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What Employees Want From Managers


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Isn’t it easier to be a good manager, when you know exactly what your employees expect from you? Find out what employees want from managers and be a better leader.

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What Employees Want From Managers

  2. 1 in 2 employees has left a job to get away from a manager
  3. Only 35% of managers prefer a pay raise to a better manager 35% 65%
  4. EMPLOYEES WANT: Only 37% of employees feel like they can approach their man- ager with any type of question, but they are 54% more likely to be engaged. Only 27% of employees feel like they can talk to their managers about non work-related issues, but they are 43% more likely to be engaged. 1. Real Talk & Genuine Relationships 37% 54% ask question engage 27% 43% engagetalk
  5. EMPLOYEES WANT: 2. Help Setting Work Priorities and Goals Only 12% of employees say their manager helps them to set work goals, but those are 56% more engaged. 13% of employees say their manager helps them set performance goals, but they are 61% more likely to be engaged. 13% 61% engageset goals 12% 56% engageset goals
  6. {Great managers frequently talk with employees about their responsibilities and progress. They don’t save those critical conversations for once-a-year performance reviews. 43% of highly engaged employees get feedback at least once a week
  7. EMPLOYEES WANT: 3. Managers to Focus on Employees’ Strengths Focusing on employee’s strength can lead to 8% more revenue per employee
  8. LOW MODERATE HIGH ENGAGEMENT NB! Employees who work for engaged managers are 59% more likely to be engaged themselves 59%
  9. Give employees control and feedback with better communication tools. Try Weekdone company/weekdone @weekdone increase engagement and communication Quickly know team status