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before I Do Not Know?!?


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Slides from the crowdsourced 5 min preso at pre- TEDxStockholm. TED will publsh a video that is more fair to the content. For a background, see

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before I Do Not Know?!?

  1. 1. before
  2. 2. remember the historic value of ” school”
  3. 3. I do not know?!? 1995
  4. 4. Fiona Hugosson-Miller worker
  5. 6. Ladislaus Horatius philosopher
  6. 7. The soundbyte has a bad reputation. As an icon of modern man's lack of time it signals temporal poverty, but also stands for compression and concentration. If you want to give a child a good start, in at least two senses, don't give it lengthy books but proverbs and quotations. These are short, unflattering and they inspire, almost FORCE the child to think.   I quote:   ” There are people who are happy without knowing it. If the shoe fits you are not allowing for growth. Everybody likes the smell of his own fart.”   Such miniature "thinkbytes" are freeze-dried wisdom, often the result of a long life of reflection. A standard book of quotations can thus expand to the size of a small library.   Just add reader.
  7. 8. Joakim Vollert teacher, 4 & 5th grade
  8. 10. Katarina Graffman anthropologist
  9. 12. Christina & Stellan Löfving parents
  10. 14. Johan Ronnestam creative director
  11. 16. imagine a future where schools r obsolete
  12. 17.