Presentatie E-shop Expo 2014: Logistify_bpost


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Presentatie 'Logistify' van Steven Schutter tijdens E-Shop Expo op 19 en 20 maart in Tour & Taxis Brussel

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Presentatie E-shop Expo 2014: Logistify_bpost

  1. 1. Lorem Ipsum [Datum] This is the story about what bpost is doing lately and what projects we are working on. Not the traditional corporate presentation. Rather a fresh version of a very interesting story. What bpost is all about lately PDF-friendly version of the slides Logistify What bpost is all about lately BASED ON A TRUE STORY About bpost In 2009 I started working for De Post / La Poste as a consultant in sales & marketing. It was just before the name change to bpost. At that time, I didn’t think the company was innovative and I couldn’t wait for my next assignment. Now, after I became an employee at bpost in May 2013, I must say that working here is far more interesting than I would have ever guessed. And still, a lot of challenges and opportunities lay ahead. Some still need to be discovered, others will be introduced during this presentation
  2. 2. 2 “Vivamus porta est sed est.” This picture shows a mailman in the early 20th century. Urban legends (probably true) exist about the mailman who came inside on colder days to drink a cup of coffee and have a chat. There are people who think that our mailmen have not changed over time. We know that the number of letters that are sent every day is declining (and will continue to do so). 10 years ago we started to invest in the delivery of parcels. Thanks to the increase of online sales the latest years, we have become one of the biggest players in the e-commerce landscape. This image shows one of our two parcel sorting machines that handles on average over 100k parcels per day, with peaks during the Christmas period. This high tech environment allows next day delivery in Belgium.
  3. 3. 3 Aliquam dolor. byline Lorem Ipsum
  4. 4. 4 What some people may know is that bpost handles the logistics of large pure players in Belgium. We deliver millions of sold goods for the market leaders such as Amazon, Coolblue and Zalando but as well for the more traditional players such as Yves Rocher, La Redoute or 3-Suises. Next to this, we help Belgium’s most established retailers to deliver the goods to the consumer’s doorstep. And, even though the volumes that these customers send on a yearly base are much lower than those of the previous examples, we help start-ups to realise their online dreams. We provide them with technical support during the setup of their webshop and help them optimize their administration as, for some, the online adventure may start as a side business.
  5. 5. 5 Presenting bpost by appointment Soon, bpost will provide services to entrepreneurs such as groceries, bakeries or butchers who sell mainly food products. bpost by appointment is a new service that is rolled out in 4 small cities in Belgium (Sint-Niklaas, Turnhout, Geraardsbergergen and Wavre). Consumers are able to make an appointment with the mailman on for instance a Thursday evening at 7pm. The mailman will bring their online purchases. But he will also bring fresh and frozen goods such as the fish from het Viskraam or the Vol-au-vent from the local butcher. Furthermore, the consumer will be able to give his laundry for ironing or his shoes for repair. And on his next appointment, the laundry and shoes will be returned, together with the purchases of that week. Take for example this fish store in Merelbeke that opened in June 2013. Thanks to bpost, they will start selling fish via their webshop. bpost by appointment wil bring changes to the way local entrepreneurs are working. Probably, not many fish markets, chocolatiers or butchers think about setting up an online sales channel. With the help of bpost, they will soon be able to offer more service to their customers than they ever thought possible. Furthermore, we create great opportunities for companies that offer services to SME’s such as the creation of webshops or in-store communication to inform customers about the new sales channel.
  6. 6. Fulfilment Let’s take a look at the logistical part of the e-commerce chain, from the reception of incoming goods to handling of online orders, picking/packing of the sold goods, delivery to the recipient and, if needed, the management of returns. bpost offers a solution for all of these. It all started with the handling of the internal store: the mailmen uniforms, supplies for the post offices, office and the storage of millions of stamps. We are handling all of these services for our internal customers. In 2008, we got the question from a few of our customers if we could help them make their logistics more efficient. So, we decided to open up our internal fulfilment center for external parties. For example, we are doing the fulfilment for the webshop of Duvel Moortgat. Or the management of all goods sold via the Corelio and Sanoma webshop. The direct link with these companies via our API’s allows them to grow in efficiency by automation and outsourcing of the picking/packing activities. It also allows them to manage periods with peaks in sales without the need to have people on a payroll in less productive periods. Plus, we are able to link 3rd parties to our warehouse management system. Take a look at Monify. They offer to FMCG’s a sort of discounting/couponing service with QR codes. Consumers can buy bundles of samples of goods. Monify makes arrangements with their customers on how goods will be bundled and we take care of all the rest. So neither Monify nor the FMCG’s need to bother about the logistics of the marketing activity. Internal customers External customers 3rd parties
  7. 7. 7 +32 493 19 24 63 @schuttersteven Steven Schutter Business development manager e-commerce bpost