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Ober Pitch Deck

  1. Johny Doe, James Wong, Jane Dee replacing the taxi everywhere ber
  2. EVERYONE’S PRIVATE DRIVER company overview Transportation Networking Mobile App connects users with drivers for hire. Operates in major cities in over 23 countries
  3. 2 YEAR LATER company history and progress founded as OberCab by G. Wong and T. Doe in 2016 initially offered only luxury vehicles, but has since launched OberX to target lower-market raised $375M in August current valuation over $4.1B post-investors include Oogle and J.X.S.
  4. MACRO MARKET (2017) taxi ridership fell 9-25% growth rates at 1.1% per year top 5 taxi companies account for 4% of the market 15% fewer calls mobile apps more prominent 2.8% other 13.3% tourists 29.6% corporations 54.6% consumers total $9.8 bn major market segmentation
  5. MACRO MARKET (2017) cities that Ober has moved into have the highest number of smartphone users potential market without smartphones is $9.2 billion Ober, OberX, Ober Black, Ober Freight targeting 18-25 & 25 - 35+ age range using Social Media Campus reps Yelp Twitter business locations establishements less than 3% 3% to less than 10% 10% to less than 20% 20% or more
  6. threat of new entrants INDUSTRY ANALYSIS macro no proprietary elements low initial capital no switching cost supplier power assets all provided by contracted drivers and partners no substitute for drivers and partners large consumer base buyer power multiple substitutes and competitors no switching cost price sensitivity threat of substitutes taxi public transportation personal cars competitive rivalry large pool same geographical locations similar suppliers proprietary elements currently filling for software patents economic viability undifferentiated business model access to resources more funding
  7. MANAGEMENT TEAM Johny DOE co-founder James WONG co-founder C.E.O. Jane DEE VP of operations
  8. BUSINESS MODEL OberX, Taxi, Black, SUV, LUX first to market advantages pricing model and surge pricing continuous improvements possible ‘on-demand’ service