You are a Journalist on Twitter ... Radio ... TV


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How to use more efficiently Twitter to make friends and generate leads. By Mawuna Koutonin, Ceo of Goodbuzz (

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You are a Journalist on Twitter ... Radio ... TV

  1. 1. Stars vs Journalists on Twitter. Who are the Winners?Presented by:Mawuna R. KOUTONIN, Founder and CEO of
  2. 2. The Take awayAt the end of the presentation you should be able toanswer the question:“ Am I acting like a Star or aJournalist on Twitter?”
  3. 3. Who is a Star? 1.  He is a product / a brand 2.  He has fans 3.  The Fans want to know about him, what he wears, what he said, Who he is dating, etc. 4.  So, a Star business is to talk about himself, and what he is doing 5.  The more he talks about himself, and the more people talk about him, the more successful he is
  4. 4. Who is a Journalist? 1.  He is an employee 2.  He has readers / auditors / viewers / Followers 3.  His followers want to know what is new, hot, interesting, exclusive 4.  So, a Journalist talks about other people life, events, products, etc. 5.  The more successful he is talking about other people and events, he could expect to become a Star.
  5. 5. What does Stars and Journalist have in commonBoth spend their live in the medias
  6. 6. What is Twitter?  Twitter is a discovery channel  Twitter presents itself as “The best way to discover what’s new in your world.”  If Twitter was a TV channel, you and me will be the journalists that followers opt in to follow because we have the talent the curiosity, the passion and the skills to find, curate, and reveal (share) the most interesting stories in their world.  For Stars Twitter is great tool to “tip” Journalists
  7. 7. How to be Successful on Twitter?  If you have a twitter account, You should consider yourself as a journalist  Twitter is not about you (your life or your business), as well as the newspaper or the TV channel is not about the journalist life or business.  If you spend most the time talking about your business, your products, your life, your interests, then you are not anymore a journalist but a Star with fans.
  8. 8. The Success formula with Twitter?  Spend 95% of time tweeting about other people news, events, products that are useful, entertaining, fun and educational to your followers.  5% of the time, you can tweet about you, your life, your passion, your business, your events, etc.  Follow the motto “Like it, Share it prompto”  Be Generous, Success belongs to the “Sharer”
  9. 9. Who are you on Twitter?Are you behaving like aStar on Twitter, or like aJournalist?
  10. 10. The Ultimate Dream of any Journalist To become a StarBe the Best interviewers in the world
  11. 11. Contact meMawuna KoutoninFounder and CEO of GoodBuzzEmail: mk@linkcrafter.comTwitter: linkcrafterWebsite: