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The power of conversational hypnosis works to your advantage


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The power of conversational hypnosis works to your advantage

  1. 1. 1/26/13 The power of conversational hypnosis works to your advantage HOME HOME LEARN CONV ERSATIONAL HY PNOSIS CONTACT PRIV ACY The power of conversational hypnosis While hypnosis has a long tr adition, it w as at one point of time discr edited and boycotted off the mainstr eam psychology especially w ith the advent of Fr eudian psychology. T oday, the r eputation of hypnosis is once again ascendant under the impact of the emer gence of the notion of the pow er of conver sational hypnosis in the w or k of Igor Ledochow ski. T oday, this is acclaimed as the best cour se in hypnosis cur r ently available. Although t he power of conv er s at ional hy pnos is has lot to offer in content, it is best to under the notions of hypnosis and suggestion to under stand how the pow er of conver sational hypnosis has the pow er to make a differ ence in the lives of those w ho pr actice it. If you r ead the instr uctions pr ovided in the cour se and pr actice it until its your second natur e, your pow er of influence and per suasion over other s w ill gr eatly impr ove. Much of w hat is pr acticed in hypnosis der ives fr om the w or k of Milton Er ickson, a gifted Amer ican psychiatr ist and an exper t in human behavior and linguistics. Although Er ickson is claimed to have br ought hypnosis back to medicine, the claim is debated because he didnt use deep tr ance or tr aditional hypnosis in his ther apy. Understanding the power of conversational hypnosis T he Pow er of Conver sational hypnosis is best appr eciated w hen w e under stand the impor tance of language in ever yday life. Language is an outcome of our thinking and emotion. Language also under stood as the mir r or of the mind r eflects our inner cor e. T his can be seen at the cultur al level. For example, the Ger man language has mor e w or ds for things than most other languages, and Ger mans also have mor e patents for inventing things than most other cultur es. S imilar ly, the Italian language has mor e w or ds for feelings w hich is r eflected in the r elatively many mor e ar tists and musicians w ith Italian ancestr y. Language is admittedly the most cr itical aspect of communication. Your speech is accompanied by the tone, the pacing, and the speed w hich ar e impor tant in the context of the w or ds spoken. T hey deter mine the cour se of communication and per suasion. T he language patter ns ar e par ts of ever yday inter actions. Almost 50 per cent of spoken sentences w ithin conver sations have w ithin them some kind of implied command. T his is evidenced in sever al r esear ches. Although Milton Er ickson didnt invent indir ect suggestion, he did teach how to use indir ect suggestion pur posefully and pr ecisely to achieve specific outcomes. Her e is an example of w hat is meant by the pow er of conver sational hypnosis. It is an age old w ay of managing behavior . Er ickson r emember ed his childhood days on the family far m in Wisconsin. He r emember ed his father asking, "Milton, do you w ant to feed the chickens fir st or the hogs?" 1/3
  2. 2. 1/26/13 The power of conversational hypnosis works to your advantage T his is an example of illusion of choice. At one level, it appear s that Milton had a choice, but actually he has none, because he w ould be feeding the animals. T r anslated into the hypnotic w or k, it might be r e-inter pr eted into something like: I dont know if it w ill be your left leg or your r ight leg that w ill begin to feel that r elaxation fir st. Make tr ue and loyal fr iends Attr act per fect par tner in your life T he pow er of conver sational hypnosis has a gr eat impact in ever yones life. It has gr eat pow er in boosting your sales and income, per suading and negotiating, impr essing in a j ob inter view , attr acting a per fect par tner , changing peoples behavior , feeling confident and comfor table among people. Shar e S ucceed in a j ob inter view Boost sales and income Practicing the power of conv ers ational hy pnos is Igor Ledochow ski is indisputably r ecognized as the father of the pow er of conver sational hypnosis. T hr ough a ser ies of books or instr uctional manuals, he offer s deeper and pr actical insights into the ar t and skills of conver sational hypnosis. T his is not the kind of skill w hich w ill enable you to put a subj ect into deep tr ance or sleep. How ever , the skills that you w ill lear n gr adually w ill be of immense pr actical help to you. It w ill enable you to let the other per son see things the w ay you see them. In other w or ds, they w ill find your speech deeply convincing. How ever , don t expect the stuff you lear n to w or k like magic over night. You w ill need to develop and pr actice the ar t of per suasive speech befor e you can actually see it w or king. You may have come acr oss sales per sons making sales like clock w or k. T hey may not have taken a cour se in conver sational hypnosis but they tr uly under stand subtle nuances in speech that influence other s. Finally, ther e is absolutely no doubt that the pow er of conver sational hypnosis is a useful tool for ever yone. With pow er impar ted to your speech you ar e efficacious w hether you ar e a teacher , a sales per son, a par ent, or any one per for ming any r ole in society. As an individual you communicate w ith other s w ith a pur pose and a goal. What can be better than the satisfaction 2/3
  3. 3. 1/26/13 The power of conversational hypnosis works to your advantage meeting your goals effor tlessly and author itatively. Regar dless of w hat goals you have to achieve in sales, business, r elationship, per suading and negotiating w ith other s or even w in over other s the pow er of conver sational hypnosis can help ever yone w hen pr acticed w ith pr oper techniques. Learn the techniques to mas ter conv ers ational hy pnos is Refer ences : Milton Er ickson Image cour tesy : Fr ee Digital Photos Copyr ight © 2012 Conver sationalHypnosisPow er .Net. All Rights Reser ved. Pow er ed by Wor dPr 3/3