The Future of Web Communities


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Communities have been self-organizing on the Internet long before there was a Web layered upon it. The way in which we interact with one another online changes incrementally on an annual basis, and with brand becoming increasingly decentralized, it's important to discuss these trends before they get too far ahead of us.

The best community tools can't be built, and Chris Pirillo aims to lead a discussion in the future of these Internet communities.

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The Future of Web Communities

  1. 1. Community is already there, inside everyone.
  2. 2. Community isn’t about a company - it’s about a culture.
  3. 3. Community is becoming increasingly distributed.
  4. 4. Community requires tools that can’t be built.
  5. 5. Community is a commodity, but people aren’t.
  6. 6. Community cannot be controlled, only guided.
  7. 7. Community is no longer defined by physical boundaries.
  8. 8. Community grows its own leaders.
  9. 9. Community is the antithesis of ego.
  10. 10. Community is everywhere, inside you.