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Extreme Apps


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Extreme Apps

  1. 1. Healthwise
  2. 2. Our AimHelp Smokers Quit
  3. 3. Overall vision of HealthwiseA socially-oriented application that helps smokers quit by: Helping kill his smoking impulses Showing the effects of smoking on his environment Pointing out myths of smoking Helping him keep track of his daily progress Allowing his loved ones to send him encouragements easily Allowing him to publish his progress on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter Providing easy access to external support
  4. 4. Current Healthwise: Trivia Aids in killing impulse by providing a fun, quick- paced trivia Helps dispel common myths about smoking Current trivia screen shot
  5. 5. Improved Trivia: Provides a score so that the smoker has an incentive to play it Scores can be shared over Facebook Questions can be better designed as answer choices have increased Prototype of improved trivia
  6. 6. Keeping track of smoking The smoker can record how much he smoked each day Can be used to keep track how much a smoker spent each day on cigarettes Augments other features such as showing visual feedback to smoker on his effects on the environment
  7. 7. Environment effects due to smoking The smoker is given visual feedback on environmental effects of smoking Visual feedback currently is in the form of a tree The tree grows healthier as the smoker smokes less The tree deteriorates as the smoker smokes more Aim is to create a sense of attachment to the tree Can potentially be shared on Facebook for user-appeal
  8. 8. Encouragements Allows loved ones to send encouraging messages to smokers easily by SMS Messages are shown to smokers clearly to remind them that he has people supporting him Can possibly be integrated with Twitter and Facebook to allow posting of encouragements from these platforms
  9. 9. Access to external support Smokers can easily call important telephone numbers for support Access to various support-group websites
  10. 10. Application appealA smoker would use Healthwise because: It is easy to use and intuitive Has an appealing visual interface Empowers him by giving him tools to keep track of his smoking habit and to kick his smoking impulses Can easily view encouragements from his loved onesPossible future features include: Integration with existing social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter Allowing him to share his progress easily so as to encourage others to quit
  11. 11. ExtensibilityMultiple options exist in extending this application. Some ofthem include: Giving users a mini-blogging tool to blog their progress in quitting Improving of visual feedback by changing the tree into some other view Showing a more detailed view of the effects of smoking on their personal health Adapt the application to support other kinds of addictions such as drinking
  12. 12. ExtensibilityBeside more social features, a version of Healthwise can becreated for health-care providers. This version could: Allow doctors to monitor their patients progress Allow doctors and patients to remotely send each other messages easily Allow doctors to collect statistics on smokers to better administer help
  13. 13. Commercial ViabilityBoth the social and healthcare provider versions of Healthwisehave good commercial viability.Social version of Healthwise can be spread in the followingmanner: Non-smokers buying the app for their friends who smoke Viral nature of social platforms Smokers might buy the app after finding out that their friends who used to smoke quit after using Healthwise
  14. 14. Commercial ViabilityThe healthcare provider version can be sold directly tohealthcare providers. They have an incentive to buy it as: It gives them better tools in monitoring their patients and in administering help Allows them to provide better health service Allows them to provide a more personal care and hence improve effectiveness
  15. 15. Contact DetailsAli Razeen. HP: 9624 6662. Email: alirazeen@gmail.comRollen Gomes: HP: 9185 8575. Email: rollen_gomes@yahoo.comPhyo Si Thu: HP: 9005 5641. Email: