Think big o2's engagement programme the jounrey to 2012


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  • Boring Seen It Before Stereotypes or what is really happening?Youth:Over 1 million young people currently out of training, work, school – simply on the doll. Highest since records began. That’s around 1 in 5.1/3 of young people say they aren’t supported by their parents (Guardian 2009)Youth unemployment costs the UK economy £10 million a day in lost productivity, That’s the cost of the UK Olympics EVERY year!Or over 1.5 times O2 UK revenue in 2009Youth crime costs £1 billion every year. That’s over £50 a year for every household in the UKPlanet:If everyone on this planet lived as we do in Europe – with our twin cars, central heating, star bucks coffees and iphones – then we would need 3 planet Earths.O2 consume 1/1000th of all the energy generated in the UK!Every year the world produces 40 million tons of electronic waste: from TVs to refrigerators to cell phones and computersThat’s 107,700 Boeing 747s!In the UK, there is 90m phones, of 30 Boeing 747s!There’s an increasing ‘gray ‘market in waste electronics going overseas to developing countriesIndia will have 18 times more old mobile phones in 2020 than 2007. New Delhi recyclers have 10 to 20 times the normal levels of lead, mercury and chromium in blood and urine samples associated with e-Waste14 suicides in Taiwan factories making smart phone and electronics by 2011O2 could be just a big fat company, reaping the rewards, making loads of money and not thinking about the wider picture.We could not care about our communities, about our friends and relations,We could not think about our children and the world they will grow up in,But we do, we do care and we do Think ...but there are fundamental problemsBut we dont have this we have just one, so what can we do to make sure that there is a future and that O2 is part of this future?
  • Think Big Young People programme launched externally in January 2010. Brand positioning around Think Big for People and Planet launched in August 2010.
  • Think big o2's engagement programme the jounrey to 2012

    1. 1. Think Bigfor people and planet 2012
    2. 2. Think Big – Why? 97m missing phones That’s 30 Boeing 747s! Our People 17 suicides Conflict minerals Poisoning (lead, mercury, chromium) Our Planet
    3. 3. On the path to sustainability leaders• In 2010, Forum for the Future noted that while we’d launched lots of great initiatives, it was difficult to ‘join the dots’ and tell a coherent story• If we wanted to be a sustainability leader, we needed to deliver a clear narrative in the context of a goal and a purpose• The Board agreed and asked us to develop the plan hand-in-hand with our stakeholders
    4. 4. The Big 6 - steps to Thinking Big 1. What and why Think Big • Easy goals, consistent messages 2. Leading from the top • Leaders leading 3. Business Objectives • Embedding Think Big into the way we do business 4. Empowered and enabled • Our people designing, leading and developing programme 5. Fun and Games • How will be on the winning team 6. Celebrate and story telling • Completing the circle and embedding
    5. 5. consistent & independent branding, across all our sites, & through all our commsTelefonica UK
    6. 6. The Big 6 – to the Blueprint Be first forsustainable Reduce Reduce From 6 goals, products energy water simple mission,and services for our people 1 2 3 internal in 2010 Involve O2 Reduce people in Reduce To 40 public travel supporting waste impact young commitments people owned by our 4 5 6 whole business
    7. 7. Leading from the top Ronan’s vision – a little story
    8. 8. Business ObjectivesFirst and foremost it has to be good for business: •91% believe company ethics influence their purchases •The Government will make us •A lost generation ‘From workplace, to gender, to ethnicity and more, we’ve won our rights and now it’s time to demonstrate our responsibilities’ BBMG
    9. 9. The way we do business Eco rating Supporting Young PeopleO2 Recycle Youth CampaignsUsing technology to live & work better O2 Learn
    10. 10. Empowered & EnabledKnow your people •Understand them, listen to them, tap into their hearts & minds •Let it go a bit – this is not your programme, but theirs •Then create Fans
    11. 11. Empowered & Enabled
    12. 12. The ChallengesEveryone’s differentMiddle Managers – KPIsStaying FocusedTelling a joined up storyGiving our leaders the confidence to talkWorking around BlockersJoining People & PlanetKeep talkingDifferent things for different people. ...Old Habits Die Hard
    13. 13. Fun and GamesAnyone fancy being a record breaker?
    14. 14. Round we go again Embedding, enabling, empowering Story telling Share the success Have some fun
    15. 15. Get in touch – any time 07780990614