PRSA - Social Influence and Measurement


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Presentation to the Public Relations Social of America, Yankee Chapter.

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PRSA - Social Influence and Measurement

  1. 1. Measuring Social Sucesss•  Planning an execution that you can measure.•  Ensuring measurement is influencing your execution.•  Reporting on successDigital Relations Business Intelligence  
  2. 2. VOTE FOR WHAT YOU WANT…•  Planning an execution that you can measure.•  Ensuring measurement is influencing your execution.•  Reporting on successTime to raise your hands.
  3. 3. Did that feel good?•  You probably feel warm and fuzzy that I cared to ask.•  Now I know what you want.•  We engaged and I didn’t really have to do anything.•  You did all the work.
  4. 4. Unfortunately…It really won’t matter in this presentation,but in your PR efforts in the real world – it would!
  5. 5. Unfortunately…It really won’t matter in this presentation.but in your PR efforts in the real world – it would!Oh come on,Deal with it.
  6. 6. Unfortunately…It really won’t matter in this presentation.but in your PR efforts in the real world – it would!Oh come on,Deal with it.Some of you think this is funny.
  7. 7. Unfortunately…It really won’t matter in this presentation.but in your PR efforts in the real world – it would!Oh come on,Deal with it.Some of you think this is funny.But not all of you.
  8. 8. Unfortunately…It really won’t matter in this presentation.but in your PR efforts in the real world – it would!Oh come on,Deal with it.Some of you think this is funny.But not all of you.
  9. 9. Planning
  10. 10. Planning Involves the Goals -REACH•  How many people saw it?•  Where did it win placement and•  What’s the ongoing/potential reach?REACTION•  Did we get comments or posts or likes or shares or pickups?•  How many people created traffic or action?RESPONSE•  What did they think?•  How did they feel?  
  11. 11. Goals Get DeeperBETTER SERVICE.•  More vehicles for communication•  Direct access to groups traditionally behind the curtainPRODUCT DEVELOPMENT.•  Current products•  New productsMORE SALES.•  Better conversion•  Thought leadership positioning / reputation management  
  12. 12. LESScan definitely,sometimesbut, not always,may actually,usuallyBE MORE.
  13. 13. Anyone can do it.Less about spray and pray.
  14. 14. Anyone can do it.Target those who listen.
  15. 15. Intelligence Data for Planning & Execution•  Planning will require use of data•  Execution will improve with use of data•  Be creative and technical in how you measure•  Focus on value of reach•  Every goal should have a mechanism for measurementWhat’s available for data and how do you measure value?
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  20. 20. Setting the GoalsTarget results based on scores known upfront- what individuals or groups must we leverage?- use both scoring and simple audience sizeHow can we test demographics and psychographics?What is the intent of our content?- check the box, leave a message- spread the joy- test drive the incentiveEngagements during execution- instant measure of what indicators?  
  21. 21. A Few Opinions•  We’ve been taught to focus on big numbers•  Greater value in targeted outcomes and not mass media•  Set expectations – explain what you’re targeting and why thefirst connection numbers are lower•  Every goal should have a measurement associated•  Illustrate the Halo affect to drive feeding the Ego  
  22. 22. Law of the Social FewThe 50-20-10-1 Rule•  50% of people will passively participate/repeat•  20% will actively and frequently consumer/trade content•  10% chime in opinions/rate and vote on content•  1% develop and innovate contentUse this information in regard to the Halo Effect.  
  23. 23. ExecutionA few ideas.
  24. 24. What works?•  Connect everything - intelligently•  Be your own best promoter•  Leverage the Law of the Social Few – content matters•  Positive and negative, trending, and unrelated content•  The Five E’s as a post test for engagement•  Checkout your competitors•  Wire services are well worth the additional reach•  Replace your online press room with a blog•  Realize you affect more… web traffic, SEO, etc.
  25. 25. PositiveReachPost Test:EgoEmotionEducationEntertainmentE-currency
  26. 26. How to Write a Press Release for ReactionYes, I will insult your inner journalist…•  Only provide part of the story“The company will release 10 additional measures on the web site.”•  Lead with something juicy“A recent report issued reveals several reasons for the company’s rapid growth.”•  Offer them something – incentives work“The company plans on using a test group for final pre-launch review. To obtain themost realistic data, businesses will be offered free subscriptions to participate. Thesecrowd-sourced results will be used in further development.”•  Let them navigate the story.“The Chief Product Development Officer released a video of the new features.[link]”
  27. 27. MeasurementIt’s hard stuff.
  28. 28. OLD School Mediavs.New Media•  Audience shift•  NO control groups95% of marketers will use 5% of statistics available.(so definitely not this useless statistic)
  29. 29. Anyone can do it.Newspapers publish the names of lost subscribers in the obituaries.
  30. 30. Anyone can do it.Our new audience changes daily
  31. 31. Campaign: Frozen PizzaWeek OneMarketing to Organic and Vegan Food LoversResults:52% Female45% Male3% Unsure4,600 Likes on Facebook
  32. 32. Campaign: Frozen PizzaWeek TwoMarketing to Mom’s Groups & Play DatesResults:67% Female33% Male11,200 Likes on Facebook
  33. 33. Advertising, Campaigns, Trends, etc.Influence Your PR Efforts & Data-  Audience changes based on inside & outside factors-  Advertising campaigns-  Trending topics-  Outreach efforts and engagement-  Social media apps, microsites-  Trend effects-  Platform standards and changes
  34. 34. Message / ad content changes audiences.
  35. 35. Ratios 101Reports LIE!Think about a simple advertising campaign.10 people respond to an ad out of 100 targetsYou yielded 10% responseNext campaign yields 5 responses out of 100 targets.You yielded 25% response, but may show as 5%
  36. 36. Get $2 OFF a PIZZA Get $10 OFF a Bikini10 people = 10% 5 people = 25%*Audience is 100 people total (80 men, 20 women)
  37. 37. You must be a Mathematician!
  38. 38. Measurement Tools$ Level 1Quantitative analysis using native app or entry level tool$$ Level 2Multi-platform tools, still focused on quantitative measurementPotentially some ability to measure qualitative / sentiment$$$$ Level 3Multi-platform management separate from measurementFocused on all platforms and cross-media campaignsAbility to create content or devices for measurementDefinitely driving qualitative / sentiment measurementAbility to code reports based on individual APIs    
  39. 39. Determine your KPI Metric•  Different campaigns have different objectives.•  Identify the tools you will use.•  Record your goals / estimates separately.•  Record influencing factors and weight them•  Learning is always an objective.•  Consider the Law of Content for reach measurement•  Review the entire metric.
  40. 40. MeasurementThe harder stuff.
  41. 41. Qualitative Measurement•  Sentiment•  Opinion•  Trending conversations•  Document level vs. aggregate levelChallenge:“Yeah, I loved that keynote.”Honest? Sarcastic? Sincere? Funny? NOT!
  42. 42. Comparative Measurement - Simple•  Your campaign performance measuring:•  Audience changes•  Platform performance•  Activation content (messaging)Compared to yourself!
  43. 43. Recommendations•  Spend time identifying your tools and don’tlook back•  Define how, how, where, when, why youwill be executing digital PR•  Do not run audience building campaigns atthe same time as engagement campaigns•  Separate engagement into distinct areas oftesting, executing, engaging•  Monitor your competition
  44. 44. Comparative Measurement - Complex•  Establish your own ratios – key success metric•  Create a Marketplace•  Identify similar competitors and includethem in your overall measurements,especially for comparison data.•  Traditionally known as market reach ortotal market share.•  Analysis is more than reading the numbers.
  45. 45. Depending on activity vs. spend this formula may be inconclusive.(Retweets + likes + fans) / Total Campaign “A” Spend(Retweets + likes + fans) / Total Campaign “B” Spend*Altimeter Group
  46. 46. Applying Metrics Across PlatformsDegree of measurement depends on data available andability to make changes that may influence the measurement.Innovation metric can be used on blogs, forums, even YouTubevideos with training or product announcement content.
  47. 47. Integration with Offline ActivitiesIdeally, you can measure activity per audience, per content /message, per platform,and even in online and offline activities.The integration across AdSense campaigns vs. email and abandoned shopping cartsis reaching high sophistication with less effort. You will need to remain competitive.
  48. 48. Reporting
  49. 49. Reporting Tips……•  Focus on quality – pay for a subscription services•  Show reach changes over time for same activity•  Kill the reach report at some point•  Talk about longevity – placement – ranking, etc.•  SEO benefits•  Web Traffic (unknown)
  50. 50. Thank You