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Law firms and linked in 2012


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Law firm marketing in the digital age with LinkedIn. Learn how to promote individual attorneys, practice groups or the entire firm.

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Law firms and linked in 2012

  1. 1. PNC BankLinkedIn for Law FirmsDigital Strategy - 2012
  2. 2. Introduction to thetalents and expertiseof wedü.
  3. 3. PNC BankReal-Time Everythingü|TACTICS
  4. 4. u|TOPIAEvent and field staff management, field data collection, measurement/reporting systemü|MANAGEManage online content for web, blogs, social network feedsu|SENDAutomate content repurposing from virtually any online source to execute email & print campaignsu|KNOWYield insights on target behaviors, build profiles for greater response rates through personalizationu|ENGAGEtriggering definitive call-to-action directives within corporate CRM systems for final conversionü|TACTICSThe following tools have been developed by wedu and are easily integrated into many projects.However, please note that wedu extensively tests and integrates 3rd party applications, as well.
  5. 5. Conversations aboutdigital strategy mustencompass all marketingmedia and have welldefined goals.
  6. 6. What does Digital Marketing encompass? Search Engine Marketing / Optimization (SEM/SEO) Social Network Advertising, Community Management, Apps(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) Mobile Advertising, Apps Web Site Blogs YouTube Flickr Google+ Email – the original social network …
  7. 7. Marketing Dollars By 2016 average will shift to 75% digital and 25% traditional. Advertising is becoming more local, more relevant, and more social. Greater short term investments have greater long term results.No One Lives Here Everyone is Here
  8. 8. Web SiteMarketingThe Digital Communication PathContent & Analytics Position Web as Best Common PointProgramsBlogSocial NetworksCommunitiesEmailAdvertisingPublic RelationsSEM / SEOTheFirm
  9. 9. Web Site CentralAll activity will eventually point to the web site.Site must be friendly to all of these sources.Integration will be key to future successes.The most open platform and API friendly will win.
  10. 10. Enjoying the Open WebOpen Architecture has truly come to life.API’s – Allow various programs, web sites, mobile apps, social apps, etc. to integrate and share informationacross each of the platforms.Facebook Open Graph & Social Graph – One of the most significant changes made to Facebook since itsrelease. The Social Graph of an individual allows to see their interests in music, fitness, lifestyles, etc. It isthe most advantageous tool for web site socialization and targeted advertising available.Mobile Apps – The rise of mobile is astronomical. Professional Services must be aware of theopportunities to utilize this trend for extensive audience engagement, reach, and activation.OPEN matters
  11. 11. Enjoying the Open WebOpen Architecture has truly come to life.
  12. 12. Being Smart in the Open SpaceThe integration of all digital aspects proves authenticity.Organic Search – Search Engine results are influenced by your other activities, social performance, andthird-party integrations. Be active, authenticate and effective in all other areas and organic search will behigh.Content Creation & Curation – Authenticity starts with who you are and what you talk about – ACROSSyour entire network. It doesn’t always have to be in your own words. What you share with your network isstill representative of you.Quality Scores Digital Advertising – The open web also provides pitfalls which you may never see. Digitaladvertising on google will involve Quality Scores which will influence your cost and reach. Appropriatelyintegrating custom landing pages and strong content is a must. Open means everyone sees everything.Being authenticate is becoming more difficult without a significant digital concentration.Landing Pages – Utilizing landing pages is the most effective method of conversion and measurement.Regardless of the originating point of conversation the goal should be to drive individuals to uniquelanding pages which are topical, relative to the conversation, and set the stage for more.Private Web Network – Blogs, social platforms, law sites (JD Supra), etc. are all private web networks.Learning – Key to future success. The above items are only a few ways we must be smart with open webbecause everything is related.
  13. 13. Social CRM is becoming possible. Complete integration across all mediums and interactions – physicaland digital Firms must address their fears of compliance so they may proceedwith effective engagement Internal parties must be involved Adequate resources must be allocated to the digital realm Once a client, always a clientOnce a client, always a referral source CRM in the Digital / Social world means keeping in touch
  14. 14. Marketing a law firmin the digital age.
  15. 15. The Direction of Law Firm Marketing It’s a digital world – for all people and businesses Law Firms and attorneys need to be actively engaged in digital –ACTIVELY! It’s about community and single individuals Awareness is not enough Advocacy is still the new advertisement Law firms with administration and marketing separate, but integratedwith the attorneys trust will be the leaders.“It’s not about how many people you know.It’s about how many people know you.”
  16. 16. A post at 11:30pm… just 2 lines…. By 8:30 am…
  17. 17. SOCIAL mattersPeople Look at 4.8 Attorney WebsitesBEFORE Contacting a Firm89%of Internet Users Go Online to Find an Attorney65%of People Begin Their Search for an Attorney Online
  18. 18. Compliance Guidelines to Consider No improper soliciting and anything that could be considered advertisingmust have disclaimer; No false or misleading information; No confidential information; Don’t create attorney/client relationship; No ex-parte communications; No improper contact with parties: opposing parties or attorneys in cases; Judges! Jury members! Don’t discuss cases online!
  19. 19. Compliance: ABA Model Rules 1.6 – Confidentiality; 4.2 - Communication With Person Represented by Counsel; 7.1 - Communications Concerning a Lawyer’s Services; 7.2 - Advertising (don’t pay for LinkedIn recommendations!); 7.3 - Direct Contact With Prospective Clients (soliciting); 8.3 - Reporting Professional Misconduct (you can be reported forsocial media violations); 8.4 – Misconduct.
  20. 20. Need Centric MarketingEngagement & ReachThe successful campaigns encompass the WHYfactor in messaging, but remember thatcommunity engagement is driven by where theindividuals are mentally, emotionally, andpsychologically at the time of engagement.Research conducted by wedu confirms that allactions in social space are dictated by one ofthe E’s. It is evident that every demographic –from millenials to business people to seniorsresponds to one of the Five E’s:SOCIAL PROFESSIONALEgo EgoEntertainment EntertainmentEmotion EnticementEducation EnrichmentE-currency E-CurrencyAwarenessPerceptionNeedConsider-ationBUY
  21. 21. Using the LinkedInProfessional Networkto build your practice.
  22. 22. Law Firm StrategySocializing the Firm’s Professional NetworkSocialMediaCommunitiesWEBSITEDigitalAdvertisingAreas ofPracticeFacebookTwitterYouTubeLinkedInPinterestLawPagesMobileApps3rd PartySitesMicrositesLandingPagesEmploymentEnvironmentCorporateMed MalSearchEngine MktgInstagramEnergyEmailCampaigns
  23. 23. What Does LinkedIn Offer?Access to a Network More business leads A business network based on 3 degrees of separation Showcase your expertise Build & discover relationships, get referrals Engage with relevant communities: industries, colleagues, businessleaders, etc. Network with previously unobtainable contacts Win more speaking engagements and media exposure Stronger client/stakeholder relationships Enhanced brand VALUE awareness Increased revenue
  24. 24. PerceivedValueDifferentialValueBrand Value Awareness
  25. 25. LinkedIn Strategies Build optimized profiles for several attorneys and the firm, get connections; Get recommendations Distribute content - Post all blog entries, events, and publications across allLinkedIn profiles. Groups – join, participate, share Target and contact: Use advanced search or “specific targeted company”; Click on their profile, join their groups, add as connection! Use LinkedIn apps, add blog posts to your profile; Add all events, speaking engagements, webinars, etc.; Use LinkedIn Answers: You can use questions to message all your connections;
  26. 26. The Law of the Social FewThe activity level of communities relies on individuals.The 50-20-10-1 Rule• 50% of people will passively participate/repeat• 20% will actively and frequently consumer/trade content• 10% chime in opinions/rate and vote on content• 1% develop and innovate contentTraffic is found in the social aspects of a community• 80% of Facebook users post on a wall• 77% of the visitors to LinkedIn are regular users, visiting multiple times per month• The top two reasons people join communities are to:• Connect with other like-minded people• Ability for members to help others
  27. 27. ProfilePerceptionPhoto?Summary?Experience?Education?Groups?Recommendations?
  28. 28. If you don’tthink yournext client ischecking youout…
  29. 29. Company Profile
  30. 30. If you don’t havetime to maintainyour profiles…LinkedIn will do itfor you, but it maynot be as appealing.
  31. 31. Groups - Energy
  32. 32. Answers
  33. 33. Advanced search forpeople can beextremely effectivefor introductions.…Unless you preferto go to theChamber’s AnnualDinner.
  34. 34. Add Applications to Your LinkedIn ProfileEnhance what people see about you.Turbo ChargeYour LinkedIn ProfileJD Supra© Copyright 2011 Upward Action LLC All Rights Reser ved.Turbo ChargeYour LinkedIn ProfileMartindale-Hubble© Copyright 2011 Upward Action LLC All Rights Reser ved.
  35. 35. Account TypesPaid accounts give morefeedback and moreopportunity:• See who’s viewingyour profile• View beyond the 2nddegree relationships(more than just afirst name)• Send more InMails• See more searchresults
  36. 36. Peer collaboration, advocacy, and engagement is imperative in legal marketing.Your clients and their family & friends are your new advertisement.• Customers trust, rely, and act on advice from people they know• 90% of people trust their spouse• 82% their friends• 69% their work colleagues• BUT….• 27% trust manufacturers/retailers• 14% advertisers• 8% celebrities• Community members are LOYAL and last longer, try other products orservices from same brand, even seek them out.We don’t create communities – we give them meeting places.SOCIAL peers
  37. 37. Engagement messagemust resonate with thecommunity and it mustbe authentic.
  38. 38. WhyDo I understand why thisorganization exists, whatit believes, and the valuesit lives by?PersonalDo I believe the samethings? If yes, then IKNOW them viscerally, Isee myself and my ownvalues reflected in theorganization. I amconnected.LoyaltyI don’t need to be “sold.”I will follow willingly.I will be loyal. I will NOTchange simply for abetter offer.WHY mattersThe most effective communications andbrands start with WHY
  39. 39. • It’s about what they believe, how they see themselves– I’m a rebel = buy a Mac (“Think Different”)– I’m an everyman, a conformist = buy the PC that 95% of the population owns (“A PC onevery desk”)– Both are right, the product is just a manifestation of how they see themselves• How many of those 250,000 people showed up for Dr. King?– Zero. They showed up for themselves. For their belief in a better America.– He gave the “I have a Dream” speech (WHY), not the “I have a Plan speech” (HOW)– They shared his dream – his WHY• They see your brand as a manifestation of themselves, their own values– Inspires passionate loyalty (tattoos), they don’t need to be sold or convincedThe most effective communications are aboutthe audience more than the organization
  40. 40. Guiding Principal: The Golden Circle50WHAT do you do? Everyone in theorganization can answer this. Offer estate,employment, real estate, med mal, etc….HOW do you do it?Some in the organization can answer this.These are the unique value proposition, orproprietary capabilities. The ways you doWHAT you do.WHY do you do it? Very few can usually answerthis. And the answer is not “To Make Money”.That’s a result. WHY is your purpose, cause orbelief. The reason the firmexists. The reasonanyone should care.
  41. 41. Apple: Think (and Communicate) Different51We do this by re-imagining entire industriesand making products that are more beautifuland easier to use than ever before.We believe in challenging the status quo andconventional wisdom in everything we do. Wethink differently to change the world.We happen to make great computers. But wealso cell phones, MP3 players, books, music…They START with WHY because people don’t buyWHAT you do they buy WHY you do it.
  42. 42. It’s Biological…52Decision MADE….Drives “gut” feelings,emotions and decisions.Has no capacity forlanguage.The Golden CircleNeocortexLimbic &ReptilianBrainThe Human BrainDecision JUSTIFIED…Shapes logic,rational and analyticthought. Groundedin language andnumbers.Absent a WHY, decisions WILL be made in the Neocortex!More stressful, less enjoyable, not loyal.
  43. 43. What isRath Young Pignatelli’s WHY?Is that the foundation of allengagement marketing?
  44. 44. Thank you!Sean Owenwedü, CEONew York, NY(646)
  45. 45. Our partnersThroughout the years, wedü has had the pleasure of working with some of the worlds premier brands.