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Mona Patel, "Excuses, Excuses, Excuse Personas"


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As one of the integral parts of the What If Technique™, Mona Patel, Founder/CEO of Motivate Design, will ask you to reflect on and question your behaviors and attitudes when it comes to ideating and thinking in a creative space. Do you hesitate to strive for the impossible? Is that hesitation rooted in fact or belief? Are you just creating excuses?

Mona will walk you through the six Excuse Personas that are preventing you from getting what you really want in not only your personal life but in business and beyond. She will cover how we all have personality barriers and that each can be overcome through self-reflection and a commitment to action. Expect to leave the session with a sense of self-realization that will motivate you to embrace the white space and start training your creativity muscle.

Published in: Technology
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Mona Patel, "Excuses, Excuses, Excuse Personas"

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