, for example, that he’s a few months from making a purchase decision, the integration enables the salesperson to easily drop the prospect into an automated campaign powered by your digital marketing platform. Instead of stalling or dropping out of the funnel, the prospect is nurtured along until he’s ready to buy. QuickTips • Streamline sales alerts.Time can be precious when it comes to making a sale, so create sales alerts that will let reps know immediately when a lead goes from warm to hot, so they can HowAn Integrated PlatformCan Help For a salesperson, it can be frustrating to go into a call with a prospect with little to no understanding of previous marketing communications with that prospect, such as what messages were sent, how frequently they were sent, and which search terms brought that prospect to the company website. Instead of quickly zeroing in on the prospect’s interests and concerns, the salesperson is forced to grope around to try and figure out the person’s pain points. Integration between a digital marketing platform and your CRM can provide improved visibility into a prospect’s previous interactions with the company’s marketing campaigns from within various leading CRM solutions, such as Salesforce or Microsoft – an environment that
  15. 15. PAGE 15 act on it right away. Use multiple forms of communication to convey the opportunity, such as sending a sales alert to the rep’s email inbox, a sales notification to the CRM system, and/or a direct push to the individual sales rep’s lead queue. • Give sales full visibility into behavioral activities. Behavioral data allows that first phone call to a client or prospect to be much “warmer.” It’s a nice conversation starter to say, “I see you’ve downloaded our budgeting and planning workbook. Can I help you put together some planning figures for your budget for next year?”To make this happen easily, the marketing team should make sure that behavioral data is being captured across channels and integrated into the CRM system that salespeople are using to make their initial contact. • Provide marketing templates for sales to use. Drop marketing- approved email templates into the Salesforce user interface so salespeople can grab them at a moment’s notice if needed, send to a prospect and then track the Enhancing Marketing-Sales Alignment and Lead Nurturing via a CRM Integration View the video >>> results.The easy accessibility will build goodwill, help assure unified messaging across departments, and take advantage of your digital marketing platform’s superior deliverability.
  16. 16. 7 PAGE 16 Use Predictive Analytics To Boost Campaign Performance Big data is all the rage right now, with lots of differing viewpoint on exactly what the term means. But no matter how you define it, there’s no debating that marketers have access to more customer and prospect information than ever, with new communication channels emerging each year and technologies bridging the gap between offline and online behaviors across devices. Capturing this data across channels and devices is critical. But once you have this data, the massive volume can become paralyzing rather than empowering. How can you take this tsunami of information and turn it into something actionable that you can use to deliver the right message at the right time to each individual in your database? Let’s say you’re noticing an uptick in the number of opt-outs.Through a predictive analytics integration, you could gain insights on aggregate patterns within your database. Does a lack of email clicks within 60 days signal trouble, or is it only after 120 days of inactivity that a contact is significantly more likely to opt out? Or, if a customer stops opening your emails but continues to interact with you via SMS, at what point should you contact that person to inquire about changing communication preferences? Depending on the answers, you might decide to set up an inactivation scoring model that wouldreduce a contact’s score significantlyifhe or she went four months without opening an email, perhaps dropping that contact into a reactivation program designedto re-engage them.Or, HowAn Integrated PlatformCan Help Integrating with a technology company that specializes in business intelligence or predictive analytics can help ensure that your deep data-driven knowledge of your customers and prospects translates to lifecycle-centered campaigns that increase engagement levels and drive revenue. These business intelligence platforms predict a set of outcomes based on measured variables, assumptions and inputs, working in the background to understand how different microsegments have responded to different marketing actions – and how they will react in the future. Marketers can then use these learnings to determine how much to spend, who to target, how to differentiate offers, and how to contact customers over time.
  17. 17. PAGE 17 youmightsetup“if/then”rulesetsthat wouldsendacontactdowna“changeyour communicationpreferences”messaging trackifshestoppedinteractingwithyouin one channelbutcontinuedonanother. QuickTips • Create a centralized database. Seek a360-degreeviewofyourcustomers andprospects.Mergethoselists, implementprogressiveprofiling,turn onWebtrackingandbuildintegrations –anythingyoucandotocapture behaviorsandinterestscross-channel andcross-device.Themoredatayou have,themoretrendsyoucandiscover. • Think lifecycle. Aggregate data may reveal new insights about your customers’ and prospects’ needs. Think about the typical journey your contacts take during their relationship with you, and what content you could provide that would deepen their engagement at different stages during their journey. It’s likely they’ll be looking for different types of content from you at different times.After all, the hot chocolate you crave on a freezing cold day probably wouldn’t be nearly as appealing on a balmy summer afternoon six months later. Using Predictive Analytics & Data Management Tools View the video >>> • Look at the marketing-sales relationship in new ways. How might theorder, combination andfrequencyof marketing touches impact sales? How does theeffect oftheseinteractions decay over time?Anddoes interaction withcertain pieces ofcontent designate astronger level ofengagement than others?Questions likethesecan help youoptimizeyour marketing initiatives.
  18. 18. PAGE 18 Conclusion “What are the spaces that diversify, expand your possibility space, give you more tools and more spare parts?” asksSteven B.Johnson, best-selling author of Where IdeasCome From, in many of his keynotes.The answer, he discovered, frequently involves collaboration across disciplines and platforms. Thesametenetsapplytothemarketingworld. Ifyouwanttoserveupthehighlyrelevant, personalcontenttoday’scustomersandprospects expect,you’vegottouseeverytoolinthe marketingtoolbox–and,sometimes,addafew compartmentstopullfrom.Tappingthepower ofintegrationsisoneofthebestwaystoexpand yourpossibilities,increasethemarketingstrategies atyourdisposalanddeliverahigherreturnon relationshipforeachpersoninyourdatabase. Whether you’re looking to capture critical behaviors, gain new insights into the minds of your customers and prospects, or discover innovative ways to deliver exactly the content your buyers are looking for at the exact moment they want it, an integrated marketing platform can help you raise your game. Footnotes 1-SeeWhy,“TheScienceofShoppingCart Abandonment,”2011 Additional Resources White Paper and ebooks 1)AbandonmentIssues:TurningLostTurning LostCarts,IncompleteFormsandInterrupted BrowseSessionsintoRevenue! 2)“LettheBuyer BeYourGuide:Leveraging Buyer Behavior inaMultichannelWorld” 3)“AlmostEverythingYouWantedtoKnowAbout EmailMarketing” 4)“Know theScore:TheUltimateGuideto ScoringProspectsandLeads” 5)“MarketingAutomationebook:BestPractices for MarketingExcellenceandOperational Efficiency” Webinars /Slideshares 1)“WhereBigDataandRetailMarketingMeet– MakingDataActionableinYourOrganization” 2)“Automation:RedefiningMarketing’sGame Plan” 3)“Shazam’s Killer ‘RevenueApp’:Combining User Behavior andEmail Marketing” 4)“Don’tLetaGoodShoppingCartGetAway: Tips for Remarketing withEmail” 5)“BrowseAbandonment Remarketing” Blogs 1)“Behavioral Marketing:What It Is andWhyIt’s So Exciting” 2)“Post-PurchaseEmailsThat Drive Higher Revenue, Engagement” 3)“GuestQ&A:AgiloneonOptimization,Smart Data andMultichannel Marketing” 4)“Social Measurement from Demandto Revenue” 5)“3Ways Behavioral Marketing ImprovesSales andMarketingAlignment” Videos & Demos 1)“Behavioral Marketing Defined” 2)“Moving fromOne-OffEmailCampaigns to Behavior-DrivenSeries orTracks” 3)“What to Expect in 2013: Big Data” 4)“Re-EngageInactiveSubscribers” 5)“Silverpop andSalesforceDemo”
  19. 19. PAGE 19 Silverpop Partners FollowingisapartiallistofSilverpoppartners.Forafulllistof partners,includingdatamanagement,Webconferencing, event management and more,visittheSilverpopPartnerspage. Content Management AdobeExperienceManager EPiServer E-Commerce /WebAnalytics AdobeAnalytics Barilliance Coremetrics Invodo Magento Revtrax SeeWhy Webtrends Windsor Circle Silverpop’s digital marketing automation platform was designed to make it simple to build hyper-personalized campaigns, creating individualized experiences for every relationship.Watch our demo to see our product in action, and contact Silverpop to see how we can help you accomplish your marketing goals for 2013. CRM MicrosoftDynamics NetSuite Salesforce.com Recommendations, Ratings & Reviews Baynote Bazaarvoice Certona Testing &Optimization 8Seconds AdobeTarget Business Intelligence / PredictiveAnalytics Agilone AnalyticsIQ