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Welcome to WebVriksha, Nuturing Businesses
We are a professional marketing company specializing in digital marketing. Our offerings consists all the services required to carry out an online representation of your business, including: custom web design, CMS, branding, social media marketing, advertisement, email marketing, SEO, and hosting.

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Webvriksha new presentation

  1. 1. Digital Marketing___________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. CreativityIncrease the number of repeat Interactivity customers User friendlyTransform TrueWeb Vriksha colorspartnering in Figuratively and literallyMarketing
  3. 3. Our offered services• Digital Marketing: Measurability of results, Real-Time Results, Long Term Exposure and Demographic Targeting.• Branding: Defining your products and services image in the minds of the people.• Advertising: Maximum visibility– great recall.• Media & Communications: Candour communication that enhance your reputation.
  4. 4. Web Website redesigndevelopment Communica tion MarketingBrand CollateralIdentity Media Social Media Planning MarketingPrint PublicMedia Relations Seo Digital Media Market Awareness E- Mail Marketing Outdoor Media
  5. 5. Digital MarketingI. Web development and redesign includes 1. Page design & layout 2. Links 3. Forms 4. Copy writing 5. SEO 6. Flash or Multi media 7. CMS. 8. Web hosting 9. Website emails 10. Domain name registration
  6. 6. II. SEO 1. Bloogs 2. Article submission 3. Social bookmarking acc creation 4. 1-Way linking building 5. Video sharing submission/ Photo sharing submission 6. Squidoo. The popular (free) site for creating single webpages on your interests and recommendations. Even earn money for charity or yourself. 7. Hubpages page creation 8. Press release submission 9. Article submission 10. Directory submission 11. Content writing 12. On and off page optimumization
  7. 7. III. Social Media Marketing 1. Bloogging 2. Micro blogging 3. Online Video 4. Photo sharing 5. Pod casting 6. Presentation Sharing 7. Social networks: applications, fan pages groups and personalities 8. Croud sourcing/ voting 9. Book marking/ tagging 10. Discussion boards and forums 11. Content Aggregation 12. Brand monitoring 13. Ratings and reviews 14. Widgets• Wikis : Wikis are our online encyclopedia. A short list of wikis:• Wikipedia.org• Citizendium.org• AboutUs.org• Pbwiki• PBworks.com• Wetpaint.com . .. . . . .article publishing on these
  8. 8. BrandingI. Brand Identity: how an organization wants to be percieved the marketII. marketing collaterals ─ Brochures, Presentation, data sheets, white papers and other printed product information ─ crisp and clear. Advertisin I. Print media g I. News papers journals reports....... II. Out door media I.Types of outdoor advertising include billboards, bus benches, interiors and exteriors of buses, taxis and business vehicles, and signage posted on the exterior of your own brick-and-mortar location. III. Digital media Examples include music files, such as MP3, Midi, or WMA files; video feeds found on the Internet at popular video websites; and animated Flash® or graphic design files and images used to create
  9. 9. Media and communications• Media planning: Media objectives usually consist of two key components: target audience and communication goals. online media tools - blogs, forums,image galeries, everyone can setup a media portal.• Public relations: communicating with the media and through the media to present the clients in the most favorable way possible. It also often involves cooperative efforts with other people and organizations to create good will within the community and enhance the clients image.
  10. 10. Digital Marketing___________________________________________________________________ I. Avoid Training New Employees II. No Infrastructure Spend III. Customized Marketing Packages IV. Marketing Within your Budget V. No Recruitment Cost & Extra Spends Outsource it to Web Vriksha . . . . . I. Save up to 60% on Marketing Spend II. Work Done in Time III. Timely Reports and Analysis
  11. 11. Digital Marketing___________________________________________________________________ Thank YOU . . . . Call away