Social media guide : Repsonding on social media for higher education colleges & training providers


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Responding to and dealing with negative comments on social media. Mini social media guide for higher/further education colleges & training providers.

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Social media guide : Repsonding on social media for higher education colleges & training providers

  1. 1. Social media guide for highereducation colleges & trainingproviders on using social mediaeffectively.Social media is well… social! Once you’vemade the decision to get online you also invitenegative criticism that you need to beprepared to deal with.Every organisation should have some socialmedia guidelines as to how they will respondto social media comments.You should also be tracking mentions of your college through tools like GoogleAlerts and Social Mention. Planning ahead can take the sting out of negativecomments so that you can respond appropriately. Here’s a quick guide to dealingwith negative feedback on social media.Dealing with negative comments on social media • First find out who is complaining, what they are saying and where they are saying it. The process is about listening, much like finding anything using social media. • Determine the issue. What did they have a problem with? How can you help them? • Reach out and acknowledge them. Most problems get resolved quickly because they just want to talk to someone • Respect privacy. Know when to take the conversation private. Upon initial contact, it’s appropriate to acknowledge the problem in a public channel. After the initial public tweet, you should reach out in a private channel to really dig in and see if you can make a difference. • Offer a personal solution. Don’t pass people on. • It’s best not to respond to Trolling or Spam. This type of feedback isn’t really feedback at all.web : | call : 07412 139341 | email :
  2. 2. Responding on social media checklistThese are guidelines, quite often you may need to tailor your response to be human.Use the responses below as a guide to interacting on social media sites. The chartshows the different types of responses that might be received and recommends howto respond. Interaction Suggested Response Action Customer service So sorry to hear you’ve had this Email query to: issue experience. Your enquiry has been (suggest Customer passed to our Customer Services Team Services and copy who will respond as soon as possible. If Marketing) you prefer you can contact us on xxxxxx Customer service Thanks for your question. Your enquiry Email query to: query has been passed to our Customer (suggest Customer Services Team who will respond to your Services and copy query as soon as possible. Marketing) Happy customer Thanks for your lovely comments, Email testimonial to: they’re great to hear! We’d love to share (email suggest your comments with other customers is Marketing) that OK? Or we are so pleased that you like us. We’d be very grateful if you would submit a review or like us on Facebook (link to sites). Solution query You may find this article on [your query None required keywords] useful: [provide URL to article content on main site] Service/Product You may find this product on [your query None required query keywords] useful: [provide URL to product page on main site] Event More information on the [particular None required /Exhibition query event keywords] can be found on our website: [provide URL] Press enquiry Thanks for your feedback, please Email press enquiry contact our press team on who will be to: (press email) able to help youweb : | call : 07412 139341 | email :
  3. 3. ResourcesHOW TO: Deal With Negative Feedback in Social Media - Mashable5 Ways to Effectively Manage Your Online Reputation – Social media examinerHow Companies Should Respond To Negative Reviews - Outspoken mediaAir Force blog assessment flowchart – David Meerman ScottAny Questions?Ready to improve your online marketing? Start now contact free to get in touch! We offer in-house training & consultancy for social mediaprojects.www: @webyogifacebook: WebyogidigitalmarketingSupported by :-web : | call : 07412 139341 | email :