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The solar system


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by kimberley webster

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The solar system

  1. 1. The solar system
  2. 2. MARS!• Mars is the fourth planet from the sun• Mars was named after the roman god of war (Ares) – probably because of the blood red colour• There is a volcano on mars called Olympus Mons
  3. 3. MERCURY!• Mercury is the closest planet to the sun• If you where to stand on mercury the sun will be two and a half times bigger• Mercury is about 100 times closer to the sun than the dwarf planet Pluto
  4. 4. VENUS!• If you stood on Venus it would feel as if you were under the sea• Venus is the second planet from the sun• Venus is the only planet in the solar system to turn clockwise
  5. 5. SATURN!• Saturns rings are believed to one day disappear• Saturn is the second largest planet in the solar system• A year on Saturn would take about 30 earth years
  6. 6. URANUS!• Uranus has 27 moons orbiting it• Uranus was the first planet to be discovered• Almost all the moons on Uranus are named by characters in plays written by Shakespeare
  7. 7. NEPTUNE!• Neptune has four faint rings• Neptune has had winds of the speed 2,000km per hour• Neptune is named after the roman god of water
  8. 8. The end…. Thank you forwatching!!!!!By Kimberley Webster