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Weedynx is one of the best source for medical marijuana dispensary locator as well as weed doctors all over the US. Discover new stains & get latest marijuana news online. For more information visit

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Medical Marijuana & Weed Dispensary Locator

  1. 1. Best Dispensaries And Doctors, Discover New Strains, And Get The Latest Marijuana News
  2. 2. Types Of Marijuana Cannabis     Cannabis Sativa,Cannabis Indica, and Cannabis Ruderalis are the three different Marijuana-cannabis. WeedLynx is one of the best source for finding medical marijuana & find weed dispensaries as well as weed doctors all over the US. Discover new stains & get latest marijuana news online. Weedlynx gives Different types of medical cannabis doctors, weed & information about their price, types and effects. Here we are giving some strains of sativa indica & hybrid Marijuana-cannabis
  3. 3. Sativa  Jack Herer: This is about as sativa as sativa gets. With a flowering time over 16 weeks, few get to experience what this strain is capable of. Loved by smokers, hated by growers.
  4. 4.  Doprah Winfrey: Sativa Representing some of the best genetics that Southern California has to offer, Doprah Winfrey has been coveted among those lucky enough to come across it. A cross between Celebrity Kush and Sour Diesel, this strain is technically a sativa dominant variety, but the high is more akin to some of the strongest Indicas on the market. A clone only varitey for the last 10 years, this strain is beginning to make a name for itself across the California medical marijuana scene.
  5. 5.  Big Kush: Indica This is a growers kush with dense nuggets covered in frosty THC glands. Atypical of most kush varities, Big Kush grows as a short dense plant that shows heavy indica characteristics. A full-bodied high and mellow flavors makes this a good candidate for those looking to cook with their cannabis but don’t want the flavors to alter the dish.
  6. 6.  Grape Crush: Indica A very popular strain, Grape Ape in not only a pleasure to smoke, but users will also love cooking with this great tasting herb. With strong grape flavors that are apparent in both smell and taste, Grape Ape definitely lives up to its name.
  7. 7.  BlueBerry Kush: Hybrid An excellent cross of Blueberry and Master Kush
  8. 8. Hybrid  F-19: This strain was devolped in San Diego area and is said to stand for Poway-1991. This plant grows very short and dense with compact buds and a decent yield. Genetics of this strain may be hard to come across, but there are a few loyal people that refuse to let this strain disappear. The flavors are sweet and earthy and the high is heavy but clear-headed. A great strain for helping with back and neck pain and headaches.
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  10. 10. Contact Us Today! WeedLynx