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Jesse Lozano, "The Future of Manufacturing – a Desktop Sized Revolution?"


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Massive industrial machines and processes are currently being scaled down so they can easily sit on your desktop. You can have anything 3D printed at the click of a mouse button and soon we will see desktop sized machines that print much more than just plastic.

Rapid prototyping has dramatically reduced the cost barriers to creating a new hardware device and access to open source software has enabled more people than ever to actually design and bring their ideas to life. The rate at which innovation occurs today is faster than ever before and the growing ability to innovate in your living room and crowd fund your idea into existence means that we are now seeing a wave of innovation that actually started in a living room, it's all very 70's and it's pretty exciting.
As innovative as the desktop space can be, it's still dwarfed by the rapid innovation of large scale manufacturing. Industrial 3D printing and work force automation are only just starting to change the way the world makes and consumes products. These massive changes won't happen over night but we're on the cusp of a new industrial revolution.
Within this session, Jesse will discuss his experience with manufacturing and how the the impact of new technology on the industrial scale will change the way the world creates products.

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Jesse Lozano, "The Future of Manufacturing – a Desktop Sized Revolution?"

  1. 1. @getPiTop
  2. 2. Manufacturing is a complex process
  3. 3. Raspberry Pi Micro-computer
  4. 4. Make anything
  5. 5. Turn this into a laptop
  6. 6. Make it work
  7. 7. DesignSpark is awesome
  8. 8. 3D Print EVERYTHING!
  9. 9. MVPs don’t have to be beautiful
  10. 10. Get feedback
  11. 11. Iterate!
  12. 12. Proof of concept
  13. 13. Print all the colors!
  14. 14. Crowdfunding
  15. 15. Network and seek partnerships
  16. 16. Always say yes!
  17. 17. Final product
  18. 18. How can you start?
  19. 19. Affordable 3D printers
  20. 20. Rapid prototyping?
  21. 21. Circuit board creation
  22. 22. The future
  23. 23. CNC is a cornerstone of manufacturing
  24. 24. What’s the problem?
  25. 25. Waste
  26. 26. Additive Manufacturing
  27. 27. Less waste
  28. 28. Airbus A350 has 1000 3D printed parts
  29. 29. Part consolidation is a big deal
  30. 30. What does this really mean?
  31. 31. Hyper-local manufacturing
  32. 32. What’s the big deal?
  33. 33. Logistics is not a joke
  34. 34. LESS WASTE
  35. 35. 12% of carbon emissions
  36. 36. What industries will be disrupted first?
  37. 37. High value metals
  38. 38. General Purpose Robotics
  39. 39. Let’s Talk About Reality
  40. 40. How long will all this take?