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10 Commandments of Managing Remote Teams


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Remote employment has become one of the fastest growing trends of the business world that doesn’t seem to hit the brakes any time soon. The number of remote workers is expected to reach 63 million, or 43 percent of U.S. workforce, by 2016. We at Weekdone are helping many remote teams across the world to successfully manage their remote teams. We would like to share the insights and best practices managing remote teams, so the transition would go smoother for everybody. Here are the 10 tips how to successfully manage a remote team.

Published in: Leadership & Management
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10 Commandments of Managing Remote Teams

  2. 2. Remote employment is one of the fastest growing trends of the businessworld. 34M americanswork frome home 2015 63M americanswork frome home expected for 2016 43% USworkforce willwork from home in 2018
  3. 3. How to successfully manage remote teams? Managing a remote team makes employee engagement even harder. Despite being in a long-distance relationship, following these 10 commandmentswill make sureyou andyour team to stay engaged. managers account for 70% variance in employee engagement
  4. 4. THOU SHALT CHOOSE THE RIGHT PEOPLE Have good communication skills Willingness to write and distribute status reports Self-motivated Capable of working under minimal supervision I CHECK OUT THE BEST REMOTE COLLABORATION TOOL
  5. 5. Employeeswhowork for engaged managers are 50% more likely to be engaged* THOU SHALT BE LEADING BY EXAMPLE * engaged not engaged actively disengaged 79 62 50 75th percentile & above 50th to 74th percentile less than 50th percentile 18 32 45 3 6 7 59% more likely II
  6. 6. THOU SHALT EMBRACE TECHNOLOGY Google Docs - everyday interactive file sharing. Make sureyou categorize. Dropbox -suitable for teams to share bigger files Skype -chat and calls Weekdone -saves time and tells thewhole story within a glance on team‘s objective, plans, progress and problems Communicating can be difficultwhenyou lack the benefit of having face-to-face interactions. III CHECK OUT THE BEST REMOTE COLLABORATION TOOL
  7. 7. •Develop timelines and milestoneswithyour team. •Set plans and review themweekly -that makes sureyou are on top of things THOU SHALT SCHEDULE A PLAN Plansgoals, objectives what I’ll do this week problemschallenges, questions delayed or stuck issues Progressresults, accomplishments what got done last week Remote team manager is, in essence, a juggler. In order to maintain consistencyyou need a concrete plan. IV
  8. 8. Objectives. You start by defining 3-5 key objectives on company, team or personal levels. Results. Under each objective, define 3-4 measurable results, not more. OKR results can be based on growth, performance, revenue or engagement. THOU SHALT SET GOALS AND OBJECTIVES Use Objectives and Key Results to keep remote team members in the same direction. V CHECK OUT THE BEST REMOTE COLLABORATION TOOL
  9. 9. THOU SHALT PROMOTE PRODUCTIVITY review employee weekly plans and progress assess team's overall happiness and productivity Remote team managers should always be aware of the current status of each team member. Use aweekly reporting tool to do so: VI
  10. 10. “I DON’T HAVE TIME TO GIVE YOU A FEEDBACK REVIEW. YOU’RE DOING FINE. WHEN YOU’RE NOT, I’LL TELL YOU” THOU SHALT PROVIDE FEEDBACK Team performance hinges on feedback, andyou can greatly boost it with a strategically placed comment or call. FIX: Schedule a call to offer feedback or arrange avideo chat to be able to read the reactions of your team member and act accordingly VII CHECK OUT THE BEST REMOTE COLLABORATION TOOL
  11. 11. Discusswithyour team members the reasonwhy the team exists Clarify the company’s mission and everyone’s responsibilities THOU SHALT CREATE A COLLABORATIVE ENVIRONMENT Building team spirit is difficult as it is. Working remotely,you can lose the feeling thatyou are a part of something greater. VIII
  12. 12. Always remember that there is a breathing human being on the other side of virtual conversation. Do not exclude anyone from important information. •Share details aboutwhat is happening in the company, keep others informed and engaged •Schedule regular get-togethers in person THOU SHALT BE OPEN AND APPROACHABLE IX CHECK OUT THE BEST REMOTE COLLABORATION TOOL
  13. 13. Working in remote teams giveyou a certain degree of freedom but it can often feel dispiriting. Times and times againwe underscored the importance of positive reinforcement. •Send gifts on birthdays or just call them personally –or betteryet, togetherwith the rest of your team • Offer small rewardswhenyour team reaches a milestone THOU SHALT BE APPRECIATIVE X
  14. 14. company/weekdone @weekdone WEEKDONE HELPS YOU TO SUCCESSFULLY MANAGE REMOTE TEAMS Quick insights into your team increase engagement and communication Quickly know team status