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Book report explanation show 2010


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Book report explanation show 2010

  1. 1. • Must have at least 4 conflicts listed and labeled (man vs. man, man vs. nature, man vs. supernatural, man vs. society, man vs. self) • Must have at least 4 songs that relate to the 4 conflicts • MUST take notes on the lyrics (using highlighter and pen), showing ways the song relates to the book and its conflict. You could highlight a line and then off to the side explain how this fits your song. • Write a one-page summary of the conflicts and why each one best fits with the song chosen.
  2. 2. • Must have 3 posters on posterboard • Must use two or more media: paint, crayons, chalk, paper, ink, real materials. • Each poster must depict a different main event in the story. • Each poster must have 2-3 paragraphs describing what is being shown and its importance to the story. - Must be detailed or you will be asked to redo this!
  3. 3. • You must write or find 6-7 poems • They will match with the following criteria: – Two conflicts – Two characters – Setting or theme of novel (the message) – Two major events • For each poem, you will print it out and decorate it with appropriate clipart that fits the theme of the poem • For bonus points, you can create original music to go with the poem using Garage Band, or music bits found on the Internet. • Some of your poems will be read aloud to the class
  4. 4. • Your newspaper must have at least 6 sections which include the following: – Three headline stories (that go with events) – A comic strip – Letter to the editor (from a character talking about a problem in the book) – One choice section – You may also have as many optional sections as you wish • Your articles MUST be descriptive and give the reader all relevant information about the event!! • Your paper must be in color or you will add color on your own! • You will show this to the class during your presentation.
  5. 5. • Your interview must include 10 questions you write and they CANNOT be yes/no questions. • You will write the answers to the question you ask (the answers MUST be detailed and include as much information as possible) • You may type this up, put it in a PowerPoint, record yourself with a video camera interviewing the person, be creative
  6. 6. • You must have 8 slides related to the following: – Exposition – Three slides for rising action – Climax – Falling action – Resolution – One choice slide • Be sure your slides have a LOT of detail on them (writing) – I need to know what is going on in your story
  7. 7. • Your scrapbook must have a cover, and 8-10 pages designed to fit your story. Pages should be designed for the main characters, setting, main events, climax, resolution, and theme of the story. Each page should include pictures, items you glue on, and writing about the page itself (be descriptive) • Your blog site should have at least 10 entries which document how your character is feeling, what is going on in the story, problems your character is having. You can include poems/songs your character would enjoy and games/fun items your character would enjoy, but the main part are the 10 written entries (be descriptive)