Social media guide : YouTube & Video for higher/further education colleges


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Youtube & video guide for higher/further education colleges& training providers in the UK.

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Social media guide : YouTube & Video for higher/further education colleges

  1. 1. Social media guide for further educationcolleges & training providers to usesocial media effectively.VideoVideo offers amazing opportunities to market yourcollege. It is now relatively cheap and easy toproduce your own content. Video SEO (also knownas video search engine optimization) is an important way to boost rankings forcompanies trying to rank higher on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Infact, video SEO is becoming more important as more and more Internet users arewatching online video.What is YouTube?YouTube is an online video sharing website launched back in 2005, is one of thegreatest success stories of the digital age. As of February 2011, YouTube has 490million unique users worldwide per month, who rack up an estimated 92 billion pageviews each month. YouTube is the leader in online video, and the main destinationto watch and share original videos worldwide on the Web.Did you know you can view the “YouTube Charts” at any time to see continuallyupdated info about what’s popular? Sign up for an account at You can… • Upload & share videos globally • Share video clips across the Internet through Web sites, mobile devices, blogs and e-mail. • Express creativity Benefits Things to consider • It’s free & user friendly • Hard to control what other people • View any video tutorial on any post without strong moderation subject • Need some video editing • Don’t need expensive equipment expertise e.g. Windows Movie Maker • Make sure you tag & upload a video sitemap so you are indexed in Googleweb : | call : 07412 139341 | email :
  2. 2. How can further education colleges use YouTube?Colleges can widen interest in services by uploading videos to YouTube to giveprospective students a view of the college. You can use it to: • Recruit students • Promote college life – online video prospectus • Humanize stories of students and alumni which can create loyalty, earn future business (students) their respect • Publicise academic researchYoutubeEduYouTube EDU was made public in the first quarter of 2009. It’s a facility which allowseducational institutions to build a business presence on YouTube by sharingeducational videos of a longer length than usually allowed for upload. TeacherTubeprovide educational lectures and instructional videos that teaches new information tolearners or reinforces material that has already been learned.Video streamingLUTube is the new service at Leeds that allows staff and students to share andwatch online videos. Another example is Worcester College in the UK. which uses Open Source Software Ostube (nowVimp) which has similar functionality to YouTube.web : | call : 07412 139341 | email :
  3. 3. How are FE Colleges using YouTube?YouTube EDU - College Presidents Day Promotion Video – a funny video!web : | call : 07412 139341 | email :
  4. 4. Leeds College of music students express themselves on YoutubeMonitoring & MeasurementYouTube provides various metrics for channels, including information on thenumbers of views of the video clips and numbers of subscribers. You can trackreferring visits from YouTube through Google Analytics.Similar tools: • • Dailymotion • Google Video • Met cafe • Vimeoweb : | call : 07412 139341 | email :
  5. 5. ResourcesYoutube handbookThe PR Pro’s guide to YouTubeReel SEO – the online marketing video guideAny Questions?Ready to improve your online marketing? Start now contact free to get in touch! We offer in-house training & consultancy for social mediaprojects.www: @webyogifacebook: WebyogidigitalmarketingSupported by :-web : | call : 07412 139341 | email :