JFS in Pictures 2011-2012


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JFS in Pictures 2011-2012

  1. 1. in Pictures2011-2012
  2. 2. Betty and Arthur Roswell Family Counseling Center Career Services Senior Services Family Mentoring Senior and Teen Mentoring Emergency Assistance Holocaust Survivor Support Family Life Education Ohr Tikvah: Jewish Healing Services Special Needs Program AmeriCorps NJ Shares 2,200 individuals received help last year from one or more of these programs
  3. 3. 2,500 Client Hours in 2011-2012
  4. 4. 1,200 hours of volunteer service to vulnerablefamilies, seniors and special needs children
  5. 5. Susan Anczarki, Dori Andino, Elaine Carlsen, Nadine Chandler, Heather Connors, AmyFischer, Elaine Gast, Ila Gillenwater, Sari Graff, Janice Grossman, Robert Grossman, Anita Harrington, Janet Hirschfeld, Robert Hirschfeld, Gerry Isaacson, Joanna Javelin, Sally Karazov, Janice Klein, Marc Kraminitz, Michelle LoAlbo, Yenny Lopez,Rabee Mangal, Ken Olshansky, Barbara Oxfeld, Samantha Popp, Hannah Sarnoff, AndrewScaglione, Marcia Singer, Fran Varga, Neil Wolf, Sheila Wolf, Sharon Yonowitz, Max Zevin
  6. 6. 225 individuals assisted through career counseling,job seeker’s group and the AmeriCorps program
  7. 7. Senior Services150 seniors seen at home and in community settings
  8. 8. $5,000 in Emergency Assistance provided to community members in need116 families received utility assistance through the NJ Shares Project
  9. 9. Community Chaplain keeps over 400isolated and unaffiliated individuals in touch with the Jewish Community
  10. 10. For Adolescents with Asperger’s or Other Social Skills Disorders Weekly Group Ages 11-16 Improving Social Skills Have Fun Interact with peers in a relaxed and supportive environment  “This group has been a wonderful experience for my son  and myself. .. Thank you for everything.” Mother of Participant
  11. 11. AmeriCorpsProviding 3,500 hours of service to the community
  12. 12. Holocaust Survivor Assistance & Café Europa 3,000 hours of home care and other support services
  13. 13. Becoming a better health care consumer and self advocate
  14. 14. JFS participates in Health Fairs and ResourcesFairs throughout the Year
  15. 15. JCC Bridgewater JCC Flemington Breast and Ovarian Cancer Programs in collaboration with Jewish LIFE
  16. 16. Volunteers extend the helping hand of JFS
  17. 17. JFS and Federation sharing a common mission to help those in need
  18. 18. The Community came out to support JFS’work with Children and Families
  19. 19. ERS Charitable Fund Fred C. Rummel Foundation Arnold A. Schwartz Blanche and Irving Laurie Foundation Foundation Wallerstein Foundation for Geriatric Lifeand Other Private Donors Improvement