Assets by Sara Blakely is a Top Brands in Shapewear


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Assets by Sara Blakely is a Top Brands in Shapewear

  1. 1. ==== ====For Great Tips on Shapewear including Assets by Sara Blakely Check ====Nowadays you will find an incredible amount of womens shapewear garments on the market.While ladies all over the world are incredible grateful that we are no longer in the Dark Ages ofshapewear where there were few choices (and even fewer choices that are actually comfortable orbeautifully designed), all it takes is a quick walk through your nearest department store to getcompletely overwhelmed. You see so many different brand names, but which stand out among thecompetition for quality? Which are the most popular womens shapewear brands? Which brandscan you consistently turn to to find a solution to your figure flaw, whether it be tummy control, thighslimming, or butt shaping? Before you venture into a department store or browse the inventory of awebsite to buy womens shapewear, which brand names can you trust?Top Shapewear Brands for WomenTruthfully, some womens shapewear products are rated "tops" because of a highly effectivemarketing team. And then there are some brands who dont get as much shine and publicity butwhose quality is just as great (or may be superior) to the most familiar brand names. Shapewearreviews go a long way towards actually critiquing whether or not your new thigh shaper or waistcincher will actually work to solve your figure flaws. What are some shapewear companies thatconsistently get good reviews? Lets review:ArdyssAssets by Sara BlakelyBody WrapCass Luxury ShapewearFlexeesMaidenform (and did you know that Flexees shapers are actually made by this same company?)RagoShape FxSpanxVedetteBefore you assume that these womens shapewear companies are listed in order of popularity,just be aware that they are in alphabetical order. Each company has a variety of body shapingproducts, so be sure to zero your search in on the kinds that will best address (and correct) yourspecific problem areas.Light or Maximum Control?Are you interested in light control products? Light body shaping garments simply smoothunderneath your clothes. Spanx and Assets have both achieved high marks for its ability to
  2. 2. camoflauge relatively minor lumps and bumps. Moderate control shapewear exists as well. Manyof them feature compression panels designed to not just smooth but subtly shape. And then youhave your heavy duty, completely body transforming products. Think: "I want a shaper to "create awaist when I have none to give me the perfect hourglass shape." For this, look toward the Vedetteand Ardyss Body Magic lines.Sexy ShapewearAnd then again, maybe you want pretty shapewear. Sassybax has carved out a niche in themarketplace by offering body shaping garments that are practically indistinguishable from sexylingerie. Run, dont walk, towards the Sassybax Pretty Collection if you want shaping, but not inyour grandmas underwear. More companies are starting to produce shapewear that look morelike lacy unmentionables but for now, Sassybax receives top marks in this areas.If you want to look leaner, need a little bit of extra tummy control, or want to take off a few dresssizes, then you already know that shapewear is a girls best friend! Visit Shapewear Reviews forinformation on top shapewear brands. Instantly feel more confident with your body!Article Source: ====For Great Tips on Shapewear including Assets by Sara Blakely Check ====