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SEO | SMM | PPC - WebUnleash Freelance Consultants - Portfolio


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We are glad to see you here at WebUnleash’s about us page. Talking about us, we are a bunch of guys who are working in the field of SEO, SMM and PPC for over 7 years now. We have worked with esteemed companies at top level in the related field and off-late started our own freelance business.

We understand the market trends, what our client expects from us once the chose our services and what it takes to meet their expectations. We want to make it very clear here that we as WebUnleash, neither is a company nor an agency and we are working as an independent freelance group which we believe is our strength.

Why we say it’s our strength?

Our motive is to meet our client expectations to the best of our efforts and therefore our way to work is by assigning a dedicated resource to a particular project so that our resource can concentrate entirely on that project to showcase the best results for our clients. As freelance consultants or services providers in SEO, SMM and PPC in USA, we focus on quality and available for our clients to the maximum time available. Another reason behind placing a dedicated resource is to handle our client’s queries in the best possible manner and if a dedicated resource is taking care of a project, he will be able to answer things in a much better way rather than the one who is executing and the one who is replying.

We are fair, we are transparent and we are here to stay. So write to us once about your queries and talk to our expert in the next 24 working hours.

You can also reach us at –

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SEO | SMM | PPC - WebUnleash Freelance Consultants - Portfolio

  1. 1. Our Portfolio Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) and Pay Per Click (PPC) This portfolio sums up our expertise, clients, high level strategies for the service offered. 2013 408-498-0295
  2. 2. WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!! We are US based freelance consultants working in the field of SEO, SMM & PPC for last 7 years and capable of managing SEO, SMM and PPC projects right from start to its completion keeping in mind the deadline sensitivity. We follow all the basics before and during the execution of a particular project right from the thorough research to measuring 'ROI'. Summary of Key Skills  7+ years of experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consulting  7+ years experience in Social Media Marketing (SMM) campaign management  5+ years of experience in Pay Per Click (PPC) account handling  Very well versed with all on-page SEO elements which include keyword research, title, description and keyword tags, etc.  Vastly experienced in local SEO and a complete understanding of what it takes to rank website’s locally  Content is the key for SEO and we make sure that our client’s website content must be SEO friendly so as to gain authority in Search Engines  Very much familiar with all the Google updates like Panda and Penguin and understand the sensitivity of black hat SEO techniques  Provides rescue management services for websites hit by Google Panda & Penguin  Off-page is as important as On-page and therefore we focus more on off-page SEO techniques once we are done with on-page elements  Build quality natural back links with unique anchor text via advanced off-page techniques  Major channels to focus while we offer off-page techniques are directory submissions, social bookmarking, press release submissions, article submission, classified submissions, etc.  No black hat techniques, No fake results, just goal oriented clean approach  Social media caters a huge market and we understand how to target this market as per your business and drive traffic to your website  We can create effective pages on social platforms like Facebook Fan page, LinkedIn company page, etc. to enhance the brand visibility  Community creation and management is one of its kind where and we help brands in creating their brand community with huge number of friends and followers  Vastly experience in forums discussions as forums have huge reach and influence, we target related forums to initiate discussions and drive targeted traffic  Apart from these activities, we also target other channels like blog commenting, YouTube video promotion, generating views, etc.  Vastly experience in PPC account management and guaranteed return on investments (ROI)  Handled PPC campaigns for small, mid and large size industries like Pharma, e-commerce, IT, food industry, security, law, finance, hotels and restaurants with proven results
  3. 3. WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!!  Goal oriented and confident to increase the referral traffic by 10-15% of the current traffic in initial months  Very much familiar with Google Analytics, we will integrate it with every campaign to monitor campaign performance and keep our clients updated with campaign achievements  Weekly and monthly reporting of campaign activities along with the achievements in terms of traffic, reach, influence, clicks, followers, return on investments (ROI), etc. Services Offered  Search Engine Optimization (Universal)  Local SEO  Social Media Marketing (SMM)  Community Management  Brand Reputation Management  Blog Management  Content Creation & Enhancement  Social Media Monitoring  Ghost Blogging  Brand Reputation Management  Google Analytics and Tracking  Pay Per Click (PPC)  Strategic Project Planning  Local SEO/SMM for individual entities like lawyers, financial experts, bloggers, etc.  Viral Marketing  Video Marketing  Online Advertising  Region Specific Marketing  Market Research & Analysis  Competitive Research & Analysis  SWOT Analysis  Lead Nurturing
  4. 4. WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!! Execution Process It includes the implementation strategy right from website analysis to the competitive analysis, kind of targeted keywords, strategy adopted, major drawbacks in current strategy, things need to be corrected if implemented in a wrong way or target things that have been missing or not targeted so far. Below mentioned are the detailed activities performed for each project related to SEO, SMM and PPC. Website SEO Analysis (Specimen) On Page Factors Current Status Impact Title Tags Not Optimized Online brand visibility Meta Description & Keywords x Describes a web page XML Sitemap x Search engine crawling and indexing Robots.txt x Search engine readability Heading Tags Not Optimized Importance of a page to search engines Link Optimization x User engagement and experience Image Optimization x User readability Content Interlinking x Better user engagement and retaining Customized 404 Error Page x User engagement Duplicate Content Check x To avoid search engine penalty Website Content Too Low Better search engine rankings Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Objectives  Increase visibility and traffic in SERP’s  Enhance overall web presence to expand market reach of your business  Safeguard and penetrate brand keywords to increase queries  Achieve and sustain higher search rankings for better conversions Activities to be performed: (On-Page) Keyword research - Search keywords that are most relevant to the overall page content along with the variations of those keywords for your business. Also, explore competitor keywords to understand the kind of keywords they are targeting and how we can leverage those. Website Content – Content needs to be added to the current website (your business) so as to rank high in search engines and beat the competition. Current website lacks unique content and explanation.
  5. 5. WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!! Title & Meta Tags - The Meta description helps people decide whether to click on your result, or a result above or below yours. We will create Meta descriptions for every single page as per the content of that page and use keywords targeted for that page in the content of the descriptions as well for your business. XML Sitemap - We will create an XML sitemap as it is very important to ensure high crawlability for your website. It guides search engines about the content of your website and where to crawl it from i.e. which url’s of your business to be crawled. Robots.txt - Robots.txt is a simple text document that search engine spiders read before they enter, crawl and index your website. These are important to tell search engines which pages they can access and which not. One should allow the pages to be indexed as ‘allowed’ in robots. Heading Tags - Header tags tell the search engines that this is the headline of your page. One has to make sure the header tags should not include “no index,” “no follow,” and “no archive” as they won’t allow search engine to crawl your web page. We will apply heading tags as per the page suitability as H1, H2, H3....H6. Link Optimization - Link primary keyword of a page on other pages within the site as anchor text. The relevant keyword in the title of the link helps in improving keyword density. It helps in improving search engine rankings and improves organic traffic quality. We will apply suitable title attributes to the links so as to target the priority keywords for your business Image Optimization - Any images used on the page of your business should be optimized so that search engines can “read” the image. Optimize the images with primary keywords along with the alt and title attribute for better user engagement and higher search engine rankings. Content Interlinking – Linking the relevant content of a particular page of your business to their corresponding landing page helps in better user experience and optimizing those links with targeted keywords helps in improved search engine rankings. Customized 404 Error Page - A customized error page (with 404 http code) is required to inform search engines that the page is broken and should not be indexed. Also, it will help in retaining visitors on the other website pages. It’s important to add links of other relevant pages and contact address to the customized 404 error page for better user experience. Duplicate Content Check - .It is very important as per search engines to have pages with unique content. Search engines give value to the original content and penalize the duplicate content websites. If there are few copies with same content, one can apply 301 redirect to the page you want search engines to index.
  6. 6. WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!! Activities to be performed: (Off-Page)  Directory Submissions  Social Bookmarking  Local Submissions  Search Engine Submissions  Industry Forum Discussions  Press Release submissions  Article Submissions  Classified Submissions Social Media Marketing Objective  To increase the social media presence across multiple online platforms  Enhance reach and influence using social media channels  Showcase your brand as an expert thought leaders in the related field  Improve online reputation and increase individual authority of your brand Social Media Marketing Strategy Facebook & Google+ Strategy  Identifying top industry groups for targeting potential customers  Engaging into one to one discussions with prospects  Creating brand awareness by comments, likes and discussions  Inviting people on the fan page for further engagement  Enhance overall reach and influence of your business Twitter Strategy  Identifying and following top influential industry profiles  Follow industry specific people as well as the competitors  Check @replies of the competitors to see what their followers are looking for and what questions they ask  Spreading knowledge via regular tweets in terms of latest updates, product and service updates, etc.  Creating list of top prospects and discussing with them  Use # tags to place your tweet into lists people are monitoring
  7. 7. WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!! LinkedIn Strategy  Search business prospects and add them to network of your business  Join industry related groups and participate in group discussions  Invite experts from your niche to be guest bloggers on your blog (if any)  Leverage third party application like Slideshare, etc. to share content  Frequent profile updates with LinkedIn status message and respond to comments Pinterest  Identifying top industry related groups for targeting potential customers.  Identifying top industry communities to persuade them  Engaging into one to one discussions  Creating brand awareness by comments and discussions  Inviting people to the profile to enhance reach and influence Forum Discussions  Identifying top industry related forums  Initiating new discussions around the products and services offered and measuring audience opinions  Engaging into ongoing discussions and creating awareness about the your business services  Promoting your business as a best industry experts Blogs  Identifying top industry related blogs  Commenting on relevant blogs by understanding the nature of post  Gathering opinions of the audience Pay Per Click (PPC) Objective  Increase the Return of Investment (ROI)  Reduced Cost Per Click (CPC)  Target potential Customers  Branding the Business  Increase the visibility of Business.  Instant traffic to business website
  8. 8. WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!! Pay Per Click (PPC) Strategy: Includes a high level plan to achieve goals through implementation and execution of a successful Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign. Following are the steps to be incorporated SEM strategy plan of actions: Competitive Analysis  To analyze the current and potential competitors  To study the keywords, content and ad texts being used by the competitors  To analyze other important aspects like call to actions, banners, images for landing pages Keyword Research - Identify keywords that are most relevant, popular and competitive based on the final list of pages, and specify search advertising terms, from broad match to exact match, which expands the ad exposure and can be used to reduce average cost-per-click. Account Set Up and Structure Finalization - The first step of PPC is to be set up an SEM Campaign account, select the campaign search engine and other required platforms and number of campaigns to run, ad groups and keywords to categorize. Create Ad Copies -  To create ads with compelling text and a call to action messages in text/images for the search network and display network  To insert important keywords in ad copies to make ad content more relevant according to the landing pages  To create effective customized image ads as per guidelines Targeting Platforms: To target Google Adwords platform by leveraging the mentioned techniques;  Search Network (keyword based targeted campaign) – Ads are matched with the search result pages based on the terms a user types to search  Display Network (content based targeted campaign) - showing text/image ads on the other website related to our product and services. Geographical Targeting-To choose the geographic location where ads will appear. It helps in targeting ads to customers in that particular country/region. Ad Scheduling: To specify the hours and days when ads will show on search & display network. Performance Monitoring -Performance monitoring includes monitoring and analyzing the performance of all keywords and ads and make changes or add keywords and ads if needed. On daily basis, the current keyword bid amounts will be monitored while making sure we optimize them on each aspect. Performance monitoring will include:
  9. 9. WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!!  Analysis of the performance of selected keywords and ads.  Verifying if keyword bid amount is adequate.  Analyze the search term report.  Keeping a balance between spending and visits delivered. Analysis the converting keywords and search the variations of those keywords and run them to increase the Conversions (Leads). PPC Campaign Optimization -Campaign optimization involves optimization of entire PPC campaign structure, which includes continuously improving the relevancy of keywords, advanced targeting options like search engine targeting, content targeting, etc., and A/B testing for ads. In addition, We will do the following:  Identify and stop the use of keywords that below average performance.  Perform regular A/B testing for ads.  Continuously research and add new performing keywords to the campaign.  Identify the negative keywords and add negative keywords to the campaign.  Adjust bid strategy as required and optimize cost per click for all campaigns. Traffic Analysis and Monitoring -It includes monitoring and analyzing many actionable insights like clicks, impressions, CTR (click through rate), conversions, CPC (cost per click) and more. Also, it gives us a detailed analysis about how ads performed on actual searches, and helps us identify the new search terms with high potential. We will perform following tasks:  Examine actual Conversions (Leads) on SEM keywords and ads.  Regularly monitor paid traffic to the website.  Analyze cost per click and click through rate for the keywords and ads.  Identify actual cost per click to determine paid traffic clicks.
  10. 10. WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!! Dashboard & Reporting (Monthly) Monthly Search Engine Optimization (SEO) report will highlight below mentioned factors and achievements:  Monthly search engine traffic (Organic Traffic)  Bounce Rate  Average time on site  Top Keywords  % New Visits  Page Views  Traffic Segmentation Monthly Social Media Marketing (SMM) Report Includes:  Monthly Referral Traffic (Visits)  Average Visit Duration  % New Visits  Bounce Rate  Top Sources Our Clients         DesignPetals (SEO Project) Rio born experts know Rio De Janeiro like no other Travel website. is biggest website for Rio carnival tickets, hotels booking, tour packages, and Rio Carnival guide. SEO Achievements Our job in this website was to implement SEO, Social Media and Internal Linking. Here are the details of the key responsibilities:
  11. 11. WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!!  Keywords Search and Analysis  Meta (Title, Description) Creation and implementations  Mobile/tablet Friendly Design  Content Optimization  Internal Linking  Creating new static (HTML) web pages for SEO purpose  URL optimizations  Site Map Creation  Search Engine and Directories Submissions  Social Media Marketing (Facebook, twitter)  Testing for user experience as well as search engine friendliness  Reporting and Analysis (Google Analytics) Keywords Google Ranking Rio Carnival 3 Rio Carnival Tickets 5 Rio Carnival Hotels 3 Rio Carnival Guide 3 *All the rankings are taken at the time of the project is a child website for It offers carnival tickets, hotel booking, tour packages and complete information about carnival and rio. SEO Achievements Our job with was to work with implement SEO. In this project we did implement Social Media Marketing for brand awareness and rankings. Key Responsibilities:  Keywords Search and Analysis  Meta (Title, Description) Creation and implementations  Content Optimization
  12. 12. WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!!  Creating new static (HTML) web pages for SEO purpose  Mobile/tablet Friendly Design  URL optimizations  Site Map Creation  Search Engine and Directories Submissions  Social Media Marketing  Testing search engine friendliness  Reporting and Analysis (Google Analytics) Keywords Rankings Rio carnival tickets 9 Sambadrome Parade 5 Rio Carnival Hotels 6 Rio Carnival Costumes 3 *All the rankings are taken at the time of the project Autounleash is an automotive blog that caters worldwide car market, latest news and updates from the related industry. SEO Achievements Our job with was to grow the website's organic traffic. In this project we also implemented Social Media Marketing for brand awareness and rankings. Within 3 months of campaign activities, we reached to 10,000+ visits per month. Key Responsibilities:  Keyword Research and Analysis  Meta (Title, Description) Creation and implementation  Content Optimization  Mobile/tablet Friendly Design  URL optimization  Site Map Creation
  13. 13. WE CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!! About WebUnleash We are a bunch of guys who are working in the field of SEO, SMM and PPC for over 7 years now. We have worked with esteemed companies at top level in the related field and off-late started our own freelance business. We understand the market trends, what our client expects from us once they will choose our services and what it takes to meet their expectations. We want to make it very clear here that we as WebUnleash, neither is a company nor an agency and we are working as an independent freelance group which we believe is our strength. Contact us at Website: Read some of our case studies at  Search Engine and Directories Submissions  Social Media Marketing  Testing search engine friendliness  Reporting and Analysis (Google Analytics) Keywords Rankings Maruti Suzuki Swift 7 Maruti Alto Interiors 9 Tata Safari Storme Exteriors 6 Mahindra Thar Diesel 3 *All the rankings are taken at the time of the project