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WordPress -Going Beyond The Basics - Seattle WordCamp 2012


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This are my presentation slides from WordCamp Seattle 2012. My topic was "WordPress - Going Beyond The Basics: An Adventure Behind the Scenes of your WordPress Site!"
The goal was to introduce some key files, concepts and best practices for WordPress users who are not developers but are ready to take their knowledge of WordPress further than the dashboard. The presentation included a quick live demo of how to make a CSS tweak using Chrome Developer Tools, by way of a child theme.

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WordPress -Going Beyond The Basics - Seattle WordCamp 2012

  1. 1. WordPress – Going Beyond The Basics An Adventure Behind the Scenes of Your WordPress Site! Lucy Beer @webtw
  2. 2. Who The Hell Am I?Been using WordPress since 2004I train people in using WordPress, and do online marketingconsultingI have taught myself about CSS, PHP etc because I wanted tomake WordPress do more and moreIf I can do it, YOU sure as hell can!!!Find me : | @webtw Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  3. 3. Why Go Beyond The Basics•You’ve mastered the dashboard and plugins and areready for more!•If you break something, you want to fix it•You want to understand what youre looking at onthe server• You want to change something in your theme that itdoesn’t give you an admin option for•Sometimes plugins require you to add a codesnippet to your theme files•It’s fun & rewarding…..once you get past scary… Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  4. 4. Tools of the TradeFTP Program (preferable to using cpanel file manager)Filezilla (free) Coda (not free)Code editing program: MAC - Textwrangler (free), Smultron (free) PC – Notepad ++ (free)Desktop Server for local – free + premium versionsChrome Developer Tools, or Firefox Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  5. 5. Cover Your Ass AKA Build A SafetyNetRemove fear by building a safety net:Back everything up files + db (e.g. beforeupgrade) Duplicator (free)BackupBuddy (not free) WP-DB-Backup + FTP filesPractice locally firstPractice on your own server with testsites.Things will break – it’s ok, this is how youlearn! Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  6. 6. Best Practices For Code Tweaking• Retain original copy of any file you work on• Use a text editor + ftp, not WordPress dashboard• Comment your code if you make a lot of changes• NEVER EVER touch core WP files• Use child themes or duplicate and rename your theme to prevent future upgrades overwriting your changes Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  7. 7. Server Access• FTP credentials:• Host name• Username• Password Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  8. 8. What’s All This Stuff On The Server Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  9. 9. What’s All This Stuff On The Server• Core files• wp-config.php• .htaccess• Your stuff is in wp-content : Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  10. 10. WP-ConfigLucy Beer | | | @webtw
  11. 11. What’s NOT On The Server?• Database – Stores post/page content – Theme options/settings – Plugin settings – User info, dashboard Settings• Access via control panel, PHPMyAdmin• Or WordPressplugin – Adminer Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  12. 12. Anatomy of a WordPress Theme Twenty Eleven theme files Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  13. 13. Anatomy of a WordPress Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  14. 14. Anatomy of a WordPress Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  15. 15. Anatomy of a WordPress themePHP files generate HTMLCSS styles the HTMLTypical theme files include:Index.phpStyle.cssSingle.phpPage.phpHeader.phpFunctions.php Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  16. 16. CSS Tweaks• Style.css• Use Developer Tools to test the change you want to make and isolate the part of the code you need to change• [live demo] Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  17. 17. What To Do If Something Breaks• Generally it’s a plugin conflict – Deactivate all, re-activate one by one• If that doesn’t work, test with the default theme• What if you install a bad plugin and you can no longer access your dashboard at all? – Manual deactivation Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  18. 18. Manual Plugin Deactivation Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  19. 19. ResourcesAwesome blogs and resources:•• Bill•• WP Tuts:• Codex:• Template hierarchy:• Yoast “Anatomy of A WordPress Theme” Lucy Beer | | | @webtw
  20. 20. Lucy Beer | | | @webtw