10 ways to build stronger, more successful teams. Be a better manager.


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How to be a better manager, a top leader for your team? See the practical steps in the new Weekdone (http://weekdone.com/) infographic below.

Leadership and management are a mix of art and science. Gut feeling and emotions are definitely important. Having good tools, organized processes and methodologies can still be an immense help to any leader.

So how do you build stronger, more successful teams? Below are 10 simple ways. We analyzed what are some of the top processes and practical tips from world's greatest leaders. Statistics prove the point.

These are all practical suggestions. You can implement them in your team already today. Try them out, if you haven't. Start by saying something nice to one of your team members right now.

For some of these actions, using Weekdone team management tool can save you a lot of hours. It will automate the best practices in just one click. Give it a go for free at: http://weekdone.com/

See the related infographic: https://blog.weekdone.com/10-ways-build-stronger-successful-teams-infographic/

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10 ways to build stronger, more successful teams. Be a better manager.

  1. 10 ways to build stronger, more successful teams World's best leadership practices to: - Happy & engaged teams - Increased productivity - Stronger company culture https://weekdone.com
  2. The one thing employees say they want at work: more feedback, praise and recognition from their manager. Find time for your people to tell some positive words - it's crucial. Use modern online and mobile tools to give quick praise to your team weekly. JUST ONE PIECE OF PRAISE GIVEN TO A TEAM DAILY CAN INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY BY 30% 79% 81% 76% 58%of those who quit their jobs cite lack of appreciation as the main reason of employees seldom or never receive public praise seldom or never receive written thanks from their managers rarely or never receive praise from their manager #1. Give more praise and recognition
  3. Results are only as strong as the objectives you set. Use proven methodology like OKR - Objectives and Key Results. Google, LinkedIn and many others swear by it. “MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVE WORKS - IF YOU KNOW THE OBJECTIVES. NINETY PERCENT OF THE TIME YOU DON'T.” - PETER DRUCKER 90% of time employees don’t know their clear objectives at work #2. Set clear objectives and goals 90%
  4. 12% No plan Plan $ of startups with no written plan failed companies more profitable with strategic plans 67% No plan Plan Knowing progress is good, but it can be too late. It's not actionable. Rather know people's plans. Seek input from employees on their next steps regularly. PPP - Plans, Progress, Problems - is a good weekly team update format used in eBay and Skype. #3. Study the future - not just the past "MEASURE NINE TIMES, CUT ONCE." - ESTONIAN PROVERB
  5. ∠ #4. Seek input and ideas 64% leaders make decisions without seeking input 47% employers regularly seek input from employees 37% employers make changes based on the feedback Your people have amazing ideas and insights. Ask input actively and regularly.
  6. Get real-time status updates Set and monitor goals Share accomplishments and more weekdone.com Use Weekdone to build a stronger, more successful teams
  7. employees receive feedback at least once per week 61% Highly engaged Not engaged 43% + 18% possibility of improvement 70% Not engaged Disengaged Engaged Employees want feedback weekly - not bi-annually. You can drive only what you measure. ONLY 22% OF U.S. EMPLOYEES CLAIMED TO BE ENGAGED AND THRIVING #5. Give continuous feedback #6. Measure satisfaction 52% + 18%
  8. Status update meetings can be replaced by online real-time tools. People spend on average 5.6 hours each week in meetings. say they have dozed during meetings. of meetings are considered to be failures by executives. 39% Z ZZZ Z Z 67% #7. Save time from meetings
  9. Just as important as knowing about tasks, plans and progress is knowing how employees think and feel. What do they say at the watercooler? Often you'll be surprised at what you'll learn. What's one thing we should improve in our team next week? Whom of your team mates would you praise for last week and why? If there’s one thing you would change at work, what would it be? Did something at work make you happy or sad this week? #8. Ask about emotions and attitudes Sample questions to ask:
  10. Don’t be the boss who’s remembered as grumpy cat. Always give much more positive feedback than negative. Negativity bias = humans have a much greater recall of unpleasant memories compared with positive ones. Learn to share weekly what you are thinking and doing. Expect the same from everyone in your team. #9. Don't be too negative #10. Communicate openly 1 = 10 $29% rise in company market value can be achieved by improvement of internal communication effectiveness
  11. Get real-time status updates Set and monitor goals Share accomplishments and more weekdone.com Use Weekdone to build a stronger, more successful teams
  12. RELATED CONTENT 9 UNIQUE TRAITS OF HIGH-PERFORMANCE TEAMS 10 WAYS TO IMPROVE INTERNAL COMMUNICATION INTRODUCTION TO OKR - OBJECTIVES AND KEY RESULTS Objectives: • ambitious • qualitative • time bound • actionable by the team Key Results: • measurable and quantifiable • make the objective achievable • lead to objective grading • difficult, but not impossible The best practice of setting and communicating company, team and employee objectives and measuring their progress based on achieved results. Objectives and Key Results Company Team Personal to Motivate People at Le ader'sGui de Work ways to improve internal communication Practical tips to: Increase employee engagement Improve company competitiveness Build stronger teams weekdone.com