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Your first word press blog 15 minutes guide


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Make your first blog in 15 minutes, easy step by step tutorial to make your first blog.

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Your first word press blog 15 minutes guide

  1. 1. Author: bunny adam @ : all right reserved15 Minute Guide to Make Your WordPress Blog ReadySo you are here to know how to make a WordPress blog within few minutes.Great idea indeed!Making a wordpress blog and start earning online seems to be an arduous task for beginners who knowlittle about the earning potential of online world but after going through this useful guide about makinga wordpress blog in few minutes you will come to know that you can also do this magic yourself withno special training or skill at all.So let’s embark upon the learning journey with a smile!Steps to make a wordpress blog1- Choose a niche for your blog.2- Register a domain name.3- Get web hosting service.4- Give detail of domain name to your web host.5- Check if your domain name is alive6- Install wordpress blog software7- Customize the blog8- Start blogging nowStep #1- Choose a niche for your blogThe first step to make a wordpress blog is to choose a suitable niche for your blog. You can choose abroad niche or can select a micro niche to start your own blog but whatever you choose you must have
  2. 2. passion to post quality content about it for a long time. Remember that blogging is not a game of acouple of days or months rather one has to put long term effort into it. So take right decision at thisvery first step which will decide the success of your wordpress blog ahead.Step #2: Register a domain nameAfter choosing the niche for your blog now get an online identity for it as a specific domain name. Justvisit and choose a domain related to your selected niche. For example if you are intending toblog about ‘online earning’ then your domain must include these keywords like makemoney . com ,earnonline . com etc. Try to get domain in .com but this domain is hard to find so keep trying with .netor .org as well. If you see that top 3 extension including .com, .net and .org are available for yourdomain then register them all to secure your brand forever.Step #3: Get Web Hosting ServiceAs you need quality fuel to make your car run on a road for a long time similarly you will need qualityweb hosting services to make your site run on online network properly. A web host provides the webspace where your site can reside and operate around the online world. Some web hosting packagesallow you hosting multiple domains at the same time which means you will have no need to get webhosting services again and again for your future domains because you can host multiple domains withsame hosting account.Here you need to choose a reliable and affordable web hosting service with no hassle of frequentdowntime, poor technical support and limited web space etc. For your convenience I want torecommend you my favorite web hosting company which can give the best possible return of the best host for your website:At you will have plenty of affordable web hosting packages designed exactlyaccording to the needs of web masters. The topmost benefit of choosing ShopaServer as your web hostis our friendly and quality support in case of solving any technical problems you can face anytime.Anyone living in online world knows that technical support is the main concern a webmaster shouldconsider while going to choose a web hosting service and gives you assurance in thismatter.With $3/month for cheap web hosting services, we offer quite affordable package in return of money.Later we ll show you how to make your blog an income generating machine with the help of onlineadvertisement and marketing techniques and how small and affordable package you will get to run youronline business for a long time.When you complete the purchase process of web hosting services you receive an email with youraccount information. Save this email in a proper way as you will need it again in future as well.You will find all plans at best price, including shared service, cheap vps & cheap reseller hosting.And a quick coupon to cut 20% “20off”
  3. 3. >>>>>Order Now<<<< @ ShopaServerStep #4: Give detail of domain name to your web hostIn order to point your domain name to your web host just login to your domain control panel and clickon existing Nameservers. It will open a pop up window which will allow you to change the existingNameservers settings with current one. Here you will input Nameservers provided by your web host toupdate the information properly.Once you update the settings it can take few minutes to few hours to notify your ISP about the changes.Moreover you can check yourself whether you website is online or not by using open DNS butremember it can also take 2 to 3 hours for DNS propagation process around the online world.Step #5: Check if your domain name is aliveNow check if your domain name has become active or not. For this purpose just type your domainname into web browser and check if you see a blank page with no content published on it under yourdomain name. If you get this page with your domain name active then it’s time to congratulate you.Step #6: Install wordpress blog softwareIn this step you will install wordpress blog software through an easy to use point and click installationprocess with no hassle of understanding FTP and HTML editor. Just go tohttp: // yourwebsitname . com / cpanel(replace domain name with yours and login to your account).Scroll down the page of cPanel and click the icon of ‘Fantastico’ to access the set of tools you will useto install your wordpress blog software.
  4. 4. Just click on “WordPress” and then click on ‘New Installation’ button to complete the installation form.Follow the process accordingly to complete the installation process.Step #7: Customize the blogAfter installing the wordpress software now select a proper theme for your blog which should besuitable for your niche as well. For this purpose just visit orSkinPress to find a new face for your blog.
  5. 5. If you want to make your blog more professional looking online identity then you can go for paidwordpress themes which can have various prices according to the nature and number of features beingadded to them.After choosing a wordpress theme download it as .zip file and login to your wordpress account. Atwordpress dashboard just click on ‘Appearances’ and then click on ‘Themes’ Here you will see athumbnail under ‘Available Themes’. Click the thumbnail and activate your theme to give a new lookto your blog.Step #8: Start blogging nowStart blogging by creating an ‘About Us’ Page in which you will describe the purpose of setting up thisblog and will reveal information about its niche and types of content you are going to post ahead. Youcan set (edit, create, delete) categories about your topic to publish your content in a proper and specificway. Now you can start posting related and quality content on your blog along with advertising itthrough various online advertising techniques including google Adwords (if you can afford) to makemoney online through google adsense, affiliate marketing and private advertising banners etc.